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Duesenberg Technologies Inc.: Enabling Environment-friendly Mobility Solutions

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Duesenberg Technologies Inc. has been recognized as one of the 20 Fastest Growing Companies to Work in 2021 by The Executive Headlines


When it comes to the utilization of technological resources, sustainability becomes a factor that no one can ignore these days. Large and even small-scale enterprises have realized the essence of sustainable and eco-friendly ways of technology integration to upscale the lifecycle of their business and enhance the lifestyle of their people. One company operating with the commitment to create a future where all energy is consumed from sustainable sources, sustained by a public that understands and values the social, economic, and environmental benefits that green energy provides is Duesenberg Technologies Inc.

The company continues the tradition of incorporating the most advanced technologies and utilizing the finest built qualities for its electrified vehicles. It has made the legendary brand, the leader in the upper luxury market from the 20th century in the modern design models of the electrified Duesenberg vehicles. This tradition even extends to the limited edition classic models as well as other related vehicles that are in the pipeline for the electrified vehicle segment.

There are no compromises on the selection and use of the most reputable European and American technology partners in the development and implementation of Duesenberg Electric Drive and Energy Storage Units. The electric vehicle platforms have the capability of adoption by other OEM clients worldwide and strategic assembly whose setup is in the USA and Europe as well as Asia for certain development and work.

Duesenberg is a brand that has a rich history that shows the world’s finest cars as being derived from the research and development of racing cars. This decade has shown that today’s world has come up with sustainable technologies, which allows the company to be a technological leader. When the brand was at its inception, it was on the path of creating the world’s finest automobiles with carbon-neutrality at the core of its technologies along with application and integration of hydrogen being the ultimate ambition.

Before strolling over the story of Duesenberg, let’s walk through the profile of the person who made this possible with his quintessential leadership and magnificent winning attitude.


A Celestial Leader

Joe Lim Hun Beng is attributed with acquainting motorsports with China, presently the world's greatest vehicle market and it is fitting that the Chinese engine racing clique remembers him as the "Father of Motorsports" of the first engine racing circuit in China in the mid 1990's.

Mr. Lim holds a good command over English, Mandarin and Cantonese, all three languages of which were essential to introduce the European culture of motorsports into Cantonese centric southern China while Mandarin was the formal language of the policy makers in Beijing. An amiable familiarity with motorsports personalities in Hong Kong, Macao, London and Paris where the world motorsports authority – the FIA – is headquartered were also crucial to introduce world-class motorsports to China when most people didn’t have driving licenses in the 1990’s.

Mr. Lim bought the Duesenberg IP and all the rights to the brand and manufacturing facilities from the last owners in the US about 10 years ago and incorporated them under the Hampshire Group Ltd and Duesenberg Technologies Inc, both of which he officiates as president and CEO.


A Transformational Journey

Duesenberg was formerly known as VGrab Communications Inc. It was established out of the collective ambition of investors experienced in online business and marketing. Their goal was to help entrepreneurs and businesses turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies, and they have also managed to back many success stories so far. On 30th December 2020, the company rebranded itself as Duesenberg Technologies Inc., embarking on facilitating environment-friendly technologies.

The company’s vision is to hand over a more technologically advanced biodiverse, and liveable planet Earth to the next generation. It wants to create a global green clean energy platform and ecosystem for everyone. “Our mission is to protect the diversity of our environment and quality of life, now and for future generations,” states Joe Lim Hun-Beng, Founder and CEO of the brand. For Duesenberg, the goal is to be climate neutral across its full value chain, in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The company is committed to energy resiliency through development in Energy Transition goals. This strategy identifies an immediate and urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to help mitigate the effects of climate change, reduce energy use, and improve air quality. “We believe that we can play a vital role in supporting all three of these objectives by reducing the environmental impacts,” says Mr. Lim.

