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20 Fastest Growing Companies to work in 2021

WinnowPro: Making Vision’s Possibilities Through Digital FootPrints

The Executive Headlines

WinnowPro has been recognized as one of the 20 Fastest Growing Companies to Work in 2021 by The Executive Headlines


It’s a well-known fact that the rapid development of digital marketing over the last decade has led to a transformed competitive space for automotive dealerships. There have been two specific shifts that have affected auto marketing the most. The first being growing online searches by consumers looking for the best deals. Consumers are entering the buyer’s journey much more informed now by conducting their own extensive online research before ever stepping foot into a dealership. Statistics show that car buyers consider up to eight other brands before making a decision, not to mention the countless reviews available to them online. This trend has forced even the reluctant auto brands to dedicate resources, be it time or money, to maintaining a reputable presence online.

The second shift has been a move to proactive selling within the industry. Evidence of this has been much more prevalent in the last five years as brands like Carvana have taken off. What brands mean by proactive selling is finding new channels to attract consumers who have grown tired of traditional methods of car buying. The success of these new marketing tactics has highlighted consumer desire for a re-architected buyer’s journey in the face of an industry that is historically passive with marketing innovation. Continuing the pattern of success, WinnowPro strives to deliver the best in order to cater to the best, which leads to desired milestones. Let’s read out the whole story below and understand in depth what WinnowPro is aiming for, and how it is going to hanker more outcomes.


An Avid Leader


Erdal Guner, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), has a background of working in a wide-range of industries - including Defense, Retail, Education, and Government - where he gained a thorough understanding of data from all-levels. Over the last few decades, he delivered many successful projects using leading-edge technologies. His most recent data science AI-based project predicted risk factors of individuals in membership-based businesses while simultaneously increasing sales and the use of marketing automation. At WinnowPro, Erdal leads the engineering team in the development of innovative technology solutions, including their newest AI-powered Competitive Intelligence Tool.

Joining a Team of Global Experts

The inspiration to become a part of WinnowPro was the use of AI and technology in an area so human: marketing,” Guner said. For Guner joining WinnowPro became an opportunity that led him to even greater heights and accomplishments. He faced new challenges and tasks that continuously pushed him and his team. “WinnowPro tries to solve problems for the digital era, especially for those companies that need greater digital visibility. We do that,” Guner said.

The most important key to success is working with the best people in their respective fields. Guner’s colleagues from different fields pushed themselves hard to see the issues from every angle to ultimately create high performing products for the clients. “Working in such an inspiring environment creates boundless success for every individual and encourages employees to be together as one WinnowPro team,” he said.

Delivering Excellence with a Collection of Proven Offerings

WinnowPro offers digital sales and marketing solutions to B2C businesses in the United States, focusing in particular on expanding their Digitally Essential collection for auto dealerships. Their Digitally Essential solutions are multi-functional products and services that apply to data-driven decision making throughout the Buyer’s Journey on behalf of clients. The core differentiator for WinnowPro is most visible in the pursuit for innovation during product development. WinnowPro has a personalized approach to solving clients’ digital pain points with technology.

Fortunately, WinnowPro is led by a collaborative team of experienced professionals from various backgrounds in business, marketing, and engineering. It is through the team’s diversified backgrounds that they are able to continuously ideate and develop new tools and solutions. WinnowPro has a loyal group of beta clients that receive exclusive access to new products and services that are built for their needs, and modified to scale. The most impactful solutions are then released to WinnowPro clients.

Tackling the Pandemic Whilst Providing Apt Solutions

WinnowPro, primarily focuses on solutions and services for independent auto dealerships throughout the United States. The automotive industry was greatly affected by Covid-19, creating bottlenecks in their supply chain that are still causing issues to this day. Coupled with rapid growing demand in 2021, the industry had to reevaluate their sales and marketing process. Customers were no longer willing to leave their homes to visit dealerships and were instead relying on online research to guide their purchase decisions. Fortunately, WinnowPro was able to integrate various digital solutions to help mitigate the pandemic’s effects and optimize new online trends for its clients.

One of the recent products that was developed as a direct result of Covid-19 was the lead-qualifying chatbot, Showroom. WinnowPro learned that dealers were having issues with managing leads coming from their website and social channels., By the time they contacted the leads, they were no longer interested or had already made a purchase at a different dealership. Showroom essentially eliminates that problem with its intelligent automated chatflow that qualifies leads in real-time 24 hours a day so that when leads make it to the dealership’s team, the sales representative already has all the information they need to close the deal, including vin-specific vehicle information.

Future Endeavors for the Company

WinnowPro’s team is on a mission to guide businesses to stronger profitability through the use of leading-edge technology and artificial intelligence solutions. They strongly believe that the future of digital marketing will rely on such technologies, and aim to be ahead of the curve in the services they have introduced for clients. As consumer interest evolves into more sophisticated demands, so will the marketing trends that power those journeys.

WinnowPro is expanding quickly, both within the company and in the market. The company looks forward to bringing on more industry-leading experts to their team in the upcoming year, with the intention of expanding their offering and ability to effectively support clients in reaching their goals. This will include clients in the automotive industry, as well as clients within the healthcare, real estate, and similar industries.

Ensuring Streamlined Methodologies

WinnowPro offers a data-centric collection of products and services to aid clients in optimizing their digital sales and marketing strategies from creation to execution. Amongst them includes the most well-known product, the Competitive Intelligence Tool, which has been featured and recognized by several industry publications since its launch earlier this year. Referred to as the “CIT,” the tool generates personalized reports for auto dealerships that compares their organic and paid performance online to that of their top local competitors. The report runs a real-time analysis in 60 seconds or less on search engine visibility opportunities and website traffic engagement based on recommended keyword strategies, that is then used to create customized and data-driven strategies for those clients.

Additionally, the team of experts is currently finalizing the development of a new product that will simplify lead qualifying and website conversions for clients, called Showroom, which was previously mentioned. WinnowPro doesn't want to reveal too much yet, but there is a second phase of development underway that will enhance the intelligent chat features to create more efficiency for clients, in respect to time, money, and quality. These features will be available as early as Q1 2022 and the WinnowPro team will continue to expand product features based on developing technology and customer feedback.

Revolutionizing the Digital Marketing Space

WinnowPro believes that effective utilization of data is the key to the future success of businesses. The majority of business decisions today are based on partially available data, which is why so many companies still struggle to create the full picture that comprehensive data provides. WinnowPro works to fill that gap for clients. They are dedicated to creating industry-leading data collection and analysis tools that are designed to promote optimal profitability for a business. With an impressive team of highly-experienced engineers and business experts, they work with clients to provide them actionable insights that they can understand and utilize. WinnowPro leaves no stone unturned in the details of the analytics. Along with that, they set a high standard for data integrity at WinnowPro. By collecting only the highest-quality data available in the market, they aim to deliver intelligent insights with confidence. By doing so, WinnowPro improves clients success rate and looks forward to raising the standard of data-driven marketing solutions in the industry.



Quote for Design

‘Inspire and get inspired’ always surround yourself with the best, don’t do it alone, hence teamwork makes the dreamwork.


(More information on WinnowPro’s data integrity practices can be found at Data Integrity Series on the WinnowPro blog.)