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PSI FLS: Pioneering the Future of Industrial AI

PSI FLS: Pioneering the Future of Industrial AI
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Revolutionizing Industries with Intelligent Automation and Data-Driven Solutions!

The world of manufacturing and industry is experiencing a paradigm shift like never before. Rapid advancements in technology, particularly Industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI), are ushering in a new era of intelligent automation and data-driven decision-making. At the forefront of this transformation stands PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme GmbH, a trailblazing company that has been at the vanguard of industrial AI for nearly three decades.

Founded in 1992, PSI FLS has been at the cutting edge of innovation, driven by the visionary leadership of CEO Rudolf Felix. With a mission to revolutionize various industries through AI, the company has continuously developed and honed its proprietary technologies, including Qualicision AI and the groundbreaking Deep Qualicision AI introduced in 2017.

Since its early days, Qualicision AI has found success in sectors like automotive and automotive supply, solving complex challenges with intelligent solutions. Over the years, PSI FLS has expanded its reach, partnering with the Berlin-based PSI Software Group to impact diverse sectors including metals, production logistics, energy, and trading.

At the heart of PSI FLS's success lies their exceptional Deep Qualicision AI Framework, a learning decision support software. Powered by Extended Fuzzy Logic and advanced machine learning techniques like neural networks, gradient boosting, and reinforcement learning, this technology empowers industries with unprecedented efficiency, resource optimization, and sustainability.

In a world, increasingly reliant on data, PSI FLS focuses on intelligent analysis of business process data to deliver superior AI solutions. This dedication to excellence is evident in their commitment to ISO 9001 certification since 1994, underscoring their unwavering pursuit of quality.

Moreover, PSI FLS places paramount importance on cybersecurity and earned ISO 27001 certification for the entire PSI Group in 2014. This dedication ensures their clients' data and systems are well protected in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

With a global presence, PSI FLS has established offices in Dortmund, Aschaffenburg, and Munich, providing installations and services worldwide. Their impressive clientele includes industry giants like BMW, Continental, Volkswagen, and Volvo, who trust PSI FLS to deliver cutting-edge AI solutions that drive efficiency and innovation.

Under the visionary guidance of the CEO and Managing Director, Rudolf Felix, it continues to redefine the industrial AI landscape. With a steadfast commitment to efficiency, sustainability, and data-driven insights, the company is paving the way for transformative change across various industries.


Below are the highlights of the interview:


Visionary: Leading the Way

Rudolf Felix serves as the CEO of PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme GmbH, a distinguished German company specializing in cutting-edge software solutions for intricate technical systems.

With an impressive tenure at FLS in the PSI Group since 2008, Rudolf assumed the role of CEO in 1992. Under his visionary leadership, the company has ascended to become a prominent provider of software solutions for technical systems, with a strong focus on the energy, industry, and public transportation sectors.

Beyond his corporate responsibilities, Rudolf actively engages in diverse research and development projects concerning fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence. His contributions to these fields have resulted in numerous published papers. Additionally, he plays significant roles, including heading the PSI-Community Industrial Intelligence and holding membership in the esteemed European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT).

Operating within the production management domain of the PSI Software Group, PSI FLS boasts extensive interfaces and innovative solutions. Among them is the groundbreaking Qualicision AI solution, a versatile technology with applications spanning various sectors, without being limited to any particular industry. This adaptability has facilitated successful collaborations with PSI partners in the domains of energy and infrastructure management.


Deep Qualicision AI Framework

PSI FLS has pioneered the Deep Qualicision AI Framework, enabling a broader spectrum of users, including those without extensive AI expertise, to influence and customize AI applications. This software product caters to individuals with diverse knowledge of business processes as well as data analysts, emphasizing the improved explainability of AI applications as a key advantage.

What sets the Deep Qualicision AI Framework apart is its unique approach to machine learning and decision-making, centered on the automated detection of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) goal conflicts in input and machine-generated data. Leveraging the Qualicision AI decision engine's goal conflict analysis, the data is automatically ordered and labeled. Subsequently, the Deep Qualicision AI algorithm independently identifies optimal and consistent decisions and predictions by aligning with data patterns. This groundbreaking process, known as Qualitative Labeling, ensures precision and reliability.

