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Quadrant Knowledge Solutions: Delivering Growth with Comprehensive, Strategic & Tailored Market Insights

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions
The Executive Headlines

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is a global strategic market research and growth advisory/consulting firm in the ICT sector. The company’s market research and consulting deliverables are carefully designed to provide comprehensive and strategic insights addressing specific client needs. 



Founded in 2015, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is the brainchild of Piyush Dewangan (Co-Founder & Principal Analyst) and Ritika Agrawal (Co-Founder & Director). With profound experience in the global market research industry, the founders realized that there was a huge gap between client expectations and existing deliverables in the market. They observed that there are only a few respectable research firms in this field, hence, decided to build a consulting and advisory firm that guarantees concrete focus and authenticity. 


This idea came to life in the form of Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. Piyush and Ritika undertook rigorous research for almost a year to understand global client expectations and also spoke to a number of global industry leaders who were technology vendors, end users, service providers, and independent consultants. This exercise helped the company design its offerings and strategies focused solely on fulfilling these expectations with customized solutions and bridging the existing gaps in the market. The name ‘Quadrant Knowledge Solutions,’ reflects the four facets of business intelligence that the company aims to focus on: Visionary Innovation, Megatrends, Bespoke Research for each client, and Competitive Intelligence. What started with just 10 clients has rapidly earned the trust and loyalty of thousands of clients today on a global level. The company has operations in USA and India currently.


Facilitating Business Transformation Goals


With both qualitative and quantitative information based on the most authentic sources and thorough research, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions helps its clients in formulating their growth strategies to survive and thrive in the fast-changing market conditions,” informs Piyush. By becoming an integral part of its clients’ businesses, the company helps them achieve their business transformation goals by becoming a strategic knowledge partner. The company currently serves technology vendors and end-users in regions including North America, Europe, APAC, Australia, New Zealand, and India while also expanding rapidly in other regions.


Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ deliverables are divided into the following categories: 


  • Market Intelligence Service 
  • Strategic Advisory Services for CIOs 
  • User Consulting  
  • Custom Research and Consulting Services for Technology Vendors 
  • Quadrant Subscription Services 
  • Content Strategy Services (CSS)


Igniting Spark with ‘SPARK Matrix’


Of all the offerings, vendor consulting and end-user advisory are the most in-demand services of Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. The reason behind its popularity is its proprietary tool SPARK Matrix (Strategic Performance Assessment & Ranking); a unique and effective evaluation criterion of the SPARK Matrix made it quite desirable among the company’s clients worldwide. 


When it comes to technology vendors, clients expect to receive accurate competitive intelligence to stay ahead in the market and rank high in the matrix. The ultimate aim is to grow and expand their business by creating more value for their customers along with planning a strategic visionary roadmap. For end-users of the technological solutions, the expectations from Quadrant’s consulting deliverables are to understand the technology and evaluation criteria for selecting the right solution for the specific needs of the organization and the end-user industry. Hence, vendor or technology selection as well as technology architecture planning are the biggest drivers of demand for the company’s end-user consulting services.


Trusted Provider of Growth Advisory Services


In the highly competitive and dynamic market, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions successfully stands out among the others and makes it a trusted provider of growth advisory and consulting services for its clients, with key distinct differentiating factors that are at the core of every service they provide:


  • Scenario-based Planning: With a firm understanding that every business is different and every client has a different problem at hand, the company factors in a range of current market drivers and other dynamics, technology as well as business trends and provides them with the most accurate industry insights, risk assessments, vendor product roadmaps, and strategies, making its research and recommended strategies quite effective for the clients, addressing their specific problems and requirements. 


  • Visionary Innovation Framework: The company’s research service incorporates a unique visionary innovation framework that helps clients identify future market demands and trends based on the present market scenario and innovations which enables businesses to do planning for the future and stay one step ahead of the competition. 


  • Strategic Knowledge Partner: By not limiting itself to providing only research-based insights, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions acts as the client’s extended office and an integral part of their team in their journey to achieve specific transformation goals. In addition to market research, it also offers Content Strategy Services and Subscription Services.


  • SPARK (Strategic Performance Analysis & Ranking) Matrix: This is Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ proprietary tool; it positions and ranks all the IT vendors in the global market based on their technical excellence and customer impact and helps end-users from vertical industries perform a detailed evaluation of vendors as well as technologies to support their digital transformation initiatives. 


  • Comprehensive Research Methodologies: The market insights and intelligence by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions are backed by extensive and meticulous research based on both secondary as well as primary sources for detailed and accurate perspectives on the market dynamics and trends, technology evolution, and vendor assessments. 


Freedom of Experimentation, Innovation & Contribution


The company’s culture is designed in such a way that it gives each and every employee an equal opportunity to grow both personally and professionally along with contributing to the company’s collective growth,” says Ritika. The company follows a flat hierarchy, wherein there is no strict hierarchical reporting structure while the designations are based on domain expertise and knowledge. This structure allows the staff the required freedom and motivation to experiment, innovate, and contribute to the growth of the company, she added. 


Quadrant Knowledge Solutions gives well-deserved recognition, both internally and externally, for all big and small initiatives and contributions from its employees. Moreover, the frequent employee engagement activities and social events keep team bonding and the element of fun alive in the company.


KAIZEN Model of Continous Improvement


With a strong belief in KAIZEN model of continuous improvement, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions derives the inspiration to form a SIG (Special Interest Group) consisting of highly motivated staff members along with a few clients and industry experts on board whose primary goal is to keep up with the changes in the market as well as technology trends and to stay aware of the internal issues and challenges faced by the company. The team meets periodically to review all these aspects and makes sure that they are duly considered and incorporated into the next business strategy. By doing so, the company ensures that its offerings constantly evolve and align with changing market dynamics and innovations. 


Pursuit of Expansion & Proliferation


With the goal of becoming a strategic knowledge partner to its clients and helping them achieve desired growth with its advisory services, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions seeks to enable businesses to attain their business transformation goals and stay relevant in today’s fast-changing and competitive business world. With this vision in mind, the company is aggressively expanding its business and planning to expand its horizons by opening a new research center that they like to call Quadrant Innovation Hub, in the US region and is also exploring possibilities for the same in the UK or EU region. 


On being one of the fastest-growing companies:


According to Piyush, the following are 5 things that have proved essential for making Quadrant Knowledge Solutions one of the fastest-growing companies:


  • Creating a strong foundation of products and services
  • Following the leap-frog strategy across all functional departments and domains
  • Establishing and nurturing effective customer relations, i.e. featuring strong customer relationships over transactional relationships with the clients and becoming a trust-worthy extended office for the client’s needs
  • Cultivating a ‘growth mindset’ culture throughout the organization
  • Constant Innovation and Adaptation


“At Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, our vision is to become an integral part of our client’s business as a strategic knowledge partner, and our deliverables are designed accordingly,” says Piyush Dewangan.