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20 Most Inspiring Business Leaders to Watch in 2022

Manoj Kumar Padhi: Breaking the Norms with a Bold Approach

Manoj Kumar Padhi
The Executive Headlines

Being a leader in the rigorously-competitive 21st-century marketplace is a daunting task. Alongside the typical leadership responsibilities, leaders have to confront a myriad of challenges. Particularly, in the past couple of years, the challenges for leaders have increased by many folds—courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic. In challenging circumstances, having self-belief and being ready to sacrifice are major keys to success for a leader. Enunciating the most valuable lesson of his leadership career, Manoj Kumar Padhi (CEO of 4FANZ®) says, “When you dream big, be ready to sacrifice big and believe in yourself”. Manoj is a multipleaward-winning leader who has been ardently leading the company towards unrivaled success.


A Distinguished Career


Manoj holds an M.S. in Software Systems from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India. He moved to the USA in 2002 and since then has served in various capacities with big enterprises such as Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, etc. He also worked as a consultant on many challenging DevOps/Application projects with top-tier telecom, financial, and internet service providers. In 2014, Manoj founded 4FANZ® with a team of four.

After various UI and design revisions, 4FANZ developed the award-winning FANSIAL® NETWORK on the InfinityOne™Bizile™ platform. Manoj wanted his clients and people to distinguish 4FANZ® services from the World Wide Web (WWW). Thus, he branded them as WOW services in a multiverse concept. This next-generation zone-based listing and networking of businesses with their fans in a zone-domain-role multiverse called The Wow Verses connected businesses directly with their fans or potential customers without any broker. This brought him instant recognition as he was ranked 6th among the 100 CEOs in the USA in 2020 by the CEO Today Magazine.


Motivation behind the Establishment


Based on the current internet traffic estimate, Manoj mentions that the majority of search, social, customer acquisition brokerage, and e-mail services have been monopolized by Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. “One would think that these are big tech companies and the service they provide would be cutting-edge technologies, but that is not true. There are many services and business models that suck since two decades and no startup would work on those as they won’t get funded when Facebook and Google are business competitors,” he adds. Whether it is E-mail, search engines, World Wide Web (WWW) or social media, all these popular systems have several loopholes. 4FANZ® was founded with an aim to do fundamental research to solve all the critical problems of the WWW. Moreover, it also aims to stop spam phone calls and phishing e-mails. Its elegant wheel WOW (Wheel of Wonder) is the product of 7 years of research—with which the company has zoned the World Wide Web into 36 zones.


A Myriad of Services


With 4FANZ®, consumers and businesses have multiple choices—either they go for a Google search to type or spin the WOW Wheel to find a business, doctor, or customer support with a prior subscribed Role in each zone. Producers in roles like Sellers, Doctors, etc. pay an annual listing subscription fee. Consumers can be in a Fan role and don’t need to pay.

The elegant spinnable wheel of wonder shows the listing, e-commerce and other advanced services offered by the company across 36 Internet Zones. When the wheel stops at a pointer, it shows one or more premium dot com domain names in each zone that reveals the type of services. The company offers a role-based subscription so that a consumer role like patient or home buyer finds a producer role like doctor or realtor in every city. In the job zone, people in the role of Job Seekers and Job Providers can collaborate. “WOW is elegant and easier to find businesses because this is a role-based listing service where doctors subscribed in Health Zone and Job Seekers in the Job Zone,” asserts Manoj.

The company has also developed the InfinityOne™ platform to launch as many WOW Service Clusters as Web Platform as a Service (WPaS). For instance, a domain name like does not need to be hosted in the traditional way with an Apache or NGNIX web server. It can be just a part of the InfinityOne™Bizile™ platform by becoming an entry in its database. The Architecture of InfinityOne™ is based on absolute privacy, thus, 4FANZ® is recognized as the only Privacy Must platform that also solves all of the critical problems.


Parallel of World Wide Web


4FANZ™ is the only company that got approval from USPTO to use the 4FANZ® trade name in almost every possible service that 99% of web users will ever use. “We can say that we have built a parallel of the World Wide Web (WWW) and consumers can find all the businesses in the WOW Verse by spinning the wheel of wonder,” says Manoj. He adds that the company’s affordable listing prices would attract all the businesses that were waiting for a global listing provider as big as Facebook and Google. Manoj believes that 4FANZ®’s privacy must architecture would attract more consumers.