The framework encompasses a decision engine based on Extended Fuzzy Logic and a comprehensive stack of standard AI techniques that can be seamlessly combined with Qualicision AI. By utilizing the KPI analysis mechanism, decisions, analyses, and predictions derived from standard AI processes become comprehensible and explainable at the application level. As a result, users, especially key users well-versed in process knowledge but not necessarily data analysts, can efficiently operate and configure AI systems developed using the framework.


Transformative Impact

The transformative power of Industry 4.0 comes alive through PSI Software's dynamic and self-organizing swarm production model, leveraging intelligent workstations and devices to achieve remarkable productivity gains of up to 20% with optimal optimization.

In the metal industry, PSI's software solutions lead the charge toward sustainability by enabling energy savings of approximately 10%. Embracing the shift towards low-CO2 production, PSI actively supports the industry's journey towards eco-friendly practices.

Revolutionizing power grids, PSI's investment in intelligent hardware and software offers substantial cost-saving benefits. Compared to conventional grid expansion, this approach can reduce costs by a remarkable 40%, making new transformers, cables, and earthworks more financially feasible.

In the realm of production logistics, Artificial Intelligence becomes a game-changer, enhancing efficiency by over 10%. By employing AI optimization techniques in distribution centers, PSI empowers businesses to streamline operations and maximize productivity.

Not stopping there, PSI extends its impact on urban environments by implementing AI methods for traffic control. The results are striking, with potential CO2 level reductions of up to 15%, contributing significantly to greener and cleaner cities.


Qualicision AI Pioneers Industrial Artificial Intelligence

In the world of AI applications across industries, two crucial aspects stand out, as highlighted by Rudolf:


  1. Industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) - The Power of Combined Knowledge:

The true potential of AI solutions lies in combining AI methodological knowledge with industrial process know-how. PSI refers to this as "Industrial Artificial Intelligence," where the synergy of both domains unlocks far-reaching benefits. Having a comprehensive understanding of AI methodologies and the intricacies of industrial processes ensures that AI solutions are well-aligned with real-world applications in diverse industries.


  1. The Importance of Qualitatively Labeled Data:

Often overlooked, the availability of qualitatively labeled data is a critical requirement in most industrial AI applications. Qualicision AI addresses this crucial aspect through its innovative Qualitative Labeling functionalities. In contrast to conventional AI applications like image classification or speech recognition, where data labeling is usually pre-classified and relatively static, business process data requires continuous and automated labeling. The dynamic nature of production processes demands the automatic detection and visualization of new data patterns, adapting and building upon what has been historically learned.

Qualitative Labeling serves as a vital mechanism within Qualicision AI, significantly setting PSI Industrial Intelligence apart from other AI tools. By bridging the gap between data patterns and their real-world meaning, Qualicision AI empowers businesses with AI-compatible data preparation processes that continuously adapt to evolving contextual connotations. This dynamic approach ensures optimal performance and accuracy in industrial AI applications, enhancing decision-making and problem-solving in the ever-changing landscape of industrial processes.

With Qualicision AI at its core, PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme GmbH pioneers the way forward in Industrial Artificial Intelligence, ushering in a new era of intelligent and adaptive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of industries worldwide.


Evolution of Qualicision AI in Various Industries

According to Rudolf, in the 1990s, the automotive industry witnessed the pioneering use of the first AI-based Fuzzy Logic controller and, subsequently, the Qualicision AI-based Extended Fuzzy Logic for scheduling. The plastic processing industry embraced image analysis for surface classification, while the banking sector benefited from credit assessment and cross-selling recommendations powered by this innovative technology. In the automotive supply industry, image analysis plays a vital role in color striping on tires and rim recognition.

As the 2000s unfolded, the portfolio expanded to encompass factoring decisions in the banking sector, sequencing for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the automotive industry, and optimization of article stocks in fashion store chains, among other applications.

