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Philippe Salah: Setting the standard for remote care with DentalMonitoring

Philippe Salah
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The orthodontic industry is in the middle of a major transformation as it makes key changes to meet the needs of the modern practice and the modern patient. Digital workflows that were already present in several medical fields are now expanding into the orthodontic industry, previously dominated by the traditional, analog format of care. New technologies are allowing doctors to work more efficiently, optimizing time while elevating care. At the forefront of this new way forward is Philippe Salah, CEO of the industry-leading dental software company DentalMonitoring. Since 2014, DentalMonitoring has pioneered industry innovation with one major mission: synchronizing the delivery of care with the need of care. To do so, the company leverages the power of artificial intelligence for optimal remote monitoring of all treatments and brands.

We are directly responding to the shift in patient mindset with solutions that maximize the quality of patient care and practice productivity while providing more convenience and flexibility for both parties,” explains Philippe Salah, CEO & Co-Founder of DentalMonitoring.


Customizable Cloud-based Platform


The company’s flagship product, DentalMontoring, is a customizable cloud-based platform for clinical monitoring and communication automation backed by world class AI. It offers a dashboard, Patient app, Practice app, and a data analysis platform all combined with the patented ScanBoxᵖʳᵒ hardware, which ensures high-quality clinical scans via a smartphone. Through the dashboard, doctors and other clinical staff can manage and set up patient profiles to create or modify protocols and preferences. This determines what events doctors and staff would like to monitor and what instructions or messages they would like to be triggered when the AI detects an intraoral event.

The company offers a versatile and flexible solution that can be used for all brands and all appliances—both fixed and removable.

Though there are several companies in the industry that lack AI processing, DentalMonitoring’s highly trained AI offers possibilities for scalability and growth to give doctors and clinical staff the bandwidth to focus on clinical care and expand treatment capabilities. DentalMonitoring’s AI has 7 years of training, which is more than any other AI system in the industry.


Redefine Patient Treatment


Salah has an innovative approach to tackling the challenges and gaps in the industry. His first business venture, Harmony, was a lingual orthodontic provider. As a co-founder, he regularly interacted with doctors, which gave him a new outlook on the industry. Salah was motivated to introduce a solution that could redefine the patient treatment journey by capturing problems that occurred between two appointments. Insights from his time at Harmony led him to establish DentalMonitoring. 

Since the inception of DentalMonitoring, the company has strived to empower oral care professionals by harnessing the power of AI for precise and personalized patient care at the right time. The vision to synchronize the delivery of care and need of care has remained consistent with the help of constant collaboration between their team and health care professionals. 


Embracing Challenges


Salah has successfully created a work culture that embraces collaboration and accessibility. The team at DentalMonitoring is ingenious and international, taking a diverse set of curious minds who share the goal of innovating and collaborating to influence real change. “Leaders use their vision to bring people together and guide them toward achieving what seemed impossible before,” asserts Salah. 

He believes that the best way to motivate and inspire is to lead by example. Excitement and passion are contagious, and broadcasting his motivation to “DMers” has fostered a culture of truly enthusiastic innovators. 

Challenges are a key element to success in any innovation-based environment. Salah gladly takes the challenges head-on, may it be professional or personal, and dissects them to learn from them to improve further. He adds, “There is always, always, a takeaway from every challenge that can propel future growth.”


Continually remain Industry Leaders


In the coming year, DentalMonitoring is expanding its global reach by expanding to new markets. Their team will also be launching new, innovative solutions this year. This, of course, is all while continuing development and training of their artificial intelligence to remain industry leaders.


Optimistic Perspective:


The global pandemic ushered in a new norm for our day-to-day interactions. It also highlighted the real value of remote care — and remote care is here to stay. There is nothing more exciting than a future that you can shape with your ideas. As leaders in the sector, we are creating the technology of the future every single day. There is something extremely rewarding in solving problems in real-time with a technology that didn’t exist just years before. Having the freedom to explore, develop and pursue new solutions beyond the traditional format is thrilling.




Leaders use their vision to bring people together and guide them toward achieving what seemed impossible before.


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