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20 Most Inspiring Business Leaders to Watch in 2022

Phil Bristol: Setting a distinctive example of inspiring leadership at Projectivity Solutions

Phil Bristol
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Today, being an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires overcoming challenges and learning from mistakes as there is very little time to react. Leaders with such innate skills separate the thriving companies from those that fail to survive the competition. A leader who has a clear vision, mission, and perseverance, while being aware of the strength and weaknesses, is the one who can thrive despite any challenges thrown their way. Phil Bristol, a former Airborne-Ranger, now a successful and inspiring leader of Projectivity Solutions, has leveraged his experience to become a distinctive example of inspiring leadership. 

Phil Bristol, Growth Curve Strategist, is a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado with an MS in Operations Research System Analysis. Alongside he has also completed post-master courses from the University of Southern California. He is a veteran in the industry with experience of over three decades, focusing on leadership, project management, and the IT industry. As aforementioned, Bristol is a former Airborne-Ranger. His leadership and project management knowledge contributed to the Non-Combatant Evacuation System implementation for the US Consulate and United Nations Command in Korea. Bristol helped design and implement the US Army Senior Civil Servant and Officer management by objectives evaluation reporting system by leveraging his organization development skills. 

Moreover, he has successfully planned and implemented innovative solutions for public and private sector clients due to his strategic planning, project management, business process reā€engineering, conflict transformation, and leadership development. Apart from this, he is also a sought-after speaker and presenter for professional organizations. His keynote presentations and workshops are highly praised by leaders nationally and internationally. Currently, Bristol is leveraging his expertise to lead Projectivity Solutions Inc., which focuses on helping people, teams, and organizations achieve their optimum potential. 


Exceptional and Reliable Programs


Incepted the journey in 1990, Projectivity Solutions is globally recognized as an expert consultancy in accelerating organizational performance. In the initial years, the company offered project and program management services for Applied Materials, Varian Thin Films, Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, and Eddie Bauer implemented products and services on time and within budget. By 2004 the focus shifted to helping SMB owners overcome the complexities of business operations and strategic planning with practical and performance-proven methods. This emphasis on business function and process further shifted in 2016, with a people and organization diagnostic method to uncover and treat poor performance root causes and implement affordable remedies. With Projectivity Solutions, one can customize profitability, productivity, and relationship solutions to each client’s unique needs. 

Projectivity Solutions offers unique programs that build people to enhance self-esteem and leadership skills, build relationships based on trust and collaboration, and build organizations to thrive and prosper. 

  • Exceptional Enterprise Program: Moving from REACTIVE to FOCUSED

As key elements make up a healthy ecosystem, 11 components make up an exceptional business. Each element corresponds to a structured engagement that strengthens that particular business area. Projectivity Solutions help the clients grow exceptional businesses through Stages of GrowthTM methodology that identifies and infuses missing critical elements into a company’s ecosystem to create high-functioning, highly profitable organizations. 

  • Exceptional Manager Program: Moving from DOING to CRITICAL THINKING

The Exceptional Manager Program is a unique 12-month learning experience that shapes the management team into the backbone of an exceptional company. The team works on the business through this program and not in the business. It leverages insightful online content and hands-on classroom activities to install the necessary mindset and skills managers need to create high levels of value for the organization.

Projectivity Solutions distinguishes itself from its competitors by leveraging its 130 years of experience in science and research to objectively gather data by conducting targeted ‘X-Rays’ focused on business operations, relationships, financial performance, and mindset. Bristol further explains the process, “This process begins with Discovery, an understanding of organizational goals, and the barriers to reaching them.” He continues, “Next is an Assessment process, evaluating an organization’s current ‘functioning’ compared to the eleven elements of Exceptional Enterprises.” The assessment findings lead to a road map for infusing the needed custom solutions over 9 to 24 months. The implementation stage builds on incremental successes and prepares the entire organization for the next growth stage. “At Projectivity Solutions, we believe that prescribing a solution without a scientifically based diagnosis is malpractice,” said Bristol.


Key contributors to success


A skillful team is one of the key contributors to success. Bristol has been successful in assimilating a team of talented individuals. Projectivity Solutions has a diverse team with an electric mix of culture, education, race, work/life experience, and communication styles. The company nurtures a culture where the team shares a common motivational bond of being helpful to others, objectively delivering practical results, creatively disrupting the status quo, and keeping the commitments. 

Projectivity Solutions’ team is committed to enhancing the leadership competencies and skills of the client staff by leveraging scientifically-based assessments to inventory communication style, motivators, skills, and work viewpoint. Bristol highlights that position benchmarking offers a solid foundation for selection using a combination of behavioral interview questions, position goodness fit analysis, and candidate experience and education verification. He adds, “When it comes to recruitment and talent management, the talent selection process is compliant with all Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance and requirements.” With the rise in technology and AI adoption, the tech is being leveraged for hiring to help the initial candidate screening. Although, the human-to-human conversation during the final hiring decisions continues to be the last step. 


Prioritizing Client Success


Today, leaders are increasingly relying on science-based diagnostics to identify root causes instead of opinion. Bristol has always stayed abreast of the technological trends and utilized them to upgrade the solutions and services at Projectivity Solutions. The company's clients use a creative solution discovery process to gather objective data, analyze viable alternatives, and make informed decisions and recommendations. With the amalgamation of technology, the combination of data and process eliminates quality variance that is repeatable and trainable. 

Bristol and his team have always strived to deliver the best to the clients, and in the coming years, the focus will remain the same. Projectivity Solutions aims to help clients build trust-based relationships and enhance organizational productivity and profitability. The client's success will be prioritized alongside enhancing business-to-business alliances. Furthermore, the company is also looking forward to expansion plans in Europe and India. 


Shifting Me-centric mindset to We-centric


Under Bristol’s leadership and the teams’ relentless efforts, Projectivity Solutions will continue to attain more growth and success. As a veteran in the industry, Bristol advises that people in the industry should focus on building trust-based relationships, clarifying work expectations, demonstrating compassion, and honoring the humanity of each person are the most critical aspect of leadership.

Bristol also shared an instance with us that affected his leadership style and is beneficial advice for the aspiring leaders, 

As a project and program manager, I was selected to deliver results on high-profile projects that directly impacted the revenue stream or expense reduction activities for Fortune 500 companies. Management rewarded me with more responsibility, higher-risk projects with larger financial implications. I erroneously thought that focusing on the critical tasks - a well-designed project plan and the schedule was needed to deliver a timely and quality result within budget. My focus was on tasks and what I wanted as the project manager, and people were ‘objects’ necessary to follow the work schedule. My mindset shifted after reading Leadership & Self-Deception (Arbinger, 2000). Learning that being ‘Outwardly Nice,’ yet only caring about my personal goals and results, failed to inspire and motivate my project team. Shifting from Me-centric mindset and behaviors to a We-centric approach changed the course of my career.

Optimistic perspective: This pandemic and other global challenges are dramatically reinforcing the need for collaborative relationships and demonstrating compassion.




“Leadership is all about relationships and honoring the humanness of others; an unflinching drive to optimize the full protentional of each person and organization. Our words and actions matter; each has a great impact on others.”


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