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Legion Capital: Helping Financially Underserved Companies and Real Estate Developers Grow

Legion Capital
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The 2008 Great Recession and financial crisis was one of the worst economic downturns in U.S. history.  Since the recovery bank lending has declined dramatically and despite low interest rates since, lending has failed to recover.  

This low rate of institutional lending is at the very same time banks’ assets have grown consistently since the crisis, as have deposits.   Instead, banks appear to have permanently decreased lending relative to early stage infrastructure real estate projects and businesses lending in general.  

Even during the economically-challenged circumstances of the pandemic, Legion Capital was striving to provide bridge funding, acquisition, development, and growth capital to companies and projects in targeted underbanked industries. Legion Capital (Ticker Symbol: LGCP) is a publicly traded FinTech driven private equity firm focused on specialized lending to real estate developers, business owners, and entrepreneurs.. Shane Hackett, the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Legion Capital, led the foundation of the company with an aim to provide financing and funding to institutionally underserved companies in real estate space.  


Meet the Co-Founder 


Shane Hackett is a renowned direct marketing expert and has been in the media & marketing industry for over two decades. He is a serial entrepreneur and has helped build multiple broadcast, technology, marketing, and training companies. Shane has graduated from William Jewell with BA in Communications & Public Relations. He has also studied International Business & Literature at Harlaxton College in England.  

Shane has been a former President and General Manager at the radio stations KGU-AM in 

Honolulu, Hawaii, KTSS-FM in Honolulu, Hawaii, and WTIX-AM in New Orleans, 

Louisiana. He served as the Director of Continuity and Executive Producer for Gannett with 

KCMO AM/FM and the Kansas City Chief’s Radio network. Currently, Shane is the Chairman of the Board & Partner at MarketLeverage—a company specialized in integrated digital marketing and has ranked as Inc. 100 Advertising firm and a Fortune 5000 fastest growing company. 

Apart from his entrepreneurial ventures, Shane is actively involved in philanthropic initiatives. He is the Executive Director of Heartland Soccer Association, the largest soccer league and tournament host in the United States, and a board member of Kansas Youth Soccer.  Additionally, he is actively building orphanages and microfinancing business projects in third world countries with Global Orphan Project.  

In our recent interview with Shane, he walked us through how Legion Capital is offering unique financing opportunities for underserved markets.  


Could you describe the current trends of the financial institutions and explain where  Legion Capital fits into this scenario? 


The banks and financial institutions do not lend to real estate developers for infrastructure and early-stage developments. Legion Capital fills a niche lending area working with established real estate developers on early-stage developments.  


What are some unique solutions and services offered by Legion Capital? 


We provide financing opportunities that are underserved by the institutional capital markets. Our current focus is providing first-lien construction, infrastructure, and asset repositioning for single-family, multi-family, and commercial loans. Our loan programs are designed to provide an alternative for real estate investors and developers who cannot meet their financing needs through traditional banks.  


What makes Legion Capital offerings unique in the industry as compared to the others in the same industry?  


Our structured loan and finance programs are available for real estate projects throughout the U.S. We primarily provide first lien debt for ground-up construction, adaptive reuse, major asset repositioning, and renovation projects, maintaining a strong focus on single-family, multifamily, and commercial development loans. 


What has been the reason behind positive feedback from your clients? 


The key has been to put our shareholders and investors first at all times. We serve our investors, clients, and customers to the very best of our ability each and every day. We uphold the highest standards of trust, loyalty, honesty, and fair play in all of our business dealings. 


How will you describe the team at Legion Capital? 


At Legion Capital, we conduct ourselves with class and integrity. Each member of the team is dedicated to being a good citizen—both in the workplace and in our community. We treat our clients, customers, investors, and co-workers with dignity, courtesy, and respect at all times. 


What is your leadership philosophy? How do you embody your leadership philosophy?  


Honestly, I believe in leading by example. We make sure that we focus on our core strengths and hire experienced team members to work alongside us to create a strong team. Also, as a team, I believe we must communicate with integrity as well as listen.   


What is your secret mantra for dealing with constant challenges both in personal as well professional life? 


The ability to communicate ideas and wake up every day with gratitude helps me deal with the constant challenges both in my personal as well as my professional life.  


As a leader, how do you manage to maintain a balance between both success and failure? 


I grew up playing sports. It’s a great teacher of both success and failure. You grow and learn.  Win and lose. You must learn to embrace failure and learn from it.   


How will you describe the year 2021 in one word?  


In one word, I would use is “profitable.”  2021 was a milestone for Legion Capital as we grew our portfolios and entered into profitability for the first time since inception.         


What excites you most about the future of technology and the sector you operate within?  


We define ourselves as a FinTech enabled specialized lender.  We use technology to manage our business and investors. We are focusing on using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our lending practices and underwriting as well.   Technology will continue to play a large role in managing our growth and business operations.  


What would be the top three goals for Legion Capital in the coming year? 


  • To grow our lending portfolios, 
  • To continue to perform for our investors, 
  • Expand our lending relationships.  


Lastly, what is the most valuable lesson that your career has taught you by far?  


I believe relationships are very important. Many of the people that I work with today are individuals I have worked with for 20+ years. It’s important to value people and treat people well.   


Optimistic Highlight: 


“Be specific with your goals! Often people will keep their goals vague. By keeping your goals vague, you're not sure when you fail. That means you can fool yourself. Keep your goals sharp and clear.” 




“We provide bridge funding, acquisition, development, and growth capital to companies and projects in targeted industries such as Real Estate. Legion also takes equity ownership in select companies and projects.”


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