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Pangea Global Services: Navigating the new era of B2B marketing

Pangea Global Services
The Executive Headlines

Staying relevant and a brand to reckon with, in an industry dominated by large competitors is no walk in the park. But when it comes to Pangea Global Services, purpose and passion are the ingredients that make it possible.

In a competitive market, it is important to have a profound understanding of who your buyers are, buyer behaviour, as well as what influences their decisions. Market research is the cornerstone of a company’s success in staying competitive and sustaining continued growth. Pangea Global Services delivers  market research for some of the world’s best-known brands helping them succeed in competitive environments.

Prashant Pednekar, CEO and Founder of Pangea Global Services, is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in the IT and BFSI sectors. After obtaining a  masters degree in International Sales and Marketing from the internationally renowned Harvard School of Business, he was hired as the youngest VP of a leading bank in North America – where he was celebrated as the youngest Vice President to win the CNBC award for achieving 200 million for the Bank on FCNR. In 2012, he established Pangea Global Services in Pune, India, and was elected as the Chief Executive Officer by the Management Board. Under his leadership, the company has evolved to offer industry leading services beyond traditional market research, to clients across a multitude of industry sectors.

Pangea Global Research was founded when market research was at its nascence. “ Prospects during that emergent stage were apprehensive about investing in market research this coupled with the entrepreneurial hardships of finding the right talent , grooming them to be intrapreneurs, making considerable investments in technology with just a handful of paying clients – was a tough but beautiful test of resilience and conviction in the value of our services“  reminisces Prashant.

Prashant used his business acumen and visionary mindset to forge a unique pricing model. This coupled with the distinct value proposition of going beyond expectations made Pangea a prominent and trusted name in the industry. Since its establishment, Pangea Global has grown exponentially in both size and scope  and now supports Fortune 100 clients from a multitude of industries in international markets.


The new norm of B2B marketing


Pangea Global Services’ is renowned as a leading market research company with the depth and breadth of lead generation, database solutions, data analytics, BPO and KPO solutions that are perfectly suited to the varied needs of enterprise and hypergrowth clients.  Pangea harnesses the power of multiple tools to conduct online and offline market research to identify business opportunities for market segments. 

Prashant explained, “Our service portfolio expansion and proven methodology were grounded on reliable market analysis and research.  We had well established relationships with our clients and the existing clients were quick on the uptake when we launched our new services which were again focused on the B2B sector

Pangea Global Services stayed one step ahead and added the Account Based Marketing (ABM) approach to generating leads in 2018.  Post the Covid era, as B2B marketers embrace the digital age, ABM has proven to be the most efficient practice. Many enterprises are now merging demand generation, ABM and their SDR teams and calling it “Revenue Growth departments “.

Pangea has aligned ‘business’ and ‘success’ through ABM services. ABM is a targeted strategy in which the marketing and sales team collaborate to discover and transform best-fit accounts into customers. It is proven that ABM has driven success – especially in the last couple of years, and has a much higher ROI than other marketing campaigns.

What is ABM:

  • While nominating potential accounts, it focuses on clarifying the clients’ high-value, high-intent market, as well as creating a checklist of data points that they want to see a rise in.
  • Pangea’s sales and marketing teams work together to discover target clients, build the first connection, interact with them to nurture leads and convert them into customers and provide after-sales support.
  • Pangea infuses relevance and context in all communication.


ABM Trend will prosper


The last two years have highlighted the importance of human connection with business to business prospects expecting the same level of empathy and personalization that consumers have come to enjoy.

 Pangea plans to leverage this and apply it in the business strategy. Prashant anticipates that in the coming year B2B companies will continue to be more inclined toward ABM. He adds, “ The current virtual work is full of automation and AI. In this market, the buyers are craving human connection where someone can walk them through the process and build a relationship. “

The team of Pangea is working on building these connections every day and helping Business marketers turn their ABM program into a more sophisticated and scientific models for success.


Phenomenal Client Retention


At Pangea, the work culture is very inclusive and collaborative wherein the team works in unison towards a common goal of client success. Pangea’s team thrives on commitment and performance. The company equally prioritizes employee satisfaction and has delivered outstanding CSAT and ESAT ratings in the last 3 years. Almost 60% of the senior resources team i.e. Team Leaders, Team Managers, Quality Leaders -  is built through internal promotions. Despite the setbacks of the pandemic, Pangea was swift in resuming work from office and has bagged 11 major clients over a short period of time.

Pangea prides itself on its phenomenal client retention rate. Many of Pangea’s clients have been with the company for over7-8 years. Prashant highlights the proud fact that most of the company's growth has been through “word of mouth “. He adds, “When you you’re always there for your clients and care so deeply about their goals and vision, you end up with a very high retention rate and a continual flow of references.


One-stop Destination for business growth


Almost a decade back, Pangea Global Services was a 50 member team. Fast-forward to today, and the company has grown into a mature organization with 400 employees, supporting client requirements in 103+ countries. It is now aiming to grow the team to 1000+ employees by end of 2022. Alongside, Pangea is exploring expansion to new domains like software projects, animation, and gaming in the coming years. “We believe in keeping innovation and passion alive. One has to feel happy and excited while going back to work the next day, sometimes doing the same job, again and again, can lead to a monotonous routine which can later result in poor productivity, and attrition,” expressed Prashant.

Pangea Global Services aims to become a one-stop destination for business growth and revenue acceleration for all clients by 2023. The company boasts a stellar client retention rate of 90%, which is telling about how much customers value its services. Pangea Global Services will continue to strive and push its limits for the clients.


What makes Pangea Global Services, a leading company amongst the competitors in the industry?


I would attribute the success of Pangea to our company culture” says Prashant which he sums up is three strong areas. “Customer focus, collaboration and accountability. I don’t know that you’d want any other three points to describe your company that is on a hyper growth path”   

Pangea also strongly believes that it is critical for a company to continually review their staff’s capabilities and skills to ensure they can deliver on future strategies for their clients. It is key to always keep upgrading the skillsets of your staff and employ appropriately experienced staff to enable successful execution of strategies that help meet the client’s goals. Our tenured resources understand the challenges our clients face and this puts us in a unique position to help our clients stay competitive and succeed.

We all have to be future ready, which means we need to be adaptive and understanding of our clients, their customers and the changing business environment. Our sole focus and success mantra is being aligned to our client’s vision and goals” This mantra didn’t just work – it has worked spectacularly and continues to work for Pangea.

Prashant sums it up beautifully - “We don’t look like anybody else and that’s what sets us apart.”


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