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Softwire: Leading Innovator and Passionate Leader in Software Engineering and Digital Design

The Executive Headlines

Softwire is a leading digital software development consultancy that offers consultancy, bespoke software development and support. The company has grown into a multi-million-turnover business, trusted by well-known organizations across the public and private sectors to deliver their high-profile digital projects.


Genesis Inspired by Industry Leaders


In 2000, Softwire was founded by Pete Kenny, Phil Marsden and Dan Shavick. Their goal was to build a company that created software the right way in a super working environment with bright happy employees. In 2001, the company moved to Highgate Studios, London where it has been located for over 20 years. Softwire made its first appearance on ‘The Sunday Times' Top 100 Companies to work for in 2010, which is now known as Best Companies. Softwire has been on the list for 12 years running.

What started back in 2000, Software has currently grown to over 250 employees. The company has created the best possible environment to produce outstanding software and deliver unmatched customer satisfaction. It essentially hires the brightest people, gives them great autonomy, remunerates them well, and provides lots of opportunities for them to give back to their local and not-so-local communities. Softwire is growing quickly but chooses to do so organically, without taking on any debt. That all adds up to the best working environment around. By doing so, the company’s software and customer service have emerged as second to none. 


Ingenious Leader at the Core


At the helm, Phil Marsden spearheads the team of Softwire. In 2000, Phil co-founded Softwire with the vision of hiring only the very best people, giving them a great place to work, and in so doing providing unrivaled service to its customers. He graduated in Engineering from Jesus College Cambridge, and enjoys being around clever, interesting people and finding problems to solve.

When he’s not mining for cryptocurrency, Phil’s kept busy with his work with the charity Ashanti. Spearheaded by Phil, Softwire has sponsored developmental and educational programs in several villages in Ghana. His tireless work was honored in 2016 when he was made the chief of the village of Bonkron.

An avid cyclist, Phil completed the UK “King of the Downs” and a 200km mountain stage of the Tour de France. When his legs ran out of pedal power he decided to take his Private Pilot’s license and flew all over America.


Working with Leading Brands


Softwire is an innovator and a passionate problem solver in both software engineering and digital design, working with some of the UK’s leading brands. With its in-depth technical skills and delivery expertise, the company ensures its client's project completes on time and within budget.

Individually and collectively, Softwire cares about doing a good job. The company sweats every detail but never forgets the big picture. It is always trying to improve what we do and how we do it. When it notices something could be better, it does something about it.

Softwire also functions around the following principles:

Sharing information and telling people how and why decisions are made. Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
Not bothering with lots of rules and processes that we don’t need. No politics, gossip or cliques: we’re all on the same team, even if we disagree sometimes.


People First Approach


Softwire is a tech business but it takes a people-first approach to everything it does. The company treats everyone with the respect, consideration, and empathy they deserve. Being kind costs nothing, but it means everything to the experience of its employees, clients, and partners

They say that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Softwire creates an environment where everyone is doing something they love and is genuinely excited to come to work every day. A big part of that is making sure the work itself is interesting and challenging. But it’s also about the little (and not so little) things that make being at work, a fun and enjoyable experience for all. It’s definitely one of the key reasons clients love working with the company.


Ensuring Optimum Client Satisfaction


As a leading digital engineering company with a growing number of clients, Softwire’s achievements showcase the areas it specializes in, and has proven expertise in delivering. Softwire is proud to be a Microsoft gold partner. The company is a part of Microsoft’s most highly accredited independent IT support providers. This gives Softwire the opportunity ‘early adopt’ the latest technologies.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner Application Integration demonstrates Softwire’s expertise in advanced integration and configuration tasks demonstrating to our customers its expertise in integrating applications and data to increase efficiency and drive strong business outcomes.

Cyber Essentials Plus is the highest level of certification offered under the Cyber Essentials Scheme. Softwire protects its clients’ businesses against cyber threats and helps prevent the vast majority of cyber-attacks. Even a simple virus or piece of malware could result in the loss of company and client data.


Leading Management Consultancies for 2022


Currently, Softwire has again been named among the UK’s leading management consultancies for 2022, in a report compiled by the Financial Times. The company is delighted to have been recognized by clients and industry peers for its IT implementation capabilities. Softwire achieved a bronze rating, recognized as a top digital transformation agency in a list traditionally dominated by the big global IT players.


“We are innovators and passionate problem solvers in both software engineering and digital design.”


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