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Atul Anandpura: Connecting Humanity Through Innovation

The Executive Headlines

Meet Atul Anandpura, the visionary founder and CEO of WiseDV a global technology company that has redefined the way people connect and communicate.

He is not only committed to his technological pursuits but also to the symbiosis that can be attained by bringing humanity together. He comprehends that authentic advancement can only be accomplished by forging links between individuals, exchanging ideas, and working together regardless of geographical or political barriers. At WiseDV, he persistently advocates for this philosophy, ensuring that each and every one of their innovations, products, and services foster connectivity among all people.

Under his stewardship, WiseDV has become synonymous with technological innovation and pioneering resolutions. His unflinching commitment to bridging humanity has impacted the existence of myriad individuals, nurturing significant links and authorizing individuals to realize their utmost potential.


Unveiling the Trailblazers of Engineering and Aviation

During his tenure as an engineering scholar at MS University in India, Atul’s inquisitive mind was always captivated by the trailblazers who made significant contributions to the domains of engineering and aviation. Atul firmly believed that connecting humanity was the cornerstone of establishing a world that thrived in harmony.

In 1986, Atul embarked on a life-changing journey, relocating to London to explore new frontiers in technology. With an unwavering belief in the possibilities of mobile devices, he set out to revolutionize communication on a global scale. Atul's relentless pursuit of innovation led him to create wireless phones that could be mass-produced and disseminated worldwide, transforming the way people connect and communicate. In 1997, Atul's pioneering spirit reached new heights with the design of the world's foremost handheld digital voice recorder. This groundbreaking device, equipped with an LCD display and flash memory, set the standard for portable audio recording. Eager to showcase the exceptional attributes of his creation, Atul embarked on a remarkable journey at the CeBIT exposition in Hanover, traversing from booth to booth, captivating audiences with his visionary invention. Confident in the preeminence of his Digital Voice Recorder, Atul elucidated its exceptional attributes to Sanyo, a prominent name in the tech industry. Sanyo quickly recognized the superiority of Atul's creation. The esteemed E. Digital Corporation, a San Diego-based establishment that furnished products to Sanyo, extended a cordial invitation for him to venture over to San Diego to spearhead the productization and commercialization of voice recording devices, followed by multi-codec music players. Between the years of 1999 and 2004, he acquainted himself with the entrepreneurship-friendly US tech industry, which proved to be a fascinating experience.


From CEO to Visionary

Following the successful creation of a voice recognition-based music player and in-flight entertainment system in 2004, he was bestowed with the CEO position at e.Digital. As CEO, his primary objective was to amplify the value of shareholders. During his tenure, he recognized the feasibility of integrating wireless technology with portable video players. Inspired by this realization, he proposed the creation of a wireless Personal Sports Assistant (PSA) designed for sports enthusiasts within stadiums. However, his proposal was met with opposition from the board of directors, which expressed concerns about the potential technological risks. Despite their reservations, Atul remained convinced of his mantra: "I can develop anything as long as it does not bend the laws of physics." It was at this juncture that he set his sights on a new opportunity to develop without any constraints. His resignation was met with bewilderment from some of his colleagues, who questioned his next move after leaving e.Digital. In response, he presented the WiseDV plan, which was met with several investment offers.

Embarking on a mission to create a portable wireless mobile TV - LVIS, he sought to provide avid sports enthusiasts with the convenience of watching live games from various camera angles, coupled with options for action replay, slow motion, and access to scores and statistics. In a mere span of 9 months, a prototype of the device was developed, and within the subsequent 9 months, a staggering 3,000 LVIS were produced in Korea and China. American Express sponsored and funded the deployment of these devices at the US Open Tennis and US Open Golf events.

At the US Open Golf of 2008, scores of sports fans eagerly waited in line for up to three hours to get their hands on the coveted LVIS, and hundreds of them congregated to express gratitude to the creator for enhancing their live event viewing experience - a sight that was truly fulfilling.

Nonetheless, these fleeting moments of success were abruptly terminated in October 2008 when the financial market began to crumble, and the fruits of his labor slipped through his grasp. He meticulously analyzed various extraneous factors that had tragically impeded WiseDV's operation in an almost irrecoverable manner. It was time for him to pick himself up and start anew. Going back to the investors was simply not an option. Thus, with a heavy heart, he wound down all operations, including those in San Diego and India, and began from scratch. Throughout this arduous transition, he received heartwarming letters from his laid-off engineers, who expressed their heartfelt gratitude for having been part of an exceptional team that had produced top-notch products. Nonetheless, he remained acutely aware of the undeniable fact that this was indeed a failure that could not be sugar-coated or concealed.

The mere act of innovation does not suffice. It must endure and persevere. It is imperative to construct a team that can not only innovate but also flourish. He embarked on the mission of cultivating a team with a culture of innovation, collaboration, and honing one another's skills. A team where each member acknowledges the actual originator of any idea or exceptional work rather than claiming it falsely. Furthermore, he stressed the fact that the customer is invariably correct as they propel specific features or functionalities forward. They did not dismiss any feature requests, provided they did not violate the laws of physics.

