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The Executive Headlines is a cutting-edge platform that offers women and stay-at-home moms an opportunity to work remotely and find short-term job opportunities. The company prides itself on providing a convenient and flexible work environment for individuals with professional skill sets, without compromising on quality. With the advent of the internet and technology, leverages virtual platforms to match highly skilled women with remote job opportunities, creating an ideal solution for busy stay-at-home mothers looking for work-life balance. Through this innovative platform, aims to empower women and help them achieve their professional goals while still taking care of their families.

Aspiring One Million Women Entrepreneur 

The mission of is to create one million women entrepreneurs who can establish their own businesses and achieve financial stability and security. The company recognizes that traditional work schedules are no longer viable, especially in a post-COVID world, and that women should have the ability to work using their professional skills during a timeframe that best suits their lives. believes that when women work, everyone wins. The local economy benefits when women are able to contribute financially and support local businesses. When women have discretionary income, they are able to support local restaurants, cafes, boutiques, child care, entertainment, athletics, music, film, spas, toy stores, pet care, and salons. Without women in the workforce, these businesses suffer.

By supporting, individuals and businesses are supporting women who want to work and contribute to their community. The company's mission is to create opportunities for women to utilize their skills, create their own schedules, and achieve financial security, all while contributing to the growth and development of their local economies.

About the Leader

Dawn Wellott is an accomplished leader with over two decades of experience in demand management, corporate training, and leadership. As the CEO of, Dawn brings her expertise in creating efficient and effective corporate workflows to the table. She is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach, demonstrating her commitment to unlocking the potential of individuals and empowering them to achieve their goals.

Apart from her professional achievements, Dawn is also a devoted mother of two exceptional children who support her in her endeavors. As an entrepreneur, she brings a unique perspective to the table and is passionate about creating opportunities for women and stay-at-home moms to find remote working gigs. With her wealth of experience and dedication, Dawn is a driving force behind's mission to empower women and help them achieve work-life balance.

Motivation Driving Inception 

Dawn's driving motivation for starting was her long-standing goal of empowering women to stay in the workforce, update their skills, and provide for themselves and their families. This passion was reinforced by the COVID-19 pandemic, which highlighted the need for women to care for their families while also contributing financially to make ends meet. The pandemic strengthened Dawn's resolve to provide a solution that helps women access the tools they need to create their best work-life balance.

Dawn's mission to empower women has been a common theme throughout her life, inspired by the strong and accomplished women who raised her. Her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother all instilled in her the belief that it's possible to raise a family and succeed professionally without sacrificing one for the other. Dawn's own career and personal choices have evolved in line with this mission, and is the culmination of her desire to help women achieve their professional goals while still taking care of their families.

Providing a Platform to Aspiring Women empowers stay-at-home moms and female freelancers by providing them with a platform to utilize their skills, create their own schedules, choose the amount of work they want to take on, and get paid fairly for the work they do. This allows them to work from home, creating a safe and comfortable environment for themselves and their families.

By providing employment opportunities for stay-at-home moms and female freelancers, benefits not only the workers but also the businesses and communities they serve. Business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs can now access a skilled and motivated workforce that is cost-effective due to lower overheads. This allows them to focus on their core business, while still getting high-quality work done.

Moreover, stay-at-home moms and female freelancers now have the income to spend in their local economies, which provides a win-win-win solution for everyone involved. It benefits the workers, the businesses they serve, and the communities they live in, creating a positive ripple effect that goes beyond just the individual employment opportunity. By empowering stay-at-home moms with employment opportunities, is not only creating a better work-life balance for them but also contributing to the growth and development of local economies.