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Complex IT Made Simple by General Informatics Through Technology and Innovation

General Informatics
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General Informatics (GI) is an Information Technology firm with a mission to inspire others to solve business challenges through the best use of technology.


Headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA, the company was founded in 2001 with the intention to create innovative technology while simultaneously providing information technology management and end-user support. General Informatics is a leading provider of Managed IT services (MSP) to over 600 customers spread from the Carolinas to Colorado with a mission to solve business challenges through the best use of technology. The company operates as the IT department mainly for customers in several prominent sectors such as Public Sector, Healthcare, Professional Services, Construction, Banking and Manufacturing. 


Vast Offerings by Expert Leadership Team


Since its inception, General Informatics has built a comprehensive offering, including end-to-end MSP services, and is staffed with an experienced leadership team. Today, the company is known and well-recognized for delivering high-quality services. In fact, it has especially a reputation as a leading IT partner of businesses, schools, and government agencies owing to its holistic services and offerings. 


Owing to its comprehensive solutions and services, General Informatics has earned various accolades for delivering a high level of service, a 98% revenue retention rate, and a productive partnership with Microsoft. In fact, the company was named ‘#1 Technology Solution’ in the country by Microsoft Corporation. Additionally, General Informatics ranks among the world’s Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs for 2022, according to ChannelE2E. The company was recognized on CRN’s 2022 MSP 500 List, and named six times to the list of the fastest-growing companies in America by Inc. 500. Further in 2022, it received the distinction of ‘Top Managed Security Services Company’ by CyberSecurity Review.


Simplifying Complex Cybersecurity Landscape


Speaking of its most popular offering, General Informatics vCIO and vCISO services continue to gain momentum as the importance of prioritizing technology and cyber security within an organization become more pertinent. The complex and ever-changing cyber security landscape requires a certain level of expertise that most organizations do not have the time or resources to navigate. Besides, hiring an in-house CIO or CISO is not affordable for most small to medium-sized organizations. Thus, by contracting out a vCIO and/or vCISO, more businesses are able to access the technology and security guidance needed for their organization without having to face the burden of seeking the talent pool and significantly adjusting their budget. 


“Investing in Our People” Approach


GI boasts multiple technical teams, each comprised of conscientious technicians and engineers, experienced in a myriad of technical competencies, and arranged with subject matter experts to remain agile and allow quick incident response and remediation. The company’s support teams understand that downtime for the clients means lost productivity and revenue. Its support structure enables it to serve the clients irrespective of the scenario.  


With its comprehensive offerings, General Informatics inspires others to solve business challenges through the best use of technology. When the company is hired by an organization, it undertakes the role of a vendor. Moreover, it acts like a partner dedicated to the success of the organization through the best use of technology. The company firmly believes that the greatest investment toward supporting the customers is investing in “our people”. As a result, it assigns each client to a dedicated technical team. 


Vast Array of Clientele Portfolio


General Informatics clientele consists of government agencies, healthcare, non-profits, professional services, financial institutions, and the maritime industry. The company has been strategic in its growth plans to expand its geographic reach with managed services providers that are well established in different verticals but are aligned with General Informatics’ culture and values. As a result, the approach has allowed for seamless organizational integration with the advantage of specializing in a vast number of industries. The entire process is a part of GI’s framework and is typically a key initiative each year. The company takes the following three things into consideration and by doing so, it affirms that it can usher in innovation to its current and new products as well as its product and services portfolio. 


  • Voice of the Customer: Here, GI considers customers’ feedback on its current products and services as well as its strategies to innovate and create new products. 
  • Voice of the Industry: The company considers the recent happenings in and around the industry that could impact the viability and economics of those products and services
  • Voice of the Team: GI understands how its internal team believes that customers are the highest and best value for the company


Customers at the Center of the Equation


General Informatics puts the customer at the center of the equation. As a managed service provider, it stays updated on its customers’ needs and ensures being aware of issues and fixing them before they are even aware of the problem. Its service delivery model is tailored to the specific needs and goals of each customer. When a customer signs on with General Informatics, they have a dedicated customer success manager and service team for their account to ensure the company’s services are helping serve their business goals. In simple words, the company wants its customers to be able to take IT for granted and hence, “Complex IT Made Simple.”


Ushering Innovation into Offerings


General Informatics is continuously ushering innovation into its products and services. In 2021, the company brought advanced email monitoring within its Fortress365 Suite and as well rolled out Surveillance As-A-Service. In the upcoming months, the company plans to continue bringing new solutions to the table. For instance, it is currently working on a new EDR offering that increases the protection of the end-user devices on the network; as well as offering a more advanced methodology of security scanning on those devices and the entire network. In addition to upcoming offerings, General Informatics is envisioning expanding its geographic reach and planning to grow into at least 5 new geographies in the next 24 months. 


At the Forefront: 


Donald Monistere is the CEO and President of General Informatics who joined the team in 2020 and has been actively contributing to its growth ever since.   


Monistere has been a well-known executive for many years in the Information Technology industry. With over 30 years working in technology, he endorses an extensive career portfolio. In fact, he has served in top leadership positions throughout his career for various renowned organizations before joining the team GI. Moreover, he is the author of ‘Enhanced Life Performance and Enhanced Executive Performance’. Currently, Monistere is in the process of releasing his third book of the series, Enhanced Corporate Performance. 


“From the beginning, we have maintained our commitment to meeting the growing needs of our clients through continuous innovation.”


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