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The way to record your screen in Windows 11

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Recording your screen in Windows 11 is a great way to show off new features you’re playing or ask questions about how to do certain things. And we know how we can do just that in Windows 10 But with the advent of Windows 11, you may be wondering how it works with the latest Microsoft operating systems.

The easiest way to record your screen in Windows 11 is to use the Xbox Game Bar. Like Windows 10, this is Microsoft’s video capture tool built into Windows. You can record all open apps, as long as you have one window at a time. If desired, you can also enable the microphone during recording.

To get started with the Xbox Game Bar, go to Windows 11 start Menu and search Game bar. There should be a settings link in the search results on the screen. Enable the Xbox game bar. Click this to access the settings and make sure the switch is on.

You can record your screen on Windows 11 at any time by turning on the Xbox Game Bar. Windows + G Key. Make sure the app is open in the background. The Xbox Game Bar doesn’t record your desktop or multiple windows — it only works in a single window.

When you press the dual key command, you should see something like this: Record The icon at the top left of the screen. Tap that button to minimize the game bar and start recording. You can stop at any time with the stop button at the top right of the screen.You can also click to switch microphones microphone icon.


Another way to record your screen in Windows 11 is to use PowerPoint. PowerPoint can record multiple windows at once. 

To get started, open a new PowerPoint file and click[insert menu. next, Screen recording button. Press it to start recording. The screen goes dark and the toolbar is displayed. Select a location to record and click red Record button. Recording will start. When you’re done, click Windows + Shift + Q End recording.

Then right-click the PowerPoint slide that contains the record and click[Save the media as From the list. Select a location to save the file and you’re done.


PowerPoint and the Xbox game bar are just two options for recording your screen in Windows 11. There are many third-party tools to choose from.

Just open the Microsoft Store in Windows 11, search and install. Choice Optimized for recording Once launched and run, you can start recording your screen by adding a desktop screen like this: Display capture Go to the source at the bottom center of the screen. Be sure to mute the microphone below Audio mixer and hit Start recording. When you’re done Stop recording and your visit video A folder that displays saved files.


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