The 2010s and 2020s ushered in a new era with the integration of the Deep Qualicision AI Framework. This opened doors to more comprehensive business data analysis and enabled the application of topics such as monitoring and predictive maintenance. As a result, the industrial software with built-in Qualicision AI witnessed further enhancement in terms of explainability, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency.

Throughout the decades, Qualicision AI has proven its adaptability and versatility, serving as a transformative force in various sectors. From its early use in scheduling and image analysis to its current applications in advanced business data analysis and predictive maintenance, Qualicision AI continues to empower industries, driving progress and excellence. The continuous development and integration of this cutting-edge technology have established it as a cornerstone of success in today's dynamic and evolving industrial landscape.


A Game-changer for Diverse Industries

Since becoming part of the PSI group in 2008, PSI FLS has played a crucial role in enhancing the group's product portfolio. At the time of acquisition, PSI was in search of a solution for sequencing discrete processes, and PSI FLS swiftly filled this gap with their advanced Qualicision AI technology.

The cross-sectional nature of Qualicision AI has proven to be highly versatile, finding applications in various sectors within PSI. For instance, it has been instrumental in optimizing parking positions for vehicles in depot management, enabling efficient planning and fault clearance in energy supply networks, and optimizing just-in-sequence production in the automotive and automotive supplier industries on both the OEM and supplier sides.

Over time, Qualicision AI has become an integral part of nearly every product and solution offered by PSI Software AG. Its presence has enabled the company to distinguish itself from competitors in the software market and has been successfully deployed in diverse sectors, including the metals industry, production logistics, energy trading, and more.

The integration of Qualicision AI has significantly contributed to the success of the PSI Group, offering cutting-edge solutions and driving efficiency across various industries. Its adaptability and wide-ranging applications make it a valuable asset, enhancing operational processes and achieving optimal resource utilization.


Committed to Excellence and Safety

In the realm of software solutions for utilities and industries, PSI FLS stands as a prominent leader, driven by an unwavering focus on upholding elevated standards of quality and security. This resolute dedication is exemplified through the establishment and meticulous implementation of a robust quality management system, harmonized with ISO 9001:2015, governing their central functions.

Amidst the intricacies of the modern digital era, the significance of information security cannot be overstated. As guardians of their software products and systems, PSI FLS has proactively instituted an information security management system, meticulously designed around the "Statement of Applicability" as prescribed by DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017. This comprehensive framework envelops the entire spectrum, ranging from developmental intricacies to seamless distribution, upgrades, adept support, and supplementary services. Embracing pioneering technologies such as Qualicision AI Technology, Extended Fuzzy Logic, and other intelligent solutions, this comprehensive system provides a safeguarding shield.

The resolute commitment to unwavering quality and impregnable security is the cornerstone upon which PSI FLS constructs its offerings. This dedication ensures the delivery of dependable, high-performing software solutions to clients, characterized by an unwavering emphasis on safety. Through its steadfast adherence to these exacting standards, PSI FLS effectively underscores its allegiance to excellence, cultivating a sense of trust and assurance among its esteemed clientele.


Advancing AI Innovation

PSI takes great pride in offering an extensive array of over 50 AI processes that are consistently maintained and actively deployed in live production. This rich collection forms the bedrock for the development of methodically crafted AI systems that transcend disciplines and deliver substantial benefits to customers. These AI systems not only serve the customers but also act as the essential starting point for integrating industrial strength and methodical AI innovation. This strategic approach sets the PSI Group apart, positioning them ahead of many young start-up companies in the industry.

The PSI Group's commitment to innovation is further exemplified by the PSI Community of Industrial Intelligence (PCII). This vibrant community fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, leading to the inception and piloting of novel AI products. With representation across all pertinent PSI application areas, the PCII serves as a driving force of innovation within the organization.

Additionally, PSI FLS actively participates in several Research and Development (R&D) projects focused on diverse topics. These projects include the standardization of automotive data platforms (STAPL), the integration of electric heavy-duty transport machines in the raw materials industry (ELMAR), the application of industrial artificial intelligence in gas grids (IKIGas), and the development of a distributed and IT-secure network control (DISEGO).


