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Meero: Simplifying Creative and Passionate Lives through Constant Innovation

The Executive Headlines

Today, the content creation industry has become one of the booming industries worldwide—hitting a billion-dollar market. Be it a writer or a photographer, content creation has pivoted to a full-time role, becoming a trending niche within the content creation industry. The ability to produce unique and striking content not only appeals to potential clients but also helps establish a significant brand positioning within the market. In the drive to facilitate unique content creation, several companies are stepping forward to provide a comprehensive tool suite for creators to showcase their talent to prospects as well as major brands.

Fostering one of the world’s largest creative communities, Meero provides a tool suite for photographers to showcase their talent to the world. It is constantly revolutionizing the world of photography by helping photographers make a living out of their passion. The company is the brainchild of Thomas Rebaud (CEO) who was driven by the desire to simplify the life of creative people and enable them to fully devote their time to their passion (art and creation). 


Becoming World’s Largest Creator Tool


Meero’s journey to becoming one of the largest content creation solutions commenced in 2016. Thomas realized that a photographer’s day-to-day life is filled with tedious and time-consuming tasks like prospecting and paperwork that distract them from doing what they actually like. When Thomas realized both the wastage of time induced by the entire process as well as the world of opportunities in the market, Meero was born.

Meero was established with a straightforward vision—to produce and beautify digital visual content all around the world. It helps to reduce the redundancy of time-consuming tasks, which have no association with their business, by taking care of aspects such as additional revenue, prospecting, and others. Currently, the company caters to the needs of creators as well as businesses.


Streamlining Creators as well as Businesses


  • Meero for Creators:


The first objective was to free up time for photographers to focus their energy and their time on what they enjoy: creativity. Therefore, the company takes care of every ground that interferes with a photographer’s core activity (from prospecting, billing, sorting, indexing, and editing to delivering visuals). It offers them regular projects for top-notch brands. Since its inception, Meero has been bringing together over 100,000 photographers in the largest community worldwide.


  • Meero for Businesses:


In addition to that, Meero answers the needs of image-hungry brands by allowing them to book photoshoots in just a blink of an eye, worldwide. The company offers its tools and AI solutions to online businesses that need to handle large volumes of visual content. Unlike the previous times when a once-a-year shoot used to do the work, the current insatiable image consumption demands a constant influx of content. While producing and managing a large volume of images is certainly not easy, doing it properly and on-brand is an almost herculean task. With that said, Meero’s team and AI tool suite help brands produce, assess and optimize visual assets at any scale and anywhere in the world.


Satiating Image Consumption Industry


A once-a-year shoot used to cut it, but today’s insatiable image consumption demands a constant influx of content. While producing and managing that volume of images certainly isn’t easy, doing it well and on-brand is an almost herculean task. Meero’s team and AI tool suite are here to help brands produce, assess and optimize visual assets at any scale, anywhere in the world. “Our 360 vision is what makes us a leading company in the image market. We invested 5 years in tech & products in order to fulfill this vision,” cites Thomas.


Constantly Expanding Team


At the helm, Thomas spearheads the company and its team of diligently working professionals. Being the leader, he caters to the company’s brand values and brand focus while steering the mission. Since its establishment, Meero has constantly grown. The company went from 50 to 400 employees in less than 2 years while raising $300 million. It also surpassed a global pandemic despite its activities being deeply affected. “But thanks to the teams, the company stayed on track and kept innovating,” asserts Thomas.


Emphasis on Creative and Innovative Profiles


Meero emphasizes recruiting creative and innovative profiles. Firstly, the company focuses on the creative side since it works in the image world and the team is particularly sensitive to this subject. Secondly, it focuses on the innovative side because the world is constantly changing from a technological and legal point of view and requires being in a constant process of invention to solve evolving problems.

Speaking of the work culture, Meero fosters and reflects dynamic company culture. The company’s recruitment is a combination of three aspects: scientific/technological curiosity, creativity and open-mindedness. These combinations make Meero rich in quality, making it stand out with its profiles.


Diverse Clientele Portfolio


Meero holds a diverse clientele portfolio with over thousands of customers around the world. The company consists of more than hundreds of employees who hail from diverse national backgrounds. Since the beginning, Meero has been an international company. Its photographers and clients are located in more than 100 countries, with the company making over 90% of its turnover from outside of France. Moreover, Meero’s offices are situated all over the world while its Paris office consists of almost 40 nationalities. Therefore, the company seeks open-mindedness while recruiting since it is necessary to integrate into this ambitious and global project.


Triumphing through Challenges


Like every business, Meero was also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, since its photographers were unable to locomote to work during lockdowns. Despite the hurdles, the company’s internal teams showed incredible reactivity to organize and adjust their way of working to deal with the uncertainty. Meanwhile, Meero ensured the safety of employees and photographers by adapting the operations to the sanitary conditions (such as specific logistics, video tutorials, emergency numbers, legal counsel and many more) while keeping the operations afloat. Eventually, with time, it developed new products and solutions to satisfy its clients’ evolving needs and make its business healthier.

Furthermore, some of the essential verticals of the professional photography industry suffered seriously from the crisis. As the pandemic was challenging, Meero needed to adapt quickly. Thus, it developed and targeted new business verticals, such as e-commerce, to continue offering gigs to its community of photographers.


Sailing with Wider Room for Growth


Currently, the company is evolving in a constantly moving and fascinating environment with much room for growth and innovation. The photography industry still needs pioneers in technology to create the future of image—this being the main building focus at Meero. To date, the company has managed to sustain itself through the changes owing to constant innovation and adaption to clients’ and the market’s needs. The company is currently developing a new product or feature ahead of the market by inculcating a clear vision of the market evolution and the solutions that can be sought to tackle it.

Innovation forms the key to the company’s model and stands on top of its 3 areas of expertise—AI, photography and operations. For Meero, innovation means constantly adapting to clients’ needs as well as to the market. In the future, the company is planning on developing new products to fulfill the vision that includes helping brands from various industries in producing, optimizing and valuing visual assets at any scale and from anywhere in the world.




“Meero is revolutionizing the world of photography by providing photographers a tool suite for their passion.”


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