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Stradigi AI: Specializing in AI Insights for Business with Vast Pool of Data

Stradigi AI
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Stradigi specializes in AI insights for businesses behind every business decision there is a vast pool of data. Given that a plethora of data is produced and collected every day from internal systems and processes to external sources, the company uses machine learning to activate better insights, and realize true value from their data.


Stradigi was co-founded by Basil Bouraropoulos who currently leads from the forefront and ensures propelling the company to greater heights. In general, the company is an AI software company that helps enterprises launch artificial intelligence quickly and affordably. Kepler, the company’s enterprise AI software, empowers business users to make predictions and activate insights that improve product availability, enhance customer experiences, increase operational efficiency, and grow revenues. The Kepler AI business platform bridges the gap between AI technology and tangible business value. The Kepler platform provides faster time to value and is the path to usable, data-driven insights that businesses need to compete and grow for the future.


Abundant Features Offered


Speaking of the company’s most popular and in-demand offering, the Kepler has marked a strong impression within the market. Regarding its customer behavior modeling feature, the product uses demographic, behavioral and other relevant data to create powerful customer behavior models that dramatically improve retention, customer lifetime value, and ad spending through accurate customer predictions and deeper insights into customers. For business planning, the Kepler incorporate predictive insights and data-driven intelligence into your business planning. It uses AI to support planning across all functions of the business.Moreover, it accurately forecasts demand. Using the product, customers can improve demand forecasting and avoid inventory shortfalls, spoilage and excess inventory.

Additonally, the Kepler also offers interest rate prediction. It helps identify customers and leads who have the highest potential value to increase revenue and optimize sales, marketing and customer intervention programs. Lastly, it also offers marketing attribution. With the help of the Kepler, customers and clients can derive accurate insights into customer conversion probability at earlier stages, and adapt their strategies to correct inefficiencies.


Unlimited and Robust AI Attributes


Kepler is simple enough to be used by those with limited AI experience and robust enough to provide data scientists with pre-built workflows and APIs that increase their production, Kepler can automate and transform even the most complex AutoML workflows. The product offers the following features:



  • Step-by-step walkthrough for common AI use cases
  • High touch customer engagement model with AI roadmap planning
  • Guidance on how to build, run, and use AI models
  • See beyond the black box with easy to interpret evaluation tools


Moreover, users can see beyond the black box with easy to interpret evaluation tools due to the following reasons:


  • Visual indicator confirms when the model is ready for production. Contextual explanations on how to interpret model results and recommendations for the next action
  • Workflow-driven dashboards configured according to the machine learning task
  • Model performance metrics for data science validation
  • Interpretability reports show how data correlates with each prediction


Automated Data Science Workflows in Kepler


The AI and Machine Learning workflows within Kepler allow businesses to scale AI across a wide range of business use cases that cross all industries and functions, from forecasting demand and workforce planning to medical image analysis and anomaly detection.  The Kepler platform leverages a wide range of data types, allowing you to use more of the business’ data to generate insights, create forecasts, and make better decisions. Your instance of Kepler can be hosted on your choice of the following cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Supervised and unsupervised machine learning tasks including Segmentation, Classification, Tabular regression, Anomaly detection, & Time Series Forecasting. Each AI pipeline is custom-built and optimized based on your data and ML objective. Over 100 data transformation processes and algorithms and 5 AI technologies including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Time Series


Comprehensive Customer Reviews


Stradigi’s customers have several good and comprehensive feedback for the company. For instance, when the company is required to add more certainty to its demand predictions, getting a product from concept to shelf can take between 9 and 12 months. Often, if the right amount of inventory is not stocked, by the time an organization realizes the same, it is too late to fix the issue. Therefore, improving Stradigi’s demand forecasting was a top priority, and the company perceived the Kepler platform as a critical tool in building more accurate demand prediction models so that it can actively drive down shortfalls and excess inventories.


Another client of Stradigi remarked the following: “Our global search for partners that can help us to accelerate and maximize the delivery of predictive models using AI and ML led us straight to Stradigi AI and Kepler. The ease of use, the 60% acceleration of the time-to-market of our predictive models, combined with the technical expertise and efficiency of Stradigi's customer success team were the main reasons for that choice.” -Edu NevesCo-Founder and CEO, ReclameAQUI


At the Forefront:


Basil Bouraropoulos (CEO & Co-Founder) is an accomplished entrepreneur with a proven track record of driving growth for businesses. Prior to founding Stradigi AI, Basil, along with Curtis Gavura, led a software development company that worked with international clients across several industries.


Currently, Basil’s core focus is building AI that will have a positive impact on the human experience. He’s also an angel investor, mentor, and Limited Partner at Panache Ventures, and co-founder of financial technology firm Holt Accelerator. He prides himself on his entire team, his seasoned advisory board, and his family.


“Stradigi AI is a leading North American SaaS AI business platform provider that enables organizations to bring business-accelerating AI projects to fruition, quickly.”


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