Empowering Optimized and Sustainable Business Processes

PSI FLS is at the forefront of offering intelligent software products and AI-based applications that drive optimized and sustainable production and energy supply. In any industrial business process, the ability to make informed decisions is paramount for success and efficiency. Decision-making processes that align with business goals must consider both long-term strategies and the current operational situation. When decisions are data-driven and machine-optimized, considering the pros and cons of various business process goals, operators and owners gain maximum benefits.

The key to achieving this optimized and explainable decision support lies in the specially developed Qualicision AI technology by PSI FLS. This technology is particularly crucial when combining technical and economic business objectives. It provides an efficient, user-friendly, and explainable software solution for business process optimization. By leveraging data-driven approaches and considering conflicting business process goals, Qualicision AI outperforms traditional algorithms, delivering an exceptional performance that is highly valued by customers across various industrial sectors.

In industries like automobiles and metals, PSI FLS's technology facilitates sequencing and scheduling with flexible resource deployment, effectively balancing conflicting goals and enabling real-time responsiveness. As a result, substantial cost savings of double-digit percentages are achievable. Moreover, Qualicision AI demonstrates significant sustainability effects in optimized charging management for electric vehicles and power grid management, where precise feed-in forecasts based on AI and optimal switching measures contribute to enhanced efficiency and environmental benefits.


Empowering Easy Installation and User-friendly Functionality

The PSI Industrial App Store offers easy access to the web-enabled PSIqualicision AI software. With a simple click, users can install and launch the software directly through the PSI Cloud. Leveraging PSI Click Design, users can conveniently edit results and models in the PSIqualicision AI dashboard. The software's special widgets allow for effortless customization and visualization of results through drag-and-drop functionality.

PSIqualicision AI utilizes a unique machine learning technique to set system parameters based on the current data situation, recommending suitable settings for optimization criteria automatically. The software employs a goal conflict matrix to provide an explainable visualization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be optimized in conjunction with other KPIs, either in a supporting or conflicting manner, presenting opportunities for improvement.

To enhance user understanding and proficiency, PSIqualicision AI incorporates "Integrated Didactics," offering integrated dialogs and exercises. Through these exercises and examples provided within the software, users can easily familiarize themselves with the diverse application options and functionalities of PSIqualicision AI.

By providing a user-friendly installation process and intuitive functionality, PSIqualicision AI ensures a seamless and productive experience, empowering users to harness the full potential of AI-driven decision-making for their industrial processes.


Client Testimonials and Industry Recognition

PSI's integrated AI processes are making significant contributions to sustainable energy supply and production. One notable example is the management of power grids, where precise feed-in forecasts based on machine learning and neural networks enable predictive fault elimination proposals. Through the utilization of Qualicision AI, a self-learning grid autopilot is achieved, facilitating the integration of higher proportions of renewable energy into existing grids.

Another successful application of Qualicision AI is seen in the transition to emission-free local public transport with electric buses. PSI's holistic depot and charging management system considers various influencing factors such as limited range, charging infrastructure, passenger numbers, and outside temperature to optimize operations. This decision-supporting optimization is currently employed by over 15 transport companies in Germany, France, and Poland.

In the maintenance of electrical networks and critical infrastructures, Qualicision AI improves business processes, leading to a 15 percent reduction in resource use and CO2 emissions. By avoiding unnecessary workload peaks, employee satisfaction is also positively impacted.

Qualicision AI continues to drive positive changes in various industries. In the automotive sector, assembly sequence optimization leads to resource savings of around 15 percent, resulting in significant annual CO2 emissions reductions for vehicle factories.

The metal industry benefits from Qualicision AI's optimization of energy and resource use, supporting the transition to low-CO2 steel production. Additionally, in discrete production, Qualicision AI's line sequencing optimization yields double-digit percentage improvements in production performance.

Through these applications, PSI's Qualicision AI proves to be a powerful tool in promoting sustainable practices across industries, fostering energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and overall operational excellence.