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Praxent: A Leader in Revolutionizing Software Transformations

The Executive Headlines

Praxent works towards modernizing digital customer experience and growing business. The company helps modernize, instead of rebuild, the outdated customer-facing software applications in order to help clients remain relevant and compete with confidence. 


Major Software Transformations


Praxent’s proven process prioritizes smaller, more doable development sprints that leverage investments that have already been made. Over the past 20 years, the company has successfully delivered over 300 software transformations and helped hundreds of businesses provide a more modern, intuitive digital experience to their customers. Praxent loves every part of what it does, however, it is passionate about partnering with financial services brands to achieve real business that helps them remain relevant and compete with confidence.


Genesis of the Revolution


The name ‘Praxent’ comes from combining the words “praxis” and “agent”—praxis meaning the process of realizing a skill and agent meaning having the power to act on another’s behalf. On the other hand, the company’s logo stands as the symbol for the Command key on a Mac computer. The logo further symbolizes that it has existed in various forms for thousands of years but Praxent chose it to convey its perpetual control over digital innovation.


Areas of Specialities


Praxent specializes in the following financial services:

  • Fintech
  • Insurance
  • Lending
  • Wealth Management
  • Real Estate

The company also provides solutions and services in the areas of UX/UI design, web app development, mobile app development, frontend development, backend development, and web portal development, among many others. 

Praxent’s dedicated teams are dedicated to the clients’ success. From demonstrating business value at every stage of the engagement to maintaining total transparency with the team to delivering software that helps remain relevant and compete with confidence, the company always treats projects as its top priority. 

Large software projects—the ones where others work on a release for six months or more before launching it—are 90% more likely to fail, primarily because of three things: poorly formulated strategy, design flaws, and unchecked technical complexity. With that being said, Praxent scopes the smallest possible projects that more quickly deliver the most value for clients' business so that little time is invested to harvest big dividends. 

Additionally, many companies have built software applications that no longer meet customer expectations. In such cases, Praxent helps companies modernize those applications so they can remain relevant against born-digital competitors. 

However, when it comes to modernization, most people think they need to rebuild their entire system – and you already know our thoughts on large software projects. More often than not, a user interface refresh and some technology upgrades can make the existing software unrecognizable. Better yet, nothing is wasted. This evolutionary approach makes it possible to modernize one module or feature at a time, accelerating the ROI while simultaneously reducing your risk. 


Catering to Plethora of Needs


Catering to complex as well as complicated needs, Praxent undertakes high-stakes projects with many moving parts, all of which involve some level of risk. The company’s highly conscientious team looks around the corner for its clients at every stage of the engagement. Whether it is program risk, technical risk, user adoption risk and stakeholder alignment risk, the team manages it all. In fact, it leans forward and into this with the clients. It also respectfully challenges them to make sure the customers are making the best financial decisions that mitigate risk not only to them but to their customers.

Without clear information, it’s impossible to make informed decisions. Budget, scope, momentum, spending—each project lever impacts the outcome in a different way, and people need to be able to see them all clearly at all times. Praxent’s proprietary approaches to project health reporting, called CommandView®, offers total visibility into all aspects of the work, reduces risk, and allows for change-the-mind flexibility.

The team ensures total transparency by holding weekly conversations about the team’s progress, the scope and important tradeoff decisions that need to be made, in order to keep everyone always informed. 

Some firms are design only. Others just do development. Unfortunately, these two firms’ intentions are often at odds with one another. The designers might blow you away with great designs, but it’s not until you approach the developers that you find out the designs aren’t feasible or will be too expensive to build. You shouldn’t have to lose sleep over trying to integrate these two work streams. Praxent’s team does both—it designs to build. That means all of its upfront design efforts are geared toward the build phase, with designers and engineers involved collaboratively in the project from the beginning. 


Led by an Expert Professional


At the helm, Tim Hamilton (Founder and CEO) spearheads the entire team of Praxent. Far beyond helping customers modernize your outdated software, the team of expert strategists, designers, and developers will partner with client’s company to dramatically improve every aspect of their digital experience, empowering you to serve better, remain relevant, and compete with confidence.


Setting Realistic Expectations


Praxent sets realistic expectations, makes sure there are no surprises, delivers on time, and never exceeds the designated budget. The company works in the way that’s best for its clients, not the other way around. Some clients want to be in every standup, and some clients only want to see demos. In such scenarios, Praxent is completely open to however they want to work with. 

Sometimes, Praxent integrates with the team while other times it integrates as a coach to “up level” in a collaborative and nonthreatening way. The company understands the necessity.  


“At Praxent, we know you want to be a well-respected, in-demand digital product leader.”


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