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Projectivity Solutions: A Leader Expert in Accelerating Organizational Performance

Projectivity Solutions, Inc.
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Founded in 1990, Projectivity Solutions is recognized as the leading expert in accelerating organizational performance. It provides customized consulting, mentoring, and leadership development for executives and their teams. The company takes a multi-disciplinary approach to assessing the business, relationship, and financial attributes of a company. The purpose is to identify and implement the fundamentals necessary for building a cohesive, trust-based team while concurrently addressing interconnected business and financial needs in a progressive process. The over-arching goal is measurable performance improvement across multiple metrics based on a foundation for long-term, sustainable success.

Projectivity Solutions methods are based on over 130 years of peer-reviewed scientific research. The company asks the right questions, objectively determines strengths and weaknesses, and then designs and helps implement custom solutions proven to drive sustainable performance. Phil Bristol, Founder, Managing Principal of Projectivity Solution strongly feels the ability to develop and grow trust-based relationships is the basis of culture in an organization. Together with the clarity of direction and clarity of work expectations, culture ultimately drives business performance.


Proven To Deliver Organizational Excellence


Projectivity Solutions services are performance-proven to deliver organizational excellence. The company helps in achieving higher results in the organization by integrating custom-designed behavior-based solutions with enhanced business procedures and processes. The result is a custom program that helps effectively elevate the unique culture of the organization. This is leadership and performance improvement by design. Here is the list of the services that Projectivity Solutions offers:

  • Strategic Assessment: By design, its objective data-driven methodology considers organizational complexity, which helps the leadership team to discover profit, process, and people root causes that hinder results. Its proprietary assessment helps to identify and name the eight hidden agents that reduce organizational performance and leadership effectiveness. A strategic evaluation provides insights and knowledge to help owners and leaders transition from working on the business to mastering the business.
  • Relationship Development: Projectivity Solutions start with EEOC bias-free assessments to gauge relationship clarity. Its suite of leadership assessments provides objective data about conflict, team collaboration, and performance conversion. The team uses the results to educate and transform behavior. The result is a trust-based culture at all levels with enhanced purpose clarity, relationship clarity, work expectations clarity, and consistency of actions.
  • Leadership Advancement: Its change solutions start with scientifically validated leadership assessments. These assessments guide the development of custom-designed tools and training to build leaders’ and managers’ understanding of the implications of their behavior within the organization — and guide them, enhancing their judgment capacity to take better actions to improve their influence.
  • Conflict Transformation: For most people and many in leadership positions, avoidance is the preferred method for dealing with conflict. This “head-in-the-sand” approach actively attempts to circumvent confronting the issue at hand. There are other approaches to handling conflict, including Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, and Conflict Transformation. Conflict Transformation seeks to exceed the goals of Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution by moving beyond the problems and toward the healthy development of relationships between individuals, teams, and organizations.
  • Process Cultivation: Clearly defined work processes are essential for individual, team, and organization collaboration to produce predictable results. Work process clarity enables organizations to align business functions with customer needs and helps executives determine how to deploy, monitor, and measure company resources. When properly developed, process clarity is the ability to enhance efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and minimize errors and risk, thereby optimizing results.
  • Mindset Orientation: Fundamental to the team’s process is helping leaders identify and develop their outward mindset so they can influence the right changes. An outward mindset is a foundation for how the team can help leaders achieve sustainable growth and performance.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Projectivity Solutions work one-on-one with key members of the client’s management team and perform a deep dive into select areas of the business to help flush out areas of improvement. Its diagnostic approach includes a set of targeted assessments based on over 130 years of peer-reviewed research. These include:


  1. Culture Enhancement: The company works with the senior leadership team and various business functions to shape a familiar story about where the business is going and why, and then helped the business do the hard work of transforming the company culture towards positive outcomes.
  2. Finance Profit Plan: What is needed is a profit plan, i.e., profit by design that focuses on gross profit, net profit, cost of goods sold, and cash flow. Further, the entire team, all employees, must understand how their work helps fuel profits, influences costs, and ultimately drives their paychecks.
  3. Key Person Acquisition: Projectivity Solutions use a proprietary Position Benchmarking process that effectively targets a specific job, not the person in the job. To do this, the team let the job talk through an interactive process and job assessment that build a target interview process and set of questions that better assess candidate fit.


About the leader


Founder of Projectivity Solutions, Phil works with boards of directors, executives, leaders, high potentials, and teams to increase their effectiveness, influence, and profitability. He helps facilitate personal and organizational change, serves as an executive sounding board on complex people issues, and works with high performers so they advance to the next level of contribution and effectiveness.

Phil is passionate about helping people and organizations move to new levels on their journey. He uses his sixth sense, practical business techniques and tools, the esoteric sciences, his expertise in people, communication, critical thinking, practical results, business strategy, and execution to help move individuals and organizations to the next level of performance. Phil is an entrepreneur and leader who has run a successful company for over 35 years. His presentations and workshops on “Speak the Language of Leadership,” “Forward Facing Leadership” and Pivot Point Leadership are acclaimed by executives worldwide.

Quote: We help you achieve higher results in your organization by integrating custom-designed behavior-based solutions with enhanced business procedures and processes. 


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