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MultiLane: Understanding the Breadth of Solutions Required for Success

The Executive Headlines

MultiLane is a global leader in data center interconnect test solutions such as loopbacks and compliance boards. Over the past years, the company has been providing high-speed test and measurement equipment for data communications.


With its office located around prominent regions across the globe, MultiLane was founded in 2006 by Fadi Daou. Since its establishment, Fadi Daou has been spearheading the company at the forefront and significantly contributing to its growth and success. MultiLane is headquartered in Houmal Technology Park (HTP) in Lebanon. HTP is an integrated ecosystem and technology incubator for high-tech companies. It is the first project of its kind in the country and is poised to become a powerhouse for technology startups in the Middle East. Since 2006, MultiLane has been offering high-speed test and measurement equipment for data communications. Moreover, the company is located in four main branches, spread across the globe. The headquarters are located in Houmal, Lebanon and it is considered worldwide. The other three locations are Fremont, California for North America, Dubai, UAE for the Gulf and Hsinchu City, Taiwan for Asia.


Endorsing a Wide Array of Offerings


MultiLane has been supplying the data communications industry with high-speed test and measurement equipment for more than a decade. From the early days of 10 Gigabit Ethernet to the 400 and 800 Gigabit Ethernet test challenges of today, the company has worked to ensure that its offerings keep pace with industry needs. The company’s portfolio of data center interconnect and high-speed IO test solutions encompasses IC and transceiver characterization, host line-card testing, and link testing.


The team of MultiLane, spearheaded by Fadi Daou, is brought closer together because each and every member shares the same vision as the rest. Upon joining the team, an individual gets the opportunity of being a part of The MultiLane Family alongside which they are guaranteed to grow with the support of brilliant individuals.


Top Benefits Offered


MultiLane’s potential is immense. This is justified by the fact that the company provides the same quality as huge competitor companies in the industry, yet its products are significantly more affordable.


Supporting the diverse needs of its customer base is imperative to MultiLane. As a result, the company is constantly widening the scope of the form factors and architectures that it serves. The company’s product lines are compatible with a number of multi-source agreements (MSAs), including QSFP-DD, OSFP, and CFP8. As a matter of fact, MultiLane stands out as the global leader in data center interconnects, with smart loopbacks, module and host compliance boards, adapters and CMIS analyzers. In addition, the company also offers developers, module vendors, system companies, and data center hyperscalers, a selection of high-performance stand-alone benchtop instruments and automated test platforms, at very affordable prices. Moreover, the company also offer compliance and interoperability testing services.


Immense Understanding of Required Solutions


Being a data center interconnect and high-speed IO test solutions, MultiLane endorses a customer portfolio consisting over 500 customers. The company’s offering ranges from 10G to 800G support which is boosted by a worldwide presence with four international branches. To date, the company has released more than 200 products into the marketspace.


The MultiLane portfolio includes optical and electrical oscilloscopes, bit error rate testers, TDR cable testers, interconnect products, as well as fully automated transceiver test solutions and compliance test services for 100G and 400G technologies. This wide range of solutions is necessary for the success of developers, manufacturers, and installers of these new technologies. MultiLane understands the breadth of solutions required for physical-layer test at these speeds. With a firm and comprehensive understanding of the economic realities of this business sector, the company works constantly to take the pinch out of test and measurement purchases and enable its customers to pass the savings on to their customers.


At the Forefront:


Fadi Daou is the Chief Executive Officer of MultiLane who founded the company in 2006. He is a successful entrepreneur with 30 years of experience founding high-tech startups and developing state-of-the-art technology products and solutions in the semiconductor industry. Fadi’s entrepreneurial journey started in 2000 when he cofounded Telephonics, a developer of passive optical components. FiberGrade, his next venture, specializes in optical monitoring equipment. After this, Fadi founded PXIT, which produces high-performance instruments for the electro-optical transceiver market. After repatriating to Lebanon in 2006, Fadi founded Multilane SAL in his hometown of Houmal, with the plan to help create a high-tech sector in the country.


Following his vision of making Lebanon a hub for technology development, Fadi launched Houmal Technology Park (HTP). The mission of HTP is to create an ecosystem to support the Lebanese high-tech sector. It will lead to the creation of hundreds of technology jobs and high-value opportunities in the area. Instead of bright young people leaving Lebanon to seek opportunities abroad, they can now find those opportunities at home, leaving the relocation to the products they design and build.


“As MultiLane grows, so does every person on our team.”


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