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FinancialForce: A Trailblazer in Accelerating Business Growth with Customer-Centric Offerings

The Executive Headlines

FinancialForce is a trailblazer in accelerating business growth through various offerings such as customer-centric Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, Professional Services (PS) Cloud, also known as PS Automation, Customer Success (CS) Cloud and more. The company has its offices located across multiple regions like San Francisco, CA / San Jose, CA / Chicago, IL / Austin, TX / Seattle, WA / Harrogate, North Yorkshire UK / London, UK / Sydney, AUS / Granada, Spain / Utrecht, Netherlands.


Moving Cloud from Traditional On-Premise Applications


Established in 2009, the idea behind founding FinancialForce was driven by the technology move to the cloud from traditional on-premise applications which further instigated the desire to rebuild a new ERP solution on a cloud platform. After a thorough look at the technology platforms, the team chose Salesforce as they were about to launch and were a great partner in the early days, and remain so today. Moreover, they had a loyal ecosystem they had built up where there was a lot of desire to connect the front office and back office applications on a single platform. As a result, the founders decided to spin the company out of Unit4 in order to drive success around the new cloud product which had a different development and sales methodology, as well as marketing philosophy, to a traditional on-premise business, thus leading to the birth of FinancialForce.

Currently, FinancialForce elevates business growth with customer-centric ERP Cloud, PS Cloud, and CS Cloud solutions. Run on the leading cloud platform, Salesforce, these solutions enable organizations to run a connected services business, deliver with intelligence, and achieve agility and resilience, even in times of uncertainty.


Plethora of In-Demand Offerings


FinancialForce offers a broad Services-as-a-Business platform, which encompasses the core processes of services businesses, ranging from estimating and sales, through delivery and billing, extending into customer support and success, and circling back to renewals and expansion. The company’s PS Cloud product is widely considered the top product in its space, a position supported by 15 straight quarters as the overall leader among reviews found on G2. Thus, the offering stands out for its robust features; its close alignment to Salesforce; and its tight coupling with Finance and Customer Success offerings, which empower customers to build full end-to-end business systems.


Adherence to Core Values


FinancialForce operates in adherence to the following core values:

  • Customer Obsessed: The company helps customers thrive by making them the center of its universe.
  • Act and Own: It takes responsibility for its words, actions, and results.
  • Relentlessly Innovate: The company is intensely curious and delivers cutting-edge innovation.
  • Champion Each Other: FinancialForce fosters a community of belonging that values differences, recognizes and rewards support and collaboration, and celebrates achievement.

FinancialForce places tremendous value and emphasis on employee happiness and satisfaction. The company has built a culture that resonates with its employees and supports them in numerous ways. At times when many companies are struggling to avoid employee burnout and counter the trends of “quiet quitting” and the Great Resignation, FinancialForce has worked hard to create an environment where employees are empowered to advocate for their needs and achieve their career goals.

“FinancialForce is the top choice for professional services organizations because solutions help these organizations run their services as a business. We accelerate business value with comprehensive best practices and the most intelligent analytics—all on the leading business cloud platform from Salesforce,” remarks Scott Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer at FinancialForce.


Deep Commitment to Servant Leadership


Being at the helm, Scott leads FinancialForce's mission to help organizations connect the front and back office with the leading customer-centric business suite on the Salesforce platform. With a comprehensive leadership portfolio, he has earned an MBA in Marketing from the Loyola University of Chicago and a BA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He has also taught MBA-level courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Northwestern University, and Duke University.

As a decorated leader, Scott guides an outstanding executive team at FinancialForce. He is accompanied by Ravi Narula (CFO), John Turner, (CRO), Daniel Brown (CPO), Heather Gille (CPO), Nicole Milstead (CMO), Todd Kisaberth (CCO) and Allen Seto (CLO)—who are deeply committed to leading and guiding almost 1000 employees who help the company achieve its goals. The company encourages diversity of thought, creates a culture of trust by leading by example, encourages a flat organization, and invests in career development and leadership for employees and managers. Recently, it rolled out cultural programs like DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Teams to provide important fundamentals to better connect, understand, communicate and drive accountability with each other. “Each of our Executive Leaders use reporting for transparency and tracking of company initiatives, celebrating wins, iterating on misses and constantly learning along the way,” adds Scott.


Delivering Excellence Across Entire Customer Journey


By providing a complete, unified platform, FinancialForce is able to help businesses deliver Services-as-a-Business (SaaB), which is focused on delivering excellence across the entire customer journey. Without a unified platform that aligns with PS Cloud, ERP, and CS Cloud, services businesses lack a comprehensive view of their business. They may be unable to deliver on customer outcomes and as a result, they may operate at a financial loss or struggle to break even. With a SaaB platform, services businesses are able to accelerate growth by having the tools they need to successfully deliver high-quality services on time, on budget, and meet or exceed customer expectations. 

Owing to its plethora of in-demand offerings, FinancialForce has garnered several accolades and significant recognition in the industry. Some of its key achievements include being named the #1 most adopted Professional Services Automation Solution in the 15th annual PS Maturity™ Benchmark published by SPI Research, earning the top spot on G2’s 2022 Best Software Awards for Accounting and Finance Products, and being recognized as a “Core Provider” in the 2021 Nucleus Research ERP Technology Value Matrix.


Continued Investment in Capabilities


Since its establishment, FinancialForce continues to invest in capabilities that help organizations effectively manage their services business. These capabilities include automation, intelligence, and innovation backed by domain expertise, customer feedback, and a proven record of success. Meanwhile, investments will focus on expanding the capabilities of its SaaB platform which touches on all aspects of services operations – from sales to delivery, to customer success management, to financial management and planning. Additionally, FinancialForce also continues to invest in UX improvements that provide a more modern and consistent user experience.

FinancialForce is committed to transparent commercial agreements, regularly including not only pricing details for current contract terms but also clear uplifts for future renewals; in an industry known for raising prices heavily at renewal time, this is a near-unique characteristic. The company employs the largest research and development team in the industry, leading to the reliable delivery of meaningful platform updates three times a year, synchronized with the release schedule of “FinancialForce is well-funded, stable, and still growing rapidly despite being the largest provider in our space, making us a safe choice for our customers,” concludes Scott.

“FinancialForce gives you a complete, customer-centric view of your business on the world’s #1 cloud platform from Salesforce.”


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