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Virtana Corp: Accelerating Digital Transformation via AI-powered Multi-Cloud

Virtana Corp
The Executive Headlines

Virtana Corp is accelerating a digital transformation to drive human progress with a radically simple multi-cloud management platform that reduces cloud cost by 25% or more by enabling cloud arbitrage.


Established in 2008, Virtana provides an AI-powered multi-cloud management platform to simplify hybrid cloud complexity, de-risk cloud migrations and reduce costs by 25% or more to accelerate digital transformation. The company was founded with a mission of delivering the highest quality infrastructure performance monitoring and high-definition precision data analytics to its customers. Today, after years of continued innovation, more than 150+ global 2000 enterprise customers rely on our multi-cloud software to enable them to run the right workload, on the right cloud, at the best performance, capacity and cost available.


Since its establishment, over 150 Global 2000 enterprise customers such as AstraZeneca, Dell, Apple, Geico, Costco, Nasdaq, and Boeing, have long valued Virtana's software solutions. The company is based on a ‘know before you go’ approach and stands out as the industry’s only unified observability platform delivering cloud-agnostic migration, optimization, and monitoring of application workloads in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


Virtana’s vision is to provide a simple integrated software platform that leverages high-definition precision data insights to manage, monitor, and secure any workload on any cloud for hybrid IT customers. Its purpose is to simplify enterprise cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation to drive human progress. Although it sounds lofty, it is, however, something the company has been doing for years.


The Virtana Platform


The Virtana Platform collects deep high-definition data and then applies AIOps technologies, including machine learning and advanced data analytics, to give our customers data-driven precision observability. It combines cloud monitoring with built-in tools that leverage machine learning algorithms and other artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to optimize capacity planning. In the case of container environments, the Virtana Platform makes use of open-source Prometheus monitoring software to collect metrics. The platform then analyzes those metrics to surface right-sizing recommendations for containers running on Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Microsoft’s Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) services.


Driven by Values


Virtana is driven by its five core cultural behaviors. The company’s behaviors are expressed as actions and provide a roadmap for how to get from here to there. It is how Virtana works, treats customers, and treats each other. Its core behaviors provide a way for everyone to know what to prioritize and how to make decisions, even in the absence of specific instructions. These behaviors create an exciting workplace and, more importantly, a sustained competitive advantage.


Moreover, Virtana’s unwavering commitment to its customers’ success has fueled its growth and drives the development of our award-winning suite of AI-powered on-premises and multi-cloud infrastructure management software and SaaS offerings. In 2020, the company announced Virtana Platform, the industry’s first unified multi-cloud management platform to simplify the optimization, migration, and monitoring of application workloads across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. In addition to these, the company has been awarded multiple awards and recognition. These are namely Best Company for Women by Comparably, Best Company Culture by Comparably, and many more. In fact, Virtana was also recognized as one of the ‘100 Coolest Cloud Companies’ by CRN.


Pioneering Transformation with Culture and Ideologies


Virtana is well-positioned to help companies accelerate their digital transformation and drive human progress. The company is on track for three quarters in a row of growth – with new executive leadership, an active strategy to expand in the cloud market as well as its new SaaS Platform having earned a flurry of recent industry recognitions. However, it is just getting started; the best days for the company are still ahead.


As a Virtana team member, individuals can work anywhere with strong internet. Whether they are a parent, or caregiver, or just need additional flexibility, a remote-first culture provides the freedom to contribute when and where they do their best work.


But there is more to a remote culture than the daily flexibility it provides by not needing to be in an office; it makes Virtana more inclusive and efficient in everything it does. Earlier this year, Virtana raised $73 million to accelerate its growth and position in the hybrid cloud management market. With team members located across the world, the company invites diverse perspectives and collaborates asynchronously. It measures what matters, which is a big part of the company’s culture and focuses on objectives and measures key results (OKRs) versus what time an individual works, where they work, and how long they work. Every day at Virtana, the company is seeking and figuring out ways to make remote-first easier and more successful for its team, simultaneously while learning. 


At the Forefront:


As the Chief Marketing Officer for Virtana, Christina Richards brings 25 years of marketing, engineering, and revenue-acceleration experience to Virtana to help fuel its next phase of growth. Christina owns the overall marketing strategy for Virtana including corporate marketing, brand strategy, product marketing, and demand generation.


Prior to joining Virtana, she served in Marketing and Business Development leadership roles at Silicon Valley startups like Aeris and AOptix, as well as large global firm Nortel Networks. Christina earned her B.S. Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, and her MBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.


“Virtana is the brain of your on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid cloud deployments.”


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