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U.S. Oral Surgery Management Drives Clinical and Financial Excellence for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

U.S. Oral Surgery Management
The Executive Headlines

U.S. Oral Surgery Management (USOSM) offers oral and maxillofacial surgeons a unique opportunity to grow their practices through partnership and collaboration.


Headquartered in Irving, Texas, USOSM was founded to help oral and maxillofacial surgeons survive and thrive in the changing healthcare landscape. As a shared--services organization, USOSM offers scalable solutions that streamline operations and enable surgeons to focus on patient care, while also providing surgeons with an equity stake in the network, rapid expansion opportunities through direct-to-consumer marketing, and greater operational efficiencies to increase patient volume and care. The company’s proven partnership model creates a platform for aligning clinical practices to support exceptional patient outcomes, and it has a network of more than 156 partner surgeons across 21 states, all focused on shared financial success.


People, Paradigm, Partnerships and Performance


USOSM envisions being the oral surgery management company that is most admired for its people, paradigm, partnerships and performance. The everyday extension of this vision paves way for the company’s mission: “to partner with premier oral and maxillofacial surgeons to help them enhance their clinical missions and their successes–both today and tomorrow.” Through its sustainable partnership model, USOSM helps fuel innovation, clinical excellence, and steadier, more profitable growth for all. This is accomplished by reinvesting resources and providing shared, clinical best practices, as well as operational, marketing and administrative support services.


Speaking of its approach, the U.S. Oral Surgery Management approach is entirely patient-focused and surgeon oriented. By only working with the best in business, the company ensures its entire network achieves the same reputation and legacy of excellence.


Vast Network Offering Exclusive Growth Opportunities


With an increase in competition, business operations are becoming more complex, making it harder for practices to survive, thrive or even predict their future outcomes. Being a part of USOSM’s network provides partners with the scalability and security required to outpace market uncertainty while offering exclusive growth opportunities. Additionally, the company enables oral surgeons to invest more time in patient care and participate as an owner in its shared-services organization. As other dental specialties add overlapping services, driving increased competition, becoming a part of U.S. Oral Surgery Management provides a competitive advantage to its partners.


Partners of USOSM have an ownership stake in the largest and fastest-growing, oral and maxillofacial surgeon network across the country. Additionally, the company has experienced, proven administrative leadership and support and provides its partners with best-in-class marketing solutions to support growth and expansion. USOSM also offers scalable solutions that streamline operations, thus allowing its partners to focus on patient care.


Partnering with U.S. Oral Surgery Management means becoming an equity owner in the company. USOSM’s private-equity-backed ownership model allows its partners to maintain an ownership stake in the company and benefit not only from their own practice growth but also from the growth of other surgeons in its network. In fact, one of the major deciding factors for new partners is that USOSM is a proven partner with an established operational platform.


Competitive Advantage in a Competitive Landscape


In the present times, although oral surgery might be one of the most profitable dental specialties, surgeons are facing new challenges from other specialties as they expand into overlapping services. In such scenarios, USOSM helps its partners regain revenue and improve efficiencies to enable them to compete in this rapidly changing and highly competitive market. Its partners focus on their expertise—treating patients. Moreover, the USOSM team caters to the business side, from marketing strategy and execution, to day-to-day billing, to office management and everything in between.


Additionally, USOSM undertakes various measures to create a sustainable partnership model for all stakeholders alike. This is mainly done via communication and partner involvement across all departments. In addition, USOSM has a proven platform, fueled by top-notch healthcare leaders, working across all areas of employee and consumer engagement.


Envisioning Consistent Success


Being at the focal point of the oral surgery industry, U.S Oral Surgery Management undertakes several measures for ensuring patient outcomes as well as clinical excellence. The company’s model enables its partners to spend more time with their patients, which helps them further increase patient satisfaction and outcomes. All partners of USOSM consistently achieve an NPS from patients of 80 or above—a score that is considered world-class.


To date, U.S. Oral Surgery Management has successfully created and employed a sustainable partnership model, fueling innovation, clinical excellence and steadier, more profitable growth for all. In the future, it is planning on continuing its growth and success by expanding its network of world-class oral surgery practices across the country.


At the Forefront:


At the helm, Richard J. Hall spearheads as the President and Chief Executive Officer. With more than 35 years of knowledge and executive experience in Fortune 500 and private healthcare services companies, Richard provides visionary leadership and strong strategic execution. He joined USOSM in February 2018 and has shepherded the company through its early growth.

Previously, he served as president and CEO of Oncology Services International, the world’s largest independent service organization specializing in radiation therapy equipment. He also guided the company through a significant transformation and successful sale to a prominent, private equity firm.


Richard has held a number of additional leadership positions. He served as president of Alliance Oncology and senior vice president of business development, marketing and physician recruitment for US Oncology. Prior to that, he served as COO of PatientKeeper, president of the acute care division at McKesson Corporation and owner/chairman of BrightStar Care. He began his career with American Hospital Supply, a company well respected for developing healthcare services leaders.


During his tenure as CEO of USOSM, he has formed a strong leadership team and ensures that all team members are constantly working toward common goals as well as adhering to and staying focused on the company’s mission. Additionally, he also oversees the strategic direction of the organization and makes sure that the team focuses on the key drivers of success. Richard is continuously working to keep the lines of communication open and transparent with all key stakeholders.


“As a U.S. Oral Surgery Management partner, your clinical practice always remains yours. You stay focused on delivering the best care to your patients and their families, while we handle the rest.”


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