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What is Windows S Mode and Should I Disable It

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If you purchase a new PC and you install it, there is a possibility that you can download Windows S Mode the first time you start it It's a mode that's closer to ChromeOS than the fully-fledged Windows 11.

It allows you to download applications through Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store and you cannot access command-line prompts and Windows registry data. In the words of Microsoft, Windows S Mode is intended to keep users secure by restricting access to only approved apps and limiting accessibility to Windows. However, if you know how to use the computer, then you don't need it.

What is Windows S Mode?

To begin, let's dispel one commonly held belief that says it is true that you can utilize several various web browsers in Windows S Mode, as long that it is downloaded through Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store. However, you can't choose anything other than Microsoft Edge as your default browser. 

Mozilla Firefox Brave Browser, Opera Browser and Opera GX, and BlueSky Browser are the options available. (Google Chrome, by far the world's most popular browser is not yet available in the Microsoft Store at the time of the writing.)

If you require printers or connect an external mouse, all devices which work on normal Windows should work when using Windows S Mode. Certain devices may only provide restricted access to functions for security reasons and we suggest asking the manufacturer of the hardware to find out more details about compatibility.

No matter what application or program you want to run and install, if you cannot download it through your Microsoft Store, you cannot install it. This is the most significant drawback of Windows S Mode as you're not missing out on the millions of safe apps available in normal Windows mode.

Another major disadvantage of Windows S Mode is you are limited in OS capabilities. When in Windows S Mode it is possible that you will not have access to the Windows commands line, the code editor as well as registry access for the Windows registry. While the majority of users will not require these tools, however, they can aid in diagnosing PC problems.

When should I Utilize Windows S Mode?

Due to the limited S Mode features, it's a great alternative for users who aren't interested in thinking about the security of their computers. With no access point to command lines, and apps not approved by use in the Microsoft Store, it's much less likely to download and install malware-ridden software or files. In a sense, it mimics the iOS or iPad experience.

People who aren't familiar with computers or those who require a guarantee of security (such as those who work with confidential data) will benefit the most from S Mode.

How do I Enable S Mode?

This depends on which version of Windows you're running. It is not possible to activate Windows S Mode on a Windows 10 or 11 Pro, Enterprise, or Education license. You need to possess a Home license. If you are looking to upgrade your Home license in one of the others, you must change out S Mode. S Mode permanently.

The other limitation is that you are only given one chance to try Windows S Mode. Most of the time, S Mode is preinstalled by the manufacturer of the device. The process of installing S Mode yourself is a complex procedure that is usually not suitable for the majority of users.

If you're not sure, Microsoft provides instructions on their website on setting up Windows 10 S Mode.

How do I Disable Windows S Mode?

Once you have disabled Windows S Mode, you are unable to return to it.

Go to Settings -> System -> Activation. In it, the Switch into Windows 11 Home / Pro section Clicks Go to Store. This takes you to Microsoft Store. This takes you to Microsoft Store to a specific page title to switch out in S Mode.

Begin the procedure by choosing the option Get and then follow the instructions provided on the screen.

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