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XSOLCORP: Redefining Technological Services in the Life Insurance Industry

Garry Fenton
The Executive Headlines

Driving Innovation, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction!

In a contemporary and fast-paced world, enterprises must capitalize on cutting-edge technologies to maintain a competitive edge. For life insurance companies, this necessitates discovering means to simplify operations, diminish expenses, and furnish an exceptional customer experience.

XSOLCORP, a boutique consulting firm that commenced operations in 2013, specializes in providing technological services to life insurance companies. With a fixation on curtailing operational and administrative costs, augmenting time to market, and heightening customer experience, it has become a dependable partner for numerous prominent life insurance companies in the industry.

Under the visionary leadership of CEO Garry Fenton, it has become synonymous with innovation, efficiency, and a steadfast commitment to exceeding client expectations.

The distinguishing characteristic of XSOLCORP lies in its steadfast commitment to providing hands-on service delivery. The organization's staff consists of highly skilled individuals who are responsible for developing state-of-the-art applications and providing value-added support services that propel the success of its clients. Whether it's app development, data conversions, platform migrations, or functional and technical improvements, the XSOLCORP team possesses the firsthand knowledge and expertise necessary to revolutionize business processes and fully unleash the potential of their clients' investments.

With a focus on operational cost savings, enhanced functionality, and seamless integration with clients' sales forces and end users, it has consistently pioneered powerful solutions that drive tangible results. By leveraging its deep industry knowledge and technical prowess, the company has forged a reputation for extending and maximizing the value of its clients' investments.

The unparalleled success of XSOLCORP resides in the exceptional team it boasts, whose steadfast dedication to troubleshooting and catering to its clients' distinctive commercial demands is unrivaled. Their unrelenting drive and ardor for excellence catalyze their undertaking to surpass expectations and foster lasting, mutually beneficial associations. The XSOLCORP team remains poised to dive headfirst into any obstacle, dispensing revolutionary remedies that steer revolutionary change across the life insurance domain.

Presently, XSOLCORP harbors vast satisfaction in its robust and agile workforce, which persistently establishes innovative standards in the industry. Their accumulated proficiency and resolute perseverance empower them to propel ingenuity, effectiveness, and customer gratification at every juncture. Clients can confidently explore the intricate realm of technological services, assured that XSOLCORP is wholeheartedly dedicated to their triumph.

Let us embark on a more profound exploration of their expedition!


Remarkable Milestones and Achievements

XSOLCORP was founded in 2013 with the objective of exhibiting leadership and adding value to its customers with every interaction. The company handpicked the most qualified experts in the industry who successfully designed, developed and implemented an insurance application suite for its clients. Over the past four years, the company has grown its active customer base from seven to thirty, expanding its reach globally. In the last three years, XSOLCORP has doubled its team of technical and business experts, delivering over 30 projects related to modernization, upgrades, new products, performance optimizations, and support. The company has established formal relationships with third-party vendors, including Micro Focus, creating seamless interactions for its customer base. XSOLCORP recently completed the first conversion of INGENIUM to a.Net and SQL Server platform, aligning with the client's technology roadmap and reducing operational expenses. The company's message to clients is simple - they modernize, extend, and future-proof their investment. XSOLCORP is the leader in providing support to Life Insurance companies running Solcorp/EDS/HP/DXC INGENIUM, CAPSIL, PathFinder, and ProductXpress.


Most Remarkable Moments

The founding of XSOLCORP was a culmination of the experiences of its employees, who had worked at CAPSCO, SOLCORP, EDS, and HPE. They came to the realization that the rigid internal procedures of large corporations often hindered their ability to provide exceptional service to customers. They resolved to establish XSOLCORP with the aim of embedding core principles that would foster mutually beneficial, enduring relationships with clients.


Creating a Legacy

The primary objective of XSOLCORP is to maintain its position as a leading provider of subject-matter experts for the modernization and support of life insurance systems. This is aimed at helping clients enhance their operational efficiencies and reduce their time to market, thus saving them time and money. The company is currently focused on building for the future by implementing a comprehensive recruitment and training program. This program is designed to identify and develop the next generation of life insurance experts who will be available to serve clients in the future. Additionally, the program is designed to assist clients in training their newest team members while enabling them to establish centers of excellence and plan for succession. Its expansion strategy is focused on supporting existing and new clients' requirements for modernization and providing them with the ability to leverage current trends and technologies to improve their business models and meet their strategic objectives.


Role Model

XSOLCORP is driven by a core principle that was instilled by its founder, Steve McKeown. Known for his passion for solving problems and delivering more value to clients, McKeown's approach involved cutting through red tape to build his business. And even today, XSOLCORP continues to pursue this same philosophy.