The company has launched 100+ services across 36 zones with a LatterBox™ attached to every service—which means an individual can theoretically have 100+

LatterBox™ IDs after one registration. Some of these services are,

  • and for technology companies
  • for book publishers and readers
  • and for job seekers and employers
  • and for educational service providers and STEM students
  • Homes2Buy.TV and for realtors and homebuyers
  •,, and BIZNEWS.TV for businesses that rely on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to showcase their products
  • for newsmakers

4FANZ® is solving another problem of under-utilized business leases of restaurants, nightclubs, warehouses, etc. by creating a business collaborator role. For instance, A business in China can showcase its products in Dallas, TX. This way, people can find the item with zone-domain-search and drive into the local nightclub to collect it.


Unique Business Model


4FANZ® has a unique business model. While larger companies like Facebook and Google are still using the 20-year-old Lure-Track-Profile-Show Ad-On-TimeLine model, the 4FANZ® is offering Privacy Must Zone-Domain-Role based services where a consumer role would look for a producer role when needed. With more than 150 premium domain names, both producers and consumers won’t have to decode the service from the domain name—as the service name is part of the domain name.


Keeping up with the Industry Transformations


4FANZ® is the only global listing provider with a FAN+ Social Network (FANSIAL® NETWORK) that covers almost all WOW services spread across 36 zones. Its recently launched 4FANZ® trademark lists all possible services it provides. “It won’t be an overstatement if we claim that—we have zoned the hostile and tracking world wide web to create a parallel ‘privacy must’web with 36 zones where businesses get listed in most appropriate Zone where their potential customers are present or expected to find them by clicking city or product category,” states Manoj.

Presently, 4FANZ® is the only one with a next-generation listing technology and approved trademark 4FANZ®. It is also launching the replacement of the E-mail service during the second quarter of 2022. The service is named LatterBox™ and is one of a kind.

Manoj anticipates that there could be an emerging battle between WWW-SEARCH-SOCIAL (Google+ Facebook) and WOW-FANSIAL-NETWORK (4FANZ®) that businesses and people can decide this decade. He further adds that if 4FANZ® loses this battle, hardly anyone will notice. However, if it wins the battle, it will deplete the core ad revenue of the company’s competitors and they will lose their status as customer finders for businesses. Towards 2nd half of 2022 4FANZ® would offer the licensing the wheel of wonder to Enterprise space where they can refactor their clumsy and confusing 20+ year intranet website for employees with LatterBox™ as primacy employee-employee communication. The Wheel of Wonder (aka WOW) can be implemented across Governments, Theme Parks, National parks and almost everywhere now there is a confusing and clumsy map or menu system.


Dreaming Big


The past couple of years were very successful for Manoj as a leader. Alongside being recognized by the CEO TODAY USA Awards, he was listed by CIO Bulletin among 50 innovators of the USA and subsequently found his place among the 10 Best Inspiring

Leaders of 2021. Recently, two of the company’s trademarks 4FANZ® and FANSIAL® got registered with USPTO. Moreover, 4FANZ® has been approved for a wide range of services. Enunciating the company’s future plans, Manoj mentions that in 2022, the company is projecting to have a minimum revenue of $16 million with a maximum of around $1billion based on the number of subscriptions.


Optimistic Perspective:


“The journey to achieve this success was not easy for me. I have not visited my hometown in India since 2009. Moreover, I confronted a plethora of technical challenges while driving the company towards success. There was a time when people had stopped believing in me. I also tried to pitch in the shark tank, reach Mark Cuban, but nothing went my way. However, with thorough diligence and perseverance, I have managed to take 4FANZ® to where it is today—which is reflected in the number of recognitions received by the company. I had all the choices like my friends to enjoy life with an awesome salary. But I picked 8 years of stressful life over that. Now I feel like in heaven after 8 years of hell ride.” 




“At 4FANZ®, our vision is based on common sense thinking and mission is to help consumers and producers. We just connect roles and they collaborate”


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