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Radiopharm Theranostics: Innovating cancer treatment with radiopharmaceuticals

Radiopharm Theranostics
The Executive Headlines

Radiopharmaceuticals have revolutionized the world of medicine. Several diseases can be treated with the help of radiopharmaceutical therapies. Even the ailments like oncological diseases and cancer can be treated with a safer and more targeted approach when compared to chemotherapies. Radiopharm Theranostics possess the unique potential of being the market leader and is emerging with an advanced platform of radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine products for diagnostic as well as therapeutic uses. The company is on a mission to become a recognized leader in the development of radiopharmaceutical products for therapeutic uses in areas that have unmet medical needs.

Radiopharm Theranostics was founded by Paul Hopper who is also the Executive Chairman of the company. Recently, he has launched the company on the Australian Stock Exchange in November 2021. Paul has a rich experience of working in the international public company markets that catered to sectors like medical, healthcare, and biotechnology. He shares an extensive experience in startup and rapid growth-oriented companies in the region of the US, Australia, and Asia. After recognizing the potential of radiopharmaceutical products for therapeutic purposes, Paul laid the foundation of the company. Alongside, he also ensures contributing to the company’s rapid growth and fulfilling the missions of nurturing the organizational values and delivering the ambitious vision.


Safe and result-oriented diagnostic


Radiopharmaceuticals are safe radioactive drugs that can be useful diagnostic and therapeutic tools. It can be induced in patients’ bloodstream in small amounts. The process involves attaching a radioisotope to a targeting agent like a small molecule or antibody. Radiopharm Thernaostics possesses a unique commitment to improving patients’ hope in battling cancer. It uses two distinct methods of operations:

  • Diagnostics, which uses low energy radiation to evaluate disease within the body
  • Therapeutic, where it uses high energy particle emitters and isotopes which attack and destroy malignant tumors and targeted cancers

Radiopharm Thernaostics has four distinct platforms that use peptides, small molecules, and antibodies. They are further expanded over five Phase 2 and two Phase 1 clinical trials, with 156 patients participating by far, and are named- Pivalate, Nano-mAbs, AvB6 Integrin, and PSA mAb. With an ardent belief in the power of disruptive innovation, the Radiopharm Thernaostics team of research professionals with advanced experience has successfully tapped the underlying potentials of radiopharmaceuticals.


Team of Experts


The Radiopharm Thernaostics team is led by ex-Novartis/Advanced Accelerator Chief Commercial Officer, Riccardo Canevari who has an extensive experience in radiopharmaceuticals. Over his career, he has been involved in several major projects and developments in the concerned niche of expertise. The company emphasizes teamwork and believes in the saying of two heads are better than one.

The company embraces a culture of integrity, that is inclusive and a fun place to work while valuing relationships that are honest, collaborative, and mutually respectful which will result in a win-win all. Radiopharm Thernaostics values partnerships with its physicians, researchers, and medical institutions by considering them essential to its success.


Delivering Positive Results


Radiopharm Thernaostics truly nurtures its team and organizes strategic meetings uniformly. Recently, it has organized a three-day strategic planning meeting in London where the entire team of the company was present. The team succeeded in creating a positive environment in the meeting room with its impressive collective intellectual horsepower. The meeting covered discussion and planning of the company’s clinical trials, manufacturing, business development, and human resource development.

After the London meeting, the company has witnessed a 36% increase in patients for its Phase 1 Her-2 imaging study in breast cancer. The team is planning to move forward to the next stage of development under a US IND filing. The Phase 1 Lantheus/Nanomab PD-L1 imaging study in lung cancer has witnessed an increase of 43 patients. Radiopharm Thernaostics’ Phase 1 compassionate-use AVb6 integrin studying the pancreatic and head and neck cancers had witnessed an 80% increase. Across 3 of the 4 technologies, there is a total of 156 patients treated.


Exploring the potential of radiopharmaceuticals


In the last ten years, the world has witnessed a significant rise in the field of ‘Molecular Imaging’ and ‘Nuclear medicine’ due to the use of radiopharmaceuticals. There has been a rise in radiotherapy practices that are also expanding because of the number of cancer cases and technological advances. Considering the rapid rise of radiopharmaceuticals usage, Radiopharm Theranostics is its leading competitor in the industry with its four promising, novel, and distinct technologies, a deep Phase 1 and 2 clinical balance to develop its drugs for treatment and therapeutic purposes.

Radiopharm Theranostics is striving to improve the treatment of cancer with innovative practices and continually working to achieve this mission.



“We are focused on the development of radiopharmaceutical products for diagnostic and therapeutic uses in areas of high unmet medical need.”


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