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My Joy Beauty: Spearheading the Beauty Industry with Natural ‘All-in-One’ Products

My Joy Beauty
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Today, the very definition of beauty has evolved and become associated with ‘being natural’. The constant trends emerging in the industry and their potentially harmful effects, in the long run, have led to individuals seeking beauty-oriented products that are naturally processed. Although various brands promise to deliver on the aspect, very few have successfully maintained an organic essence in their products. 

My Joy Beauty leads the beauty industry with its disruptive range of natural products. It offers all-natural, and almost vegan products that pack a heavy punch in the parts of the beauty routine and hence, make the biggest impact. 


Addressing Beauty Problems with Brains


My Joy Beauty is the brainchild of Joy Jenkins (Founder and CEO) who hails from a very diverse background. Since the beginning of her career, Joy had aspired to start her own business. Although she enjoyed working in the software and high-tech segment for global companies, it did not bring out her true reflection of herself. Moreover, she was the only female member on her team of 9-10 colleagues. During the COVID-19 pandemic, her significant other encouraged her to take a risk by taking a break from her job. Since then, Joy began networking and connecting with others in the beauty industry and thus, began working on the plan for establishing the company. 

With 15+ years of a successful career in high-tech, Joy noticed women, in particular, were being apologetic for wanting to be polished and pretty and admitting to practicing Pilates, as an example. She further felt that women are offered complicated and expensive beauty routines, which are unnecessary and overwhelm women to keep up with the latest trends to look fresh while focusing on anti-aging. In addition to this, the personal challenges faced by women in terms of ‘doing it all’ was also elevated due to blended families and stressful career. As a result, she decided to establish My Joy Beauty in 2022 to address the beauty-related concerns faced by women. 


Range of Game-Changing Products


Based in Frisco, Texas, My Joy Beauty recently launched its website, along with its game-changing products that are currently available for purchase. My Joy Beauty stands disruptive in the beauty industry by ensuring the products are productive and highly effective for all skin types. The company prepares its products from plant and seed oils and extracts. Two of its most popular products are the Ultimate Joy Brow Kit and the Rose Gold Facial Oil. 

The Ultimate Brow Kit consists of 5 products, including a Tinted Brow Gel, Clear Brow Gel, Lash & Brow Rejuvenator, and two powders. The Kit levels up an individual’s makeup routine as it can be used for lashes and eyebrows as well as for eyeshadow and contouring. It also includes a Lash and Brow Rejuvenator to break up wax build-up beneath the surface of the skin, promoting hair regrowth. Serums as a standalone are a much higher price tag than the entire Ultimate Joy Brow Kit.  


Championing with the ‘Wonder Oil’


One of its most popular and in-demand products is the ‘Rose Gold Facial Oil’, which suits customers of all skin types. The Oil contains six different types of oils and Vitamin E. Often regarded as the “wonder oil”, it tends to solve several challenges faced by women, within one treatment. Moreover, it is also suitable for improving lines, and wrinkles and curing dry skin. 

The Oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and is remarkable for those who suffer from acne as it shows immediate results. Additionally, it has various other uses for skin conditions such as a dry scalp, eczema and eliminating brown spots. On an average, women use 5-6 products in their skincare routine as a primer, moisturizer, skin tightening and many more. In such scenarios, My Joy Beauty’s Facial Oil eliminates the necessity of using a wide range of products through its all-in-one product that enhances beauty naturally. 


Commitments to Brand Expectations and Sustainability


Being a part of the beauty industry, My Joy Beauty ensures fulfilling customers’ brand expectations in a thorough manner. The company takes care of its customer experience process, luxury quality and organic touchpoints while believing that quality and service are essential. It focuses on listening to customers and monitoring the data from the website while leveraging the data to responsibly cater to the market requirements of its target customers. In addition, My Joy Beauty firmly believes that fulfilling brand expectations is ultimately knowing exactly who the customer is. 

Moreover, My Joy Beauty embraces the principles of sustainability with its offerings. All the products are multi-purpose and sourced from plant or oil-seed extracts, and the packaging is fully recyclable. It is also evaluating refillable options for the Facial Oil and labels to incorporate returnable bottles. Essentially, the company’s formulas are completely biodegradable and do not contain any synthetic preservatives. They are also cold-pressed oils, processed without chemicals or solvents.


Successful Formulation of All-Natural Products


My Joy Beauty stands out in the market space with its range of natural products. Speaking of creating natural products, there are several challenges induced during the process. These are, namely FDA standards and what is deemed “natural”. Although various manufacturers offer all-natural products, numerous chemical and harmful ingredients are revealed while examining the layers of the ingredients. Therefore, it is vital to understand and study the product thoroughly. 

With that said, My Joy Beauty successfully delivers on its promise of formulating natural products. In fact, the company is currently working on a body version of the Rose Gold Facial Oil, for men as well as women, that can be used for ideally treating various skin challenges. It is simultaneously working on offering immediate results for its customers who are on the constant lookout for all-natural and plant-based products. 


Key Takeaway:


Creating new products takes time!  Finding the right manufacturer and understanding not only the product but how to package and deliver it are also key. Considerations are evaluating samples, asking questions, and ensuring the formulation solves a problem where there is a perceived gap in the marketplace. Considering your go-to-market strategy is also key. 

Young Entrepreneurs particularly in the beauty industry seem to believe you can make something in your kitchen, and sell it on tik-tok and they are not thinking about the long-term business plan or goal in mind. We have seen a lot of mistakes made by those who market differently and may even end up in a big box retailer but quickly fade out–with no revenue to show. 


“We fit into your hectic life with products that simplify your schedule, offer dramatic results, and let your inner glow take the spotlight because that is where true JOY (Beauty) begins.”


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