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Trade Service Corporation: Offering Efficient Solutions for Antifouling and Heat-Resistance

Trade Service Corporation
The Executive Headlines

Headquartered in Osaka-City, Japan, Trade Service Corporation was initially founded in Feb 1987 as an exporter of electric goods and miscellaneous goods. Currently, the company has evolved to conduct research with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on an antifouling coating agent for aircraft.


The company was initially founded as Trade Service Corporation in Suita-city Osaka-pre. From 1989-90, the company undertook the development of the heat-resistant coating agent with a Research Scholar at the Institute of Aerospace Science /Tokyo University. In 1994, it obtained a patent for ‘Method to Process Covering the Heat-resistant/ Oxidation-resistant Coated (Cosmo Coat) Layer Material”. Later in 1995, the company purchased its headquarters building at Yodogawa-ku Osaka city and moved into its current location.


In 1999, Trade Service Corp received the application for the “Osaka-pre. Small-and-medium-sized New Industry Creation Law” and the “Osaka-pre. Small-and-medium-sized Management Innovation Support Law”. Fast forward to 2021, the company was awarded by SANWA Research & Consulting/Emerging Company Collegium with the prestigious ‘Market Niche Prize’ award. Currently, Trade Service Corp is spearheading its vision and making a staggering mark within the industry.


Comprehensive Offerings and Solutions


Trade Service Corp endorses two main products, namely- AD Tech Coat and the COSMO COAT. Firstly, the AD Tech Coat is purposely antifouling and easy to clean. Basically, it is self-cleaning by rainfall. For professional to home and domestic use, the product works as a one-liquid easy coating. It can be simply coated and wiped off, easy to take off the dirt just by wiping it with water. It works for both organic as well as inorganic surfaces. Moreover, it is anti-dirt, contributes to the reduction of environmental load, saves resources, offers the provision of CSR, and many more.


Secondly, the COSMO COAT is a Heat-resistance coating agent under a high-temperature atmosphere. The product is primarily used at industrial furnaces, power plants, garbage incinerators and biomass power plants, and many more for preventing metal boiler tubes from oxidation corrosion.


A Distinct Choice for Consumers


Out of all the offerings and products offered by Trade Service Corp, its most popular product is the AD Tech coat. The coat is used for solar panel cover glass to provide prevention from antifouling and self-cleaning function to keep power generation efficient. The AD Tech coat is 100 percent prepared from inorganic materials. These include solvent which is used in water. As a result, it further prevents UV deterioration, color changes, and fading. In fact, Trade Service Corp stands out as the only company to have featured such exceptional coating agents in the industry. Moreover, the coating is protected by a patent.


In addition to that, Trade Service Corp’s COSMO COAT is a unique product that can stand very high temperatures while protecting cheap price metal from high-temperature oxidation. As a result, it may be possible to make cost-down as well as cut maintenance of plants. The company’s product is also one of its original innovations which are also protected by a patent.


Empowered by Targetted Mission and Vision


Speaking of its mission, Trade Service Corp’s first and foremost mission is for AD Tech Coat, whose antifouling effect is getting wide and massive recognition from the general public. The company’s COSMO COAT strives to be recognized as an alternative to thermal spray technology and is currently in use.


Secondly, the prime vision of the company regarding the AD tech Coat is to be applied to inorganic substrates such as metal, glass, and ceramics. It also envisions applying the product to organic substrates such as paint surfaces, resin surfaces artificial leather, and many more, to turn ordinary substrates into high-value-added products. Regarding the COSMO COAT, Trade Services Corp intends to use the product as an EBC (environment barrier coat) for gas turbine blades subjected to extremely high temperatures. Moreover, this may be used to improve the high efficiency of power generation.


Sustainable and Carbon-Free Future


Currently, technology is at the helm of innovation and development. With that being told, Trade Service Corp is consistently working towards building a sustainable and carbon-free future through the use of technology. The company’s main products are a staggering example of this. Firstly, its AD Tech Coat makes an antistatic effect which further makes it difficult to get dirt. Even if it becomes dirty, it can be washed with water or a very small amount of detergent. Alternatively, it can be cleaned by the self-cleaning effect of rainfall as well. As a result, the antifouling effect creates a significant reduction in the use of detergents. With the product, a wide range of construction is possible with a small amount which will greatly reduce indirect carbon related to product transportation and production. In addition, the material itself is 100% aqueous and composed of inorganic materials, so there is almost no waste generation.


Secondly, the COSMO COAT is composed of 100% inorganic materials based on water solvents. In fact, it has also passed the RoSH and REACH regulations and hence, it reduces waste with its improved durability of coated objects.


Planning Global and Overseas Expansion


Owing to its range of effective and comprehensive offerings, Trade Service Corp successfully ensures optimum client satisfaction. To do this, it makes sure to make it possible to solve problems that were previously considered impossible. Additionally, customers also get to benefit from the high added value by providing unique products.


Since its establishment, Trade Service Corp has successfully catered to its evolving client requirements. In the future, the company aims to continue doing so and has already set certain milestones that need to be achieved in the upcoming years. For its AD Tech Coat, the company aims to target an overseas market and tie up with a company that is expanding into the global market. It plans to do so by aiming to tie up with solar panel manufacturers and housing manufacturers for the domestic market. Regarding the COSMO COAT, Trade Service Corp envisions increased results of application to boiler water tube of biomass power plants and waste incinerators, development of anti-clinker COSMO COAT for refractories, and its analysis mechanism.


At the Forefront:


At the helm, the team of Trade Services Corp is spearheaded by K.Kishimoto. Being the leader, Kishimoto undertakes various roles and responsibilities to cater to the day-to-day activities by wearing multiple hats. Moreover, he ensures maintaining intact motivation and productivity in the workspace through various effective strategies. In his opinion, being interested in everything, finding out what is not being understood, and finding new issues by going to the site and observing the construction of products results in motivation during work.


As the leader, Kishimoto also contributes to the company’s success, growth, and consistent development.


“We are convinced that we can maintain a good environment even a little by following certain rules while improving the standard of living.”


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