Commencing from ground zero in 2010, they embarked on a quest for potential partners. Atul initiated the journey with Laszlo Zoltan, his broadcast technology supplier. After scrutinizing Atul's pitch deck, Zoltan was impressed by his ambitious plans and products. Nevertheless, he candidly opined that Atul's aspirations were exceedingly grandiose and that investing in his company was a venture that could either lead to his becoming a multimillionaire or his going bankrupt. Despite declining to take the risk, Zoltan was appreciative of Atul's audacity and endeared himself to his mentoring nature. He probed Atul about the products his customers required that other companies and suppliers could not provide. This was the beginning of the development of professional broadcasting products. Lacking an office in San Diego and India, Santosh Patel offered his office in India for their use. Bela Shah, the India coordinator, spearheaded that operation without adequate funding with solo engineer Jigar Mehta. They embarked on the development of an IP-based graphics insertion system.

Gradually and methodically, they assimilated the needs of the industry and broadened their offerings for the professional broadcasting market. They delved into developing ad insertion products, culminating in the creation of one of Mexico's largest deployments of the Ad Insertion system in 2014. Subsequently, in 2017-18, they developed the WisePlay on-premises and cloud-based broadcast channel playout system to streamline the channel origination process. Survival was not enough for him; he aspired to make a significant breakthrough and shatter the barriers. Communication remained at the forefront of his mind, as he continuously crafted tools to connect with people. When the pandemic struck, his daughter Bhavika, a law student at Berkeley, requested a superior video conferencing solution where participants could move around. The idea resonated with him, and he embarked on developing Bozu in early 2021.

As Laszlo's marketing endeavors proved fruitful for broadcasting products, Atul embarked on the creation of a novel video communication platform designed to cater to the younger generation. His sights were set on the vast multi-billion-dollar industry that lay ahead. However, in the early days of 2021, Laszlo, his dear friend, passed away, leaving him shell-shocked and facing yet another test of his mettle.

After weighing up his options, he resolved to market the most exceptional broadcasting products and cutting-edge technology under the banner of their brand, WiseDV. With the assistance of a remarkable team, he gradually established WiseDV as a trustworthy, reliable, and robust brand.

Vassil Lefterov, an accomplished PlayBox innovator, has recently assumed the role of Vice President of Business Development at WiseDV. He expresses his eagerness to collaborate with a company that boasts a remarkable speed in producing cutting-edge products that surpass those of his previous affiliations. In the realm of highly competitive markets, it has established a reputation for reliability. The company's unwavering focus on the customer, emphasis on teamwork and cooperation, and strategic attention to industry trends, customer demands, and technological advancements have all contributed to its prosperity.

Through the prioritization of client input and the synergistic efforts of the team, WiseDV guarantees that its solutions are not only economically sound but also user-intuitive and customized to fulfill the distinct demands of industry connoisseurs.


Broadcasting with WiseDV's Cutting-Edge Suite,

WiseDV offers a comprehensive product suite that encompasses the entire spectrum of broadcasting solutions, starting from content creation to the seamless delivery of audio and video. Its suite of software and applications are intricately interconnected to enable live streaming, encompassing tasks such as fetching media files, inserting ads and graphics, creating playlists, converting audio and video formats, inserting triggers and markers, and providing OTT middleware/apps, among other things. WisePlay is a playout software that is not only cost-effective but also ideal for originating a TV or OTT channel. It is particularly useful for broadcasters who want to automate and optimize their on-air operations.

WiseAdInserter is a tool that simplifies the process of inserting ads, thereby facilitating the monetization of content for the content owners.


Virtual Engineering Team

The assemblage of virtual engineers and developers guarantees the development, delivery, and configuration of the products with utmost proficiency, while simultaneously providing clients with exceptional support through their adept problem-solving skills. Furthermore, they remain accessible round the clock to cater to customer feedback and furnish solutions. Customers are assured prompt responses to their concerns thanks to their expeditious responsiveness. WiseDV boasts engineering teams stationed in California and India, thereby assuring that any customer, irrespective of their location, will have their queries addressed within moments and solutions delivered within 24 hours. They function as a cohesive unit of innovators and troubleshooters, supporting each other in resolving any issues that may arise.


Multi-tasking Professionals

With the advent of the pandemic, a multitude of impediments emerged, impeding the ability of developers, clients, stakeholders, and partners to converge due to their disparate locations and the demands of familial and vocational obligations. WiseDV astutely recognized this as an opportunity to discern the necessity for a virtual workspace that facilitates optimal efficiency while preserving the essence of interpersonal engagement.

