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XAG Group: Offering Hands-on Knowledge for Modern Renters’ Requirements

XAG Group
The Executive Headlines

Real estate is changing at an incredible rate in the environment that we live in. Many market participants are currently being forced by digitization and technology to fast adapt and keep up with the trends. For real estate investors to succeed, it is highly recommended that they work with a qualified real estate developer. For an established organization to become very profitable, real estate developers frequently rebuild, upgrade, and develop new project ideas.

Although there are many businesses offering top-notch real estate development services globally, XAG Group distinguishes itself apart from the competition. The company’s strategy has always been built on creating value for investors by building in upcoming neighborhoods and providing service-oriented retail centers. Established in 2015, XAG Group is a privately held, full-service business with extensive knowledge in retail leasing, tenant representation, land brokerage, commercial development, and property management. As a full-service supplier, the company combines unmatched knowledge, zeal, and vision to deliver lasting value to our clients. 


Guided by a Visionary Entrepreneur


At the helm, Nathaliah Naipaul leads the company as the Chief Executive Officer and guides the entire team with her leadership vision. Besides her role as the CEO, she is also a founding partner at XAG Group where she currently manages a portfolio above $100M assets under management. Nathaliah started working in the development sector at age 21. Currently, she has mastered the art of juggling a fruitful job with a loving family. She played a key role in developing the real estate development arm of her family's business, winning national and international clients like Ashley Furniture, Starbucks, and Courts. 

Nathaliah carried on as a family advisor after relocating to Texas, virtually running two fitness locations in Trinidad, running her UPS franchise in Houston, and caring for her small children. She became a licensed real estate agent and Certified Commercial Investment Member because of her love of real estate and dedication to the pleasure of her clients (CCIM). Nathaliah's goals in doing this were to formally learn every facet of the industry, to expand on the knowledge she had already learned in her own country, and to give her clients a fresh experience. When she became aware of the difficulties experienced by women in the commercial real estate market, this served as motivation. It also shaped her idea of how to give her clients an educated, engaged, and personalized experience and how that would set her apart from the competition.

Today, Nathaliah leads the XAG Group, one of Houston's top development and private equity businesses, as CEO and partner. She uses her vast professional expertise to uphold the company's objective to create value and sustainability for its clients while maintaining humility and integrity as a key member of the team. This value system is particularly clear in XAG Properties, the company's newest segment.


Exclusive and Distinct Innovations


XAG Group is a four-division firm that does development, brokerage as XAG Properties, property management as XAG Management and Investments as XAG Capital. At XAG Group, the team keeps an eye on every stage of the construction process and uses its practical understanding of what today's renter wants. 

The company’s innovations are distinctive, and current, and promote market innovation. It approaches every opportunity from the standpoint of an investor and an owner and also conducts a thorough market study of risks and rewards in order to meet or surpass the expectations of communities. To ensure effectiveness, value generation, and synchrony across a project's entire life cycle, the team of professionals at XAG Group is totally committed.


Leveraging Profound Experience for Proliferations


Throughout her career, Nathaliah has employed her extensive experience to create systems centered around upholding the company’s fundamental mission of creating value and sustainability for its clients with humility and integrity. She encourages bold thinking and works tirelessly to create opportunities for others to live their dreams as she has. Her time is equally spent overseeing growth opportunities as well as mentoring her fast-growing staff headcount as well as the upcoming future generation of students at the University of Houston. While her multifaceted career has earned her numerous awards and published articles, she is a humble leader with a simple philosophy, “I never work a day in my life, because I love what I do.”

During her tenure as a leader, Nathaliah has garnered several lessons on the aspects of leadership. In her opinion, the most important thing she has learned from her time in the industry is the importance of teamwork. “Our vision, achievements and growth are enabled by a supportive, hard-working close-knit team,” she believes. Investing time and energy into continuously developing and supporting her team has helped her ensure a solid foundation to leverage the company’s future ambitions. 

Speaking of the downfalls of the industry, Nathaliah adds that the minority representation of women in the industry and misconceptions about their level of knowledge are some of the greatest pitfalls she has come across. With that being said, one of her goals within XAG Group has been to change that perception while empowering and promoting women and minorities—all while leading by example. The last aspect highlighted by her is Risk management. Nathaliah approaches the company’s projects by initiating competent and extensive research, in order to ensure that she understands the risks she can encounter and what she can further do to minimize or mitigate them. 


“We are dedicated to careful asset selection and management in order to deliver value to our clients.”


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