The Duesenberg brand is filled with a rich heritage and Mr. Lim feels obligated to remain true to this heritage. The new Duesenberg series of models are designed by a heralded European designer incorporating the key DNA of the Duesenberg of the 1930s. For the avid collectors of Duesenberg vehicles, the brand resumes the manufacturing of a number of machining chassis, replicating the original classic Duesenberg cars using all bespoke materials.


Displaying Dynamic Leadership

German and US automakers had started to make and sell cars in joint ventures with Chinese state owned entities such as SAIC and BAIC. Informal street racing became popular in affluent special economic zones in the southern parts of China such as Guangdong. Mr. Lim saw the opportunity to converge his family interests in property development and his personal passion in motor racing. His influential Chinese business associates were keen to harness the local demand and promote motorsports to international levels, especially at the top levels of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. As a Malaysian Chinese.

Bolstered by his team of businessmen and influential Chinese central and provincial government officials, Mr. Lim as the deputy chairman and general manager of the Zhuhai International Circuit Ltd, managed to get the track constructed, inspected, and ready on time for the first FIA-sanctioned race in 1994. There’s also a golf course, one of China’s first, that Mr. Lim integrated into the property development.

It was during this intense period that Mr. Lim had the vision that he would like to be a small volume manufacturer of a top-level car, one with a history of a very elite customer base. Something like Duesenberg, a legendary car from the 1930s, and the first American car to win an FIA championship in Europe. It was a type of car that attracted the crème-de-la-crème of society. Mr. Lim bought the Duesenberg IP and all the rights to the brand and manufacturing facilities from the last owners in the US about 10 years ago and incorporated them under the Hampshire Group Ltd., and Duesenberg Technologies Inc., both of the firms he officiates as president and CEO.

Duesenberg’s team under the guidance of Mr. Lim is planning to be a pioneer in the field of Green Mobility. The company’s driveline function is designed from the ground up with electrification and carbon-neutrality as core values. The car with this functionality will have the latest in electric motor technology from Germany. According to Mr. Lim, mobility will be shaped by legacy carmakers. It is being shaped by Elon Musk/Tesla, to name a person, by big data, and vendors in the semiconductor industry like Foxconn, etc.


Driving Sustainability

Lim’s exposure to his professional endeavors in China, bringing in the top level of motorsports to China has given him a level of reputation in the international automotive community that money can’t buy. Duesenberg and a group of companies have a supply chain spanning the US, Europe, and Asia. The cost-effective supply chain is its strength. “We have a high-powered pool of talent drawn from international engineering software, the US and European automotive community, and a cost-effective and innovative supply chain from Asia,” conveys Mr. Lim. The world is transitioning to EV’s faster than most people imagine. Thinking five years down the line, affordability is relative. US-China joint-ventures will lead the way in affordable EV motoring.

More than this however, Lim’s current drive is into the bespoke level of carbon neutral automobility based on an iconic brand, Duesenberg, and fortuitously blessed by the US Congress which last year passed a bill permitting small volume manufacturing of heritage cars.

Ecology, Innovate, Electrify, and Mobilize will be the goals towards Duesenberg Technologies Inc.’s contribution towards environmental sustainability. “Pandemic was very challenging for all of us, and we survived by keeping progression in mind,” shares Mr. Lim. The company will introduce three product lines: a brand extension for a limited edition (1000 a year) fun sports car in 2 power trims and 2WD or AWD in the next 3 years.

Its team is also planning to launch the heritage Duesenberg as an EV limited as per the US law permitting heritage car production. “We are at the forefront of electrification and working with a new tech motor from Germany. This new tech electric motor disrupts the traditional stator design by a multifold power performance and/or size factor,” concludes Mr. Lim


Quote: “We intend to revolutionize the mobility and transport industry with driveline electrification and power source based on green hydrogen for commercial vehicles and marine mobility”

Featured Person: Joe Lim Hun-Beng, Founder and CEO

Company: Duesenberg Technologies Inc.