Bhavika, Atul’s daughter, was unwilling to accept the limitations of the popular video conferencing solution. Consequently, they created Bozu, a solution tailor-made for the multi-tasking generation, guaranteeing fatigue-free meetings. Bozu enables individuals to work, play, and socialize with multiple groups simultaneously, all in real-time. True innovation transpires when effective communication is established between teams and clients concurrently. Although videoconferencing has been in existence for quite some time now, it has lacked the realistic experience required for the virtual workplace. With the ongoing trend towards remote work, Bozu has fulfilled these demands, and it has proven to be a valuable asset for WiseDV. Utilizing Bozu, its product development has accelerated significantly, even with remote work being the norm.


Comprehensive Socialization Experience

Bozu has cutting-edge features as a visual coaction tool that enables proficient individuals to transcend remote isolation and elevate their team's efforts to unprecedented levels of achievement. WiseDV recognizes that work is not exclusively limited to deliberations, but encompasses social interaction as well, thereby highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach to collaboration. 

Bozu enables a paradigm shift in remote collaboration through its revolutionary platform. Bozu offers corporate entities an all-encompassing socialization experience comprising integrated Trivia, Karaoke, Whiteboard, Annotated Board, Polls, Conferences, Webinars, Watch Parties, Live Streaming, Game Streaming, and Indexed Sports Highlights, which promote both professional and social cohesion.


Empowering Virtuous Individuals

WiseDV's advanced ethos strongly advocates for Human Team Intelligence (HTI) as a means to achieve success. Although there are several apprehensions regarding the negative repercussions of AI technologies, WiseDV holds the opinion that OpenAI-driven technologies should be accessible to as many individuals as possible, with minimal hassle and at a reasonable cost. This is because the world faces numerous problems that require solutions, including but not limited to education, healthcare, space exploration, and comprehending climate changes. He opines that the world is filled with more good individuals than bad ones. By empowering more virtuous people with AI technologies, led by value-driven teamwork, they can generate gratifying, awe-inspiring, and life-enhancing outcomes. WiseDV, as a cohesive unit, endeavors to maintain a competitive edge by utilizing advanced technologies to develop superior products. To illustrate, it employs open-AI-based metadata insertion technology, AI-based closed captions, and AI-based ad detection in its playout software. Additionally, WiseDV enables AI-based automated sports highlights watch parties in Bozu. Moreover, its adaptability is a vital contributor to its accomplishments. The company always remains prepared to alter its strategies and conform to shifting market trends. By closely monitoring emerging technologies and trends, it remains ahead of the curve and provides cutting-edge products and solutions to its clients.


Human-centric Marketing

Over the past couple of years, it has showcased its innovative products at various exhibitions, such as Enterprise Connect, the National Association of Broadcasters, and the International Broadcasting Convention. These exhibitions proved fruitful as they garnered positive feedback and high demand for their cutting-edge streaming and video conferencing products. Presently, they have just commenced their marketing endeavors for Bozu and plan to continue doing so, knowing that the laws of physics may not apply to marketing but the principles of human connections hold true. For WiseDV, fostering and maintaining human relationships is ingrained in their DNA, hence their belief in the efficacy of their human-centric and realistic marketing techniques. Although the company has received a few accolades, they are aware that they have a long road ahead of them.

The WiseDV team shall endeavor to establish further connections by consistently engaging in communication and fostering a familial bond amongst themselves in 2023 and beyond. Their strategy entails collaborating with corporations and associations that share similar aspirations in order to transform Bozu into the quintessential video conferencing and virtual meeting platform, providing an authentic experience. Additionally, they aim to make WisePlay the preeminent channel origination platform.


Industry Leaders and Satisfied Clients

Brian Short, CEO of TV Masters (, shares his views on WiseDV products and the WiseDivians team in an interview with Atul Anandpura on April 24th, 2022, at NAB-2022:

“I have been working with WiseDV since 2015 for our TV stations, and let me tell you, they have been a game-changer for us. We started with just a few stations, but now we are streaming 60 stations and over 600 different streams, and we still rely on WiseDV's products to help us serve our clients of all different levels and economic backgrounds. 

I can't recommend WiseDV enough, and I'm excited to try out their new products like Bozu for live events and their Poll product in WisePlay. They always bring new and exciting ideas to the table, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them for years to come.”

Vassil Lefterov, VP of Business Development - WiseDV, talks FAST 2.0 at Streaming Media West 2022 - Interviewed by Tim Siglin:

 “My background is in playout automation. I have been in this industry for 20 years through my company, PlayBox, which I created in Europe, specifically Bulgaria, where we have served 19,000 clients. Throughout my career, I have always strived to provide forward-thinking technologies to my clients. When I discovered WiseDV, I was amazed at how well-designed the architecture, software, and platform were. It addressed all the unsolved problems I had encountered with previous technologies, and I immediately fell in love with it. That's when I decided to join WiseDV and work for Atul Anandpura, the CEO.” 

WiseDV was recognized as “The Broadcasting Technology Mavericks” by MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT Tech Outlook in 2022.

  WiseDV was among the Best 30 Companies to Watch in 2022, announced by Global Business Leaders Magazine.

  Recently, WiseDV’s WisePlay Playout received the Product of the Year award at NAB Show 2023.