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PHALANX Solutions: An Industry Leader Offering Reliable and Pragmatic Cybersecurity Solutions

PHALANX Solutions
The Executive Headlines

PHALANX Solutions is one of the leading and most trusted providers of security, compliance, and technology solutions. Their innovative approach and diverse array of tools is the most entrusted defense sought out by companies for protection.


Established in 2019, but bringing 30+ years’ experience, PHALANX Solutions is currently headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. The company is on a mission to provide its clients with a versatile and comprehensive line of defense by protecting their data, freedom, and values.


Empowered by Bold Significance


The company’s name, ‘PHALANX’, has significant meaning behind it. The word has been derived from the Greek language and means the ‘shield wall’. The phalanx or the shield wall was an impenetrable ancient Greek defensive formation that protected soldiers through a combination of weapons and armor. Harboring the same meaning, the company’s vision is to apply the ancient logic of the phalanx to the modern cyberspace and provide robust and defensive solutions for its clients.  Like the Greeks of the old, the company aims to deliver a multi-layered defensive system that will equip its partners with the latest and most innovative processes and technologies.


Efficient Solutions to Fruition


PHALANX Solutions was originally established to provide reliable and effective cybersecurity solutions to their clients. The company’s core capabilities quickly evolved in an effort to meet its client demands and bring more efficient solutions to fruition. Its core capabilities have developed into the four cornerstones responsible for its unique solutions; Security, Compliance, Technology, and IT Procurement. Phalanx offers this full continuum of solutions—all under one roof. As a result, Phalanx is able to provide streamlined coverage and protection for government agencies and contractors in a faster and more effective manner. Moreover, PHALANX Solutions is known for meeting client requirements on time and under budget by collaborating with the client and coming up with custom-built solutions that best fit the project.


Each one of the company’s core capabilities is interconnected and supported by the others. To achieve complete coverage, one cannot succeed without the other.  Most new clients have been working with PHALANX because of their Technology offering. Therefore, the company offers comprehensive Technology solutions globally including Managed IT Services, Cloud Services & Migrations, Enterprise Business Applications, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Deskside & Remote Support, System Monitoring, System Maintenance, Technology Planning & Implementation, On-Demand IT, Network Setup & Security, Backup & Recovery Services, VoIP Services, and many more. 


The company’s differentiating factor is its people and the values they hold. The PHALANX team works alongside their clients in a genuine effort to help them succeed. A strong security posture is an ongoing process and inclusive of everyone in the company. The PHALANX Solutions team is there to provide guidance each step of the way and help keep everyone on track. The company has spent three decades developing and refining their propriety approach to strengthening clients’ cybersecurity posture. As one of the leading and most trusted providers in the government cybersecurity market, PHALANX Solutions works extensively with clients who have limited cybersecurity funding.


Lead by Example


The team of PHALANX Solutions is spearheaded by Daniel M. Horton (President) who stays actively engaged on a daily basis, while participating in projects alongside his team members.  “We have a fun group of team members at PHALANX Solutions and encourage open collaboration and idea sharing,” says Daniel.


Unlike other companies, PHALANX Solutions does not operate in a traditional hierarchical, boss and employee-type environment. The team understands their individual roles and responsibilities and work together to contribute to the client’s success. Depending on the project, different team members take lead based on their expertise in different areas. “One thing is for certain, our optimistic attitudes are known by our clients and help lighten their days,” adds Daniel.


Trusted Providers of Security


PHALANX Solutions’ way of doing business as well as its relationship with clients has propelled them as one of the leading and most trusted providers of security, compliance, and technology solutions. The company collaborates with its clients to create solutions that go above and beyond to exceed expectations. This commitment along with its dedicated team of experts is what differentiates PHALANX from others.


Given their expertise in the cybersecurity space, innovation resides at the heart of PHALANX Solutions. The company is consistently leveraging innovation to provide successful security measures for its clients. According to Daniel, innovation is an absolute must to stay properly protected and maintain a strong security posture. PHALANX Solutions is partnered with all the industry leaders in order to keep their clients aligned with the solutions that best fit the way they do business. The company unites teams and provides them with a program to protect themselves, their company, and their customers.


Vision to Make a Difference


To date, PHALANX Solutions has performed exceptionally in catering to its clients’ needs with an array of innovative solutions. The company’s business has been gaining immense attention within the industry while achieving phenomenal growth. They intend to continue spreading the word and making a difference one client at a time. Simultaneously, PHALANX Solutions has also expanded its operations throughout the United States and several countries internationally and aims to continue partnering with its friends in the industry and adding value wherever it can.  The team specializes in rapid deployment projects and mobilizing in the toughest of conditions CONUS and OCONUS.  “This is an area that we have been focusing on because we have been able to bring stability and familiarity in otherwise challenging circumstances,” concludes Daniel.


At the Forefront:


Daniel M. Horton, President of PHALANX Solutions, oversees the leadership, and alignment of the company strategy, goals, and objectives. He leads the company's global technology innovations and solutions, serving clients worldwide. Mr. Horton has over 30 years of information technology and information security leadership experience.


He holds numerous information technology and security certifications, with widespread knowledge of process improvement, security, governance, risk, audit control, and strategic alignment needed to ensure an efficient and effective program is in place and maintained. He is passionate about driving progress while implementing solutions that are ahead of the others to gain a competitive advantage—with a firm mindset to, “Always Improve, Challenge the Status Quo, Always Innovate.”


“At PHALANX Solutions, our mission is to provide our clients with a full continuum of cybersecurity, compliance, and technology solutions.”


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