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Rimage: Your Partner for Secure and Efficient Data Management

The Executive Headlines

Rimage Corporation is a technology company that has been a pioneer and innovator in the production of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc™ technology since its establishment in 1978. With a wide range of publishing, duplication, and printing solutions, Rimage serves customers in various industries such as education, medical, banking and finance, worship, business services, manufacturing, retail, digital media, and law enforcement.

The company also provides custom client applications for both PCs and Macs and offers a full line of consumables and support programs to ensure the quality of the finished disc and uptime of the system. In 2014, Rimage became a part of Equus Holdings portfolio, an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) that ensures equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons without regard to their gender, race, religion, age, disability, veteran status, or marital status.

Innovative Solutions to Ensure Seamless Workflow

Rimage offers a range of products and solutions to cater to various markets and applications in the field of Cyber Security. With the increasing number of cyber threats, Rimage emphasizes a defense-in-layers approach to ensure maximum protection against potential attacks. The company offers a proactive focus on different security measures required to protect against various cyber security threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, denial-of-service attacks, and social engineering attacks.

Rimage's solutions are designed to integrate with workflows seamlessly, making it easier for businesses to adopt and utilize their products. By adopting Rimage's cyber security solutions, businesses can ensure the protection of their sensitive data, secure their networks, and safeguard against cyber threats, thereby minimizing the risks associated with cyber-attacks.

 A Visionary and Strategic Thought Leader

Christopher Rence is a visionary and strategic thought leader who believes in driving meaningful innovation and business growth. He understands that innovation should not just be for its sake but should push the limits of what is possible while still being practical and elevating results. Christopher is a leader who genuinely cares about the success and well-being of others, and he is always willing to offer his time and resources to help them thrive and grow.

As a leader, Christopher unifies and inspires people, ideas, and teams. He is a high-integrity and collaborative leader who listens carefully and relentlessly communicates the vision, strategy, and goals to set teams up for success. He believes in leading people through discomfort zones to achieve extraordinary results and challenges them to think differently and move beyond the status quo.

Christopher is a tenacious problem solver who elevates performance in people, technology, and process. He has a passion for identifying the root cause of an issue and finding better, faster, and more sustainable ways to prevent the problem in the future or create a new opportunity. 

Markets Covered by Rimage

Rimage operates in a wide range of markets, providing solutions for digital publishing and data management. The company serves industries such as education, medicine, law enforcement, finance, manufacturing on demand, photo retail, legal, government, information technology, sales & marketing, specialty services, archiving, and sports & entertainment.

In the medical industry, Rimage's digital publishing systems are used to manage electronic medical records (EMR) and streamline data management and patient record distribution processes, which helps to control costs. For law enforcement agencies, Rimage provides Evidence Disc Systems (EDS) that allow for the automatic collection, copying, reviewing, and exporting of digital evidence to standardized and portable optical media, saving time and reducing the need for manual processes.

Banks and financial institutions rely on Rimage to manage large amounts of secure data easily and efficiently. The company's disc publishing systems are ideal for distributing financial data to business customers, submitting records to meet compliance regulations, or saving important data for long-term retention. In the manufacturing on-demand industry, Rimage offers solutions for producing and storing digital files such as movies, music, audiobooks, and documents, without the risk of oversupply or outdated inventory.

Rimage's solutions are also used by legal firms for managing large amounts of data that is collected, reviewed, and distributed. Optical media is ideal for long-term storage, and WORM (Write Once Read Many) technologies ensure the data is tamper-proof. Government agencies use Rimage systems to gather, analyze, and distribute data, including tax records, intelligence, satellite images, and military data.

Keeping Pace with Evolving Customer Requirements 

Rimage is poised to continue serving diverse industries that require secure and efficient digital data management solutions, as the importance of data management and digital data proliferation continue to increase. The demand for Rimage's disc publishing systems and related software is expected to remain strong in the coming years.

In addition, the company is likely to explore new market opportunities and develop new products to meet evolving customer needs. For instance, Rimage is expected to leverage its digital data management expertise to provide innovative cloud-based solutions that help customers manage their data more effectively. As technology continues to advance, Rimage aspires to adapt its products and services to keep pace with evolving customer requirements and market trends.