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Amir Moussavian: Helping families limit screen time without arguments through OurPact

Amir Moussavian
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Technology has been a boon to humanity, however, if we look closely, people are surrounded by screens. Technologies may have brought us together but excessive use has also drawn us apart. Facing a similar issue, Amir Moussavain, (CEO and Founder of Eturi Group), a father of two, dedicated his time to solving this problem. Amir established Eturi Corp., a San Diego-based software company that develops essential cross-platform solutions for mobile devices. He has over two decades of experience in technology management and specializes in nurturing innovative technology companies from start-up to dynamic growth to acquisition.

Amir usually found his children engaged with the gadgets, even at the dinner table conversations happened more via smartphones. It felt like every family moment was being hijacked by screens, or by arguments about screens. This is when he decided to write up a ‘Pact’ that outlined the rules for devices stating: no screens during family meals, for an hour before bed, during homework time. No more arguments—in theory. Though the kids made progress, the system still lacked accountability. One morning, he found himself looking at the contract taped to the refrigerator and had an ‘Aha’ moment. Right then, he realized that technology is the problem, but it can also be the solution. From that day, he set out to develop an app that would help families limit screen time, without the arguments. This was the ‘aha’ moment that made OurPact, Powered by Eturi Corp come to fruition.


World’s Leading MDM Solutions 


Eturi Corp. is one of the leading software companies that focuses on developing innovative and essential cross-platform solutions for mobile devices. Its solutions are not only convenient but a need for the users. With the rise in use of cell phone usage and increased consumption of technology, people and businesses need real-time reporting and information. Catering to this demand, Eturi has two apps for two distinct customers:

  • Motiv: The first mobile dashboard build to manage productivity is targeted at Small & Medium-Sized businesses

Motiv expands Eturi’s reach into the business workplace. It offers an unparalleled solution through a mobile-first dashboard that caters to the audience in the SMB market. The focus is on helping the business leaders at companies that operate in remote, hybrid, or distributed work environments, and are looking to receive productivity metrics on their teams. This solution offers the business leaders the assurance that their teams work effectively, collaborate on critical projects, and ensure their teams remain engaged and are not experiencing burnout.  

  • OurPact: The world’s leading parental control app is targeted at consumers

OurPact focuses demographically on parents with children ages five through fifteen. The aim is to deliver a tool that empowers parents to raise smart digital citizens so children effectively learn to navigate the ever-growing digital eco-system.  With the help of OurPact, parents can guide their children to healthy digital habits. The solution offers the parents to set up individual children’s profiles on their mobile phones, set digital schedules, block inappropriate apps and websites, and even receive screenshots of their digital activity. It also alerts the parents when new apps are downloaded. Furthermore, OurPact has a GPS locator and notifier that allows the parents to find the phones and also ensure that their children are where they should be, for instance- set a geo-fence around their school and receive a notification if they leave the premises before the set time. The most important component that drives OurPact is to provide the tools for parents to consistently have open communication about digital habits. OurPact is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. 

Today, Eturi continues to lead the MDM category in innovation and product development and helping the companies pave the way for the other companies. “While some companies worry about competition, we thrive on competition, teamwork, collaboration, and innovation,” says Amir. 


Leadership the backbone to Success


Amir’s leadership has been one of the key contributors to the success of the company. He believes that curiosity is the spark of every great idea and the fuel for leadership. Being curious has helped Amir to identify the projected trends and has allowed the company to stay abreast ahead of the competition. Eturi’s strong, innovative and trained team helps the company to stay at the forefront of the innovation. Amir has managed to build a team of passionate individuals whom he can trust with solving everyday problems with technology. He promotes an open culture at Eturi where every member communicates with clarity and listens with intent. 

The key element that drives the Eturi business is ensuring that they have a strong work culture and populated the company with the right talent. Amir has surrounded himself with a talented staff and regularly invests in their training. The team members are empowered to drive the vision, strategy, and products they develop. They are benefitted from the opportunity to innovate and, importantly, recognition of their achievements. “People are the most valuable asset any company will have. Bringing in the people with the right skills and mindset sets you up for success, but you must empower them beyond that. That means you help them develop and expand their skills and knowledge and encourage them to use their talents,” explains Amir.  


Leveraging Technology to Benefit


In the wake of the pandemic, Amir prioritized the safety of the team and quickly pivoted to work from home. He soon realized that it was challenging to lead effectively from a decentralized operation. Amir adds, “I've always valued the corner office vantage point – being able to tune into the hum and buzz of my team collaborating. Who is meeting with who? Is my product manager getting enough minutes with appropriate stakeholders in advance of an upcoming release?” 

Though remote working was a challenge for several leaders, Amir leveraged technology to his benefit. Eturi shares years of experience in remote monitoring software and the company is equipped with the best team to develop a convenient easy-to-use app. This app-enabled Amir to access the key insights from his device and subsequently use them to make decisions and drive business effectively. Also, the product is available for other business leaders who are looking to gain an understanding of their distributed teams. 


Exploring New Opportunities 


Amir is proficient in leveraging technology to tackle the challenges he encounters. With remote working taking over the business landscape, Amir and his team engaged in extensive R&D into practical business applications. However, the new work environment demanded new requirements. He further explains, “An executive can no longer walk around an open-concept office space to get a feel for the pulse of their organization – who is talking to who, general productivity, and so on. We’re looking at ways to replicate this perspective within a remote organization.

Technology, in particular mobile, is the most innovative and exciting field with changes that occur at lightning speed. These advancements are a fruitful opportunity for endless creativity, innovation, and a dynamic environment that can fuel someone’s entrepreneurial spirit. Staying abreast of the changes, Eturi has outlined an aggressive growth plan for the newest app Motiv. The team is working on adding new features vertically and horizontally working in lock-step with the needs of the users, offering frequent releases to meet and exceed their needs. Moreover, the flagship product OurPact will also be upgraded with innovative features. Amir concludes, “And of course, I am always keeping an eye out for the next new opportunity to use technology to make people’s lives better!

Optimistic Perspective: “Failures are definitely part of the entrepreneurial journey and while they are frustrating, they offer up a great opportunity to learn. One of the earliest lessons I learned was not to rush a product to market.”

Quote: The Chinese have a symbol, Wei-chi, meaning ‘opportunity in crisis.’ I've always been wired to think about how technology can tackle problems and inefficiencies. I look at every 'crisis' or challenge with an eye to how I can help solve that with technology.”


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