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Prosperity Productions: Abridging the Gap Between Customers’ Desires and Brand Innovation

Prosperity Productions
The Executive Headlines

Prosperity Productions is bridging the gulf between brand innovation and consumer aspirations. The company excels at providing deep insights.


Prosperity Productions was founded by Lori Hamilton (Founder and President). Lori worked as a VP of Marketing at a major regional bank. Her routine included working 90 hours a week, winning awards, etc. However, along the journey, she noticed that she liked project management but preferred team collaboration and creativity to the whole detailed process of project management. Lori learned to focus instead on what she does like doing. In the process, she discovered that she is passionate about uncovering the deep insights of people, listening to stories and finding the best in others—both clients and their customers—and putting those two groups together in ways that increase the sense of prosperity for everyone. Currently, Lori spearheads the company at the forefront and caters to the success requirements consistently.


Connecting Brands with Customers


When Lori initially started her business, she knew her passion and love for marketing, communications and teamwork in project management. She later realized that she also liked collaboration and teamwork in project management, but not the tasks. Moreover, what she loved the best, where she, along with her team, excelled most is in uncovering insights that lead to innovation for the clients.


Established in 2004, deep insights are gleaned from the data by Prosperity Productions to assist brands in reaching consumers, enhancing engagement, and improving decision-making. Instead of focusing on narration, Prosperity Productions works to create an experience. The business serves as a conduit between its clients and the activities they engage in and the customers.


If Henry Ford had asked what customers wanted, they may simply have said faster or more reliable horses. That’s because customers can only describe the problems and needs they face—they can’t develop the solutions. At Prosperity Productions, the team bridges the gap between consumer desires and brand innovation. The company gets inside the data, going beyond the obvious to help customers make informed decisions that connect with consumers, build brand reputation, and boost engagement. Its insights work can do the following:


  • Capture customer needs as they evolve.
  • Explore potential ideas – what makes them work and why?
  • Test messages and approaches for communications, sales, and advertising.
  • Rank creative, packaging and sales materials – what works best and why?
  • Measure the impact of new programs and campaigns.
  • Track customer sales and satisfaction.
  • Develop new products, distribution and communications channels.
  • Improve sales team performance.
  • Motivate and engage key partners, ad agencies, design shops, vendor partners and co-sponsorship partners.


Excelling the Everyday Marketing Race


Have you ever had someone give you a gift and you think “I know why you thought that was a good gift,” versus, when someone gives you a gift that is perfect for you and you are overwhelmed with the emotion of having someone who really knows you? That’s what our company is all about,” says Lori. Prosperity Productions helps clients uncover what’s really ongoing with their customers, what they do that is a git (or a valuable thing) and how to wrap it (marketing) so that customers perceive it as a gift. When the work is done with depth and insights, it creates a sense of prosperity for every individual involved.


At Prosperity Productions, the team narrates stories. According to Lori, “Your brain doesn’t distinguish between a highly imagined experience and a real one. As we all get data fatigue, our work is following along the lines of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs, and Oliver Sacks—great minds that took complex ideas and turned them into stories.” The company is using film, facilitated sessions, audience engagement workshops, and other interactive tools to bring ideas to life. “The more people who learn how to look deeply at the world, the more we will bring compassion and understanding to the world,” she says.


Prosperity Productions employs a unique approach to remain ahead of the competition. First, it works hard to understand our internal audiences the way it does its external audiences. The goal isn’t just to uncover insights about the client, brand, product or service; it’s about serving up those insights in a way that creates enthusiasm and immediate action for the clients.


Deep Insights Complemented by Answers


To date, Prosperity Productions has consistently been serving its clients while catering to their evolving requirements. The company is constantly adding to its mix of techniques. Currently, it is developing some fast-track approaches to get quick, the straightforward answer for complementing the deep insights work it does. At the same time, it is using more digital tools to create the in-person, ethnographic approach it is always recognized for. Lastly, the company is using combining its grounded qualitative research with sophisticated tools such as online communities, MAX/DIFF TURF analysis (which can show clients which combination of messages matters most), and turnaround online quantitative.


At the Forefront:


For more than 20 years, Lori has worked as a marketing researcher, strategist, and creative consultant. Her approach has helped clients from Fortune 500 firms to startups achieve an additional $3 billion in revenue.


Google, ConAgra, Intuit, Rubbermaid, Deloitte Consulting, CitiBank, MetLife, Accenture, Herman Miller, USG, Russell Athletic, Blue Diamond, Johnson Controls, Microsoft, Garanimals, Carter's/Oshkosh, United Technologies, The Home Depot, Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Novartis are just a few of the companies she has worked with.


Lori holds a B.A. in Linguistics from UCLA and has won 59 awards for creative and marketing excellence, including five Best of Shows and a Clio. She also uses her Juilliard and other professional theatrical training to create customized workshops that generate hundreds of ideas in a matter of hours.


“We go beyond the boundaries of traditional research, combining ethnography, ecosystems and video diaries with more traditional methods such as focus groups and quantitative research.”


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