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Shiftlab: Revolutionizing Workforce Management for Wireless Retailers

Devin Shrake
The Executive Headlines

How Shiftlab is Empowering Businesses and Maximizing Human Potential!


In the contemporary era of rapidity, enterprises necessitate proficient and efficacious mechanisms to administer their personnel. Workforce management software can assist organizations in rationalizing their operations, boosting productivity, and curtailing expenses.

Among the many software solutions available, Shiftlab stands out as a fast-growing company that prioritizes innovation, data, and user experience. With a mission to help businesses maximize their greatest asset, their people, Shiftlab is dedicated to providing top-notch workforce management solutions.

A fast-growing software company, has quickly become a leader in the industry, enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of their workforce. With a focus on wireless retail, Shiftlab has tailored its offerings to meet the unique needs of this sector, revolutionizing how schedules are built, labor is optimized, and employees are empowered.

Shiftlab owes its success to the unwavering vision and commitment of its Co-founder, Devin Shrake. Drawing on his vast experience in the retail industry, Devin possesses an intimate knowledge of the difficulties wireless retailers face when it comes to managing their workforce efficiently. After encountering the difficulties of juggling schedules across multiple locations and the inadequacies of current solutions, Devin was driven to develop comprehensive software for workforce management that could truly address these challenges. Hence, in 2019, Shiftlab was born.

Under Devin's leadership, Shiftlab has grown exponentially, attracting attention and accolades for its groundbreaking solutions. In 2021, Shiftlab joined the prestigious Chrysalis group of companies, solidifying its position as an industry leader and expanding its reach to a broader network of businesses. Today, Shiftlab powers over 5,000 wireless retail locations, with an impressive 25,000 wireless retail leaders and employees utilizing their innovative platform every day.

What sets Shiftlab apart from the competition is its unwavering commitment to innovation. The company understands that in a rapidly changing business landscape, staying ahead requires continuous improvement and staying attuned to customer needs. Shiftlab's team of brilliant engineers and developers is constantly pushing boundaries, exploring new technologies, and leveraging data to deliver cutting-edge features and functionalities.

Its success is largely attributed to its focus on users. The company prioritizes an effortless and logical user experience, which helps businesses efficiently manage their workforce. Shiftlab's platform offers wireless retail leaders the necessary tools to schedule employees strategically, ensuring the right staff is present at the right time and location. By automating and simplifying this process, Shiftlab allows businesses to devote more time to other important aspects of their operations.

In a world where workforce management is more critical than ever, Shiftlab stands at the forefront, transforming the way businesses operate and unlocking the true potential of their workforce. As wireless retailers and other industries embrace the power of Shiftlab's cutting-edge solutions, the possibilities for growth, efficiency, and employee satisfaction are limitless.


Let us delve deeper into the insights of Shiftlab!


The CEO and Wireless Retail Expert

In his capacity as CEO and Head of Product at Shiftlab, Devin works in close collaboration with wireless retailers, endeavoring to gain an intimate understanding of their requirements. He places a premium on being nimble and dexterous, capable of swiftly adapting to the shifting demands of the industry, to deliver top-notch products. Before establishing Shiftlab, Devin served as a retail sales operation executive at one of the premier Verizon retailers in the United States, where he honed his skills in workforce management, incentive compensation, sales, and operations.

In between promoting Shiftlab and conceptualizing upcoming innovative functions, Devin can be observed in the company of his spouse and offspring, indulging in erudite business literature, or engaging in aerobic activity on the pathway.


Revolutionizing Workforce Optimization

Shiftlab is a rapidly expanding enterprise solutions firm that prioritizes innovation, data analytics, and user experience. Their ultimate objective is to empower organizations to optimize their workforce, their most valuable asset. Their co-founder, Devin Shrake, has extensive experience in retail, having worked his way up the ranks at one of the largest Verizon retailers in the United States, eventually becoming their Vice President of Sales Operations.

Devin himself witnessed the difficulties of creating schedules across multiple locations and recognized that existing solutions failed to meet the specific requirements of wireless retailers. His passion for resolving this issue for wireless retailers led him to establish Shiftlab in 2019.

Presently a constituent of the Chrysalis cluster of enterprises, Shiftlab is a rapidly expanding venture management software enterprise, propelling in excess of 5,000 wireless retail establishments, with over 25,000 wireless retail administrators and staff utilizing the solution on a daily basis to formulate tactical schedules, enhance labor efficiency, and invigorate their labor pool.


Shiftlab's Performance-based Platform

Retailers and store managers can now revolutionize their workforce management with Shiftlab's innovative performance-based platform. This cutting-edge technology streamlines the scheduling process, automating it to ensure optimal efficiency. By utilizing Shiftlab, employers can easily place their top-performing employees in the most profitable shifts, ultimately increasing sales and reducing labor costs. This dynamic scheduling software easily integrates with a vast array of point-of-sale (POS) and human resources (HR) systems. Shiftlab's dynamic flexibility allows clients to configure the software to meet their unique needs, including employee work hours, lunch breaks, and budget allocations for different periods throughout the year. The platform forecasts data, providing retailers with the ability to create optimized schedules designed to meet the demands of busy seasons, such as holidays, and slower periods, like January. This enables businesses to smoothly transition from peak periods to slower months, maximizing opportunities to drive sales and reduce costs with a simple schedule change.

The platform employs a strategic approach for allocating breaks during periods of reduced activity. This is achieved by scheduling breaks during specific time windows that adhere to the state's regulations, thereby optimizing the optimal length of work shifts rather than enforcing an unbroken eight-hour shift on a daily basis.


Scheduling Automation

Generate optimized and compliant timetables effortlessly. Shiftlab's Schedule Automation guarantees that the schedule is optimized to amplify sales while taking into account the exigencies of employees, such as availability and time-off requests.

Through the fusion of point-of-sale and time-and-attendance data, Shiftlab schedules your representatives during opportune moments that optimize your return on investment.

  • Reduce schedule-related admin to minutes instead of hours.
  • Decrease downtime by 6%.


Performance-based Schedules

Place the right people on the right shift.


Shiftlab establishes a liaison with point-of-sale systems to pinpoint outstanding performers and assign them to high-priority shifts. Their algorithmic approach, centered on performance, enables the creation of schedules that are astutely designed to maximize labor expenditures and amplify sales.

  • Increase profitability per employee by 6%.
  • Increase guest satisfaction scores by 13%.


AI-driven Forecasting

Foresee labor requisitions precisely on an hourly basis. Shiftlab's artificial intelligence-powered prognostication mechanism utilizes past sales information, present patterns, and impacts of events to precisely prophesize the labor requisition for each venue down to the hour.


  • Achieve schedule accuracy of >98%.
  • Increase sales, average transaction value, and NPS scores through smarter scheduling.


Transforming Employee Scheduling

The initiation of client engagement at Shiftlab commences with an introductory meeting where its proficient team delves into the client's requisites, challenges, and objectives. They identify integration opportunities to connect the software to the client's pre-existing systems and present them with a comprehensive proposal. After the client's consent, Shiftlab's team initiates the process of assimilating scattered data from different systems into the software. They subsequently elucidate the diverse scheduling features that clients can access and commence configuring the settings. The software is then disseminated to district and store managers, who swiftly adopt it owing to its user friendliness and time-saving capacity.