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Sedona Soul Adventures: Transforming Lives with Best-in-class Retreats

Sedona Soul Adventures
The Executive Headlines

In today’s busy lifestyle, it is important for individuals to take time out for calming their mind and nourishing their soul. Spiritual retreats, in the recent past, have emerged to be a very effective break for individuals, free from their usual hectic schedules. Among the increasing number of spiritual retreats, companies like Sedona Soul Adventures are distinguishing themselves by providing the best-in-class experience.

The company was established in 2002 with an aim to create powerful, life-changing retreats by helping individuals and couples reconnect with their essential, spiritual nature. They believe that most of the challenges and difficulties people experience come not from their external circumstances but from their own misunderstanding of their true nature and why they are here.


The Intriguing Journey


Sedona Soul Adventures’ roots date back to 1999 when Debra Stangl (Founder and CEO of Sedona Soul Adventures) came to Sedona for the first time. At that time, she was going through a difficult phase in her life. She had just started her 20th year working as a divorce attorney, but she hated the job. Moreover, she was in an unhappy marriage, was 40 pounds overweight, and $50,000 in debt.

Debra had come to Sedona intending to spend 3 peaceful days, however, she did one session with an amazing practitioner and got the message that she had to leave her law practice. She came back home and miraculously her financial problem was solved within two weeks. Six months later, she left her law practice and spent the next three years traveling to Sedona and doing her own personal healing work with different practitioners.

Two weeks before 9/11, Debra was in Sedona again and received the guidance that she was supposed to move there, so she did. After six months, Debra started having dreams where she was shown that she could compress the same life changing transformation which had taken her three years into a 3-4 day experience for others and thus Sedona Soul Adventures was born.The joke at the office is that my Soul Adventure took three years, but everyone else does it in 3-4 days!” she adds.


Tailor-made Services


Debra works with a network of more than 50 Master Practitioners in Sedona who are well-versed in different modalities such as energy work, breath journeys, meditation, EMDR, yoga, Radiant Heart Healing, tapping, etc. There are various factors that make the company’s offerings unique. Unlike a group retreat or conference where the attendees hope that their particular issues will be addressed, each Sedona Soul Adventures retreat is completely custom-designed for each individual or couple for the transformations they need and desire.

Each retreat is comprised of sessions that are completely private, one-on-one, or two-on-one (for couples)—with the retreat having a beginning, a middle, and an end. The retreats are designed to be transformational, taking the clients from where they are to where they want to be. Debra believes the transformations happen as the result of a phenomenon which she has come to name “The Sedona Effect” (she also writes about this in her book).


“The Sedona Effect”


The Sedona Effect™ is a process of transformation that can be accessed by those who have a deep desire to bring this kind of conscious transformation to their lives. It is the result of an unusual confluence of three factors, namely,

  1. The transformational vortex energy of Sedona
  2. The amazing practitioners who have been called to Sedona from all over the planet to do their work
  3. The intense desire of those who do a retreat to effect a life-changing transformation

The Sedona energy is unparalleled and unique. When the energy blends with the amazing practitioners who are masters at connecting with and utilizing this energy, plus the intense desire of those seeking transformation, the result is real and lasting transformation.


Diverse Client Base


Sedona Soul Adventures works with people above the age of 17 from every walk of life—male, female, old, young, straight, gay, transgender, Christian, Jews, Muslims, atheists, Republicans, Democrats, a-political, corporate people, doctors, lawyers, accountants, office workers, laborers, truck drivers, ministers, nuns, mothers, fathers, single, married, divorced, about to be divorced, about to be married, etc.

The company also works with people who want to save their relationship, who want to add more zing and sizzle to their relationship, people who have just gotten out of rehab, people who want to find their life purpose and live it, people who want more happiness, peace, and connection in their lives.

Individuals leave Sedona Soul Adventures happy, content, and peaceful knowing their purpose and ready to live it. Couples leave with the past healed plus a new and deeper love and connection.


Awards and Accolades


For its outstanding work, Sedona Soul Adventures has been bestowed with several awards and accolades that include:

  • Best of Sedona for Retreats in 2020 and 2021 and 2022
  • 10 Best Marriage Retreats in the U.S. 2017-2022
  • 11 Best Couples Retreats in the World

The company has also been featured in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Today Show, Yoga Journal and Forbes and was named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the US in 2019. 


Navigating the Challenges


Over the past few years, Sedona Soul Adventures has significantly expanded its ability to do virtual retreats. When the pandemic hit, the company went to zero overnight. However, it managed to come back strong as it was doing virtual retreats within two weeks. Debra mentions that the results of virtual retreats are astounding. “Energy is energy, and what we are doing is moving out of the old energy and bringing in the new energy,” she adds.

As the practitioners are masters at utilizing the energy and bringing it to people they are working with, it does not matter if the clients are at their healing space in Sedona or their living room, they will feel it and be transformed by it.

The team of Sedona Soul Adventures is working towards a common goal, “Transforming lives, one soul at a time.” Debra credits the company’s success during the pandemic to the amazing team. “Our team has really risen to the occasion during the past few years, being able to seamlessly switch to doing both retreats in Sedona and Virtual Retreats. My only message to them is one of deep gratitude and appreciation.


Future Plans


Besides her professional prowess, Debra has also written a book—The Journey To Happy- How Embracing The Concept That Nothing Is Wrong Can Transform Your Life.  The book was an international bestseller when it came out in 2016. In the coming year, Debra is planning to launch a new edition and audio version of her book.




“At Sedona Soul Adventures, all of us are committed to our motto, Transforming lives, one soul at a time.”


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