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Proximity Spaces: Deriving Solution to Manage Coworking Spaces

Proximity Spaces
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Founded in 2017, in what is now a hybrid work world, Proximity provides simple, powerful workspace management technology to improve the way people collaborate and work.


Genesis of the Proximity Platform


The Proximity platform was built with the aim to solve one simple problem—deriving a solution to manage the team’s coworking spaces. After a year of searching, the members could come up with no solution since no platform offered an integrated solution with powerful features that were easy and simple to use—much less at an affordable price. 

Given the circumstances, the members decide to build their own system in order to make spaces easier to manage. Although it was the whole plan, it did not quite work out the way the members had intended. When other spaces started to hear about the platform, the members realized that maybe they weren’t the only ones who needed a better way to do coworking.

After refining the system with expanded features and lots of feedback, the Proximity Platform was launched whose network quickly grew to over 400 connected coworking spaces.


Bridging Underlying Business Gaps


A barrage of confusing terms and general unknowns have inundated workplace professionals since the beginning of the pandemic, making connectivity a challenge for businesses across the world. And while companies continue to scramble to efficiently manage their now-distributed workforce, workspace management technology is proving to ease frustrations and provide much-needed relief.

The pandemic caused a sudden acceleration of flexible and remote work practices for thousands of organizations and millions of workers. As a result, companies started to seek long-term solutions to manage this unfamiliar mix of remote and in-office employees.

And while the rush to figure out “the new normal” was happening, and while the world was feeling less connected and more scattered than ever, Proximity – a coworking space management software company – knew they had the technology to bridge the gap for businesses that were trying to keep up.


Ingenious Mind behind the Business


Proximity CEO Josh Freed says, “With some research, a few adjustments, and a lot of coffee, our workplace side of the company was born, and we opened up Proximity to businesses looking for an office management platform to navigate this new hybrid work world.”

In today’s world of hybrid work, Proximity offers straightforward, powerful workspace management technology to enhance the way people work and collaborate. The industry-leading platform is used by hundreds of businesses and coworking spaces to manage their employees and members, reserve meeting rooms and desks, allow easy building door access via smartphone, and manage the day-to-day operations of their workspace. 


Embracing Exponential Growth


The Proximity network is growing exponentially as the need for solutions that enhance the ease of flexible work continues to rise. The company also provides flex space software for landlords and asset managers who wish to meet the inventory demands of an evolving workforce and turn their commercial real estate assets into flexible workspaces.

“Proximity is a great tool for us here at BoxJelly Coworking Studio. A seamless platform that integrates almost all of our needs in one place, whether it be billing, bookable spaces, membership parameters, or workspace access, Proximity makes managing these aspects very easy. On top of pooling all the features together in a single, easy-to-navigate space, the Proximity support team is probably the most friendly and receptive people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They always care about the future of our business and how they can make the platform better in order to help us progress. I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Proximity family.”

The Proximity team is honored to play such a key role in supporting the future of work with innovative solutions – all with a focus on enhancing connectedness between people and spaces. 

Freed says, “We believe that connecting people together with technology in meaningful ways will change the world – in small ways like in personal one-on-one connections, and in big ways like improving the way people learn, work, communicate, innovate, think and reflect.”


“We believe in transparency, honesty, and doing what we say we will do. We also believe in abundance—someone doesn’t have to lose for us to win.”


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