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Matrix Applications: A Fintech Leader in The Fixed Income Capital Markets

Matrix Applications, LLC
The Executive Headlines

The fintech industry has gained wide popularity in the last few years. The advancement in technology has allowed businesses and industries to embrace it as part of the growth journey. Similarly, the boost in the economies and development in the businesses with an open economy has injected huge capital gains for the companies all over the world.

Founded in 2000, Matrix Applications is a fintech leader in the fixed income capital markets, offering front-to-back support for firms both big and small.

Matrix Applications utilizes its industry and technological expertise to deliver simple solutions to complex problems. As a fintech service bureau company, it offers a suite of collateral management, margining, and clearing systems for institutional fixed income trading and equities securities lending. Matrix Applications has fostered a culture of smart growth and financial strength, driven by its core values.

The team at Matrix Applications strives to build a trusting relationship with its customers to help them reach their goals. The team is dedicated to honoring the commitments that it makes by accomplishing its work at the highest levels of quality.


Helping Clients Meet Their Goals


Matrix Applications understands the importance of listening, evolving, and supporting each other to meet collective goals. The company views its customer relationships as a partnership and treats the customers' success as its own. “We embrace the fact that no business is the same which is why Matrix ensures all products are customizable to fit the needs of each and every customer. We believe in what we do and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and cutting-edge financial technology to help our clients meet their goals,” says Stephen Mellert, Managing Director at Matrix Applications.

  1. TradeBlazer: TradeBlazer is used by some of the largest clearing firms on the Street. It provides best-in-class, extensive support for fixed income, repo, MBS, and equities securities lending transactions. TradeBlazer’s integrated functions cover accounting, credit, operations, risk management, and trading modules, coupled with real-time clearance functions. Extensive online and bath reporting simplifies the operation team’s responsibilities.
  2. Elevate: Elevate is a seasoned securities finance solution with 20+ years of technical and business logic built in. Reengineered in 2022, Elevate is the optimal solution for broker/dealers, asset managers, and banks in the capital markets. Functions range from front office trade entry to settlement & clearance, down to reporting and accounting. The modular nature of the system allows firms to tailor a software solution to fits their needs— not the other way around.
  3. Margin Calculator: MarginCalculator is a web-based, interactive margin workflow platform for daily margining of covered agency transactions. It helps the clients compute and validate margin requirements based on the decision analysis for exemptions and exceptions. 
  4. Managed Services: Managed Services through Matrix Applications complements existing staff and add extra flexibility. Matrix increases the performance and effectiveness of clients’ operations team while lowering the overall costs. Matrix’s team works with clients to develop a full understanding of their business needs and crafts customized solutions, daily workflows, and operations manuals.


Exceptional Journey


Stephen Mellert’s journey began in 1989, he spent two years in Citibank’s Global Custody division, followed by three at The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Funds Transfer and Electronic Securities divisions. He re-joined Citibank in 1993, in the Reserve Management division before moving to the Treasury Finance Desk where he traded the US, Canadian, and high yield repo.

In 1999, Mellert co-founded Capital Markets Engineering & Trading LLC. And in 2000, he and the team launched Matrix Applications, a technology service bureau whose clients span from small broker/dealers to asset managers to global banks. He was responsible for the formation and infrastructure development of South Street Securities (SSS), which launched in 2004. 

At Matrix Applications, Stephen Mellert oversees business development and acts as a client advocate for the company. He promotes the firm’s fixed-income collateral management and margining platforms along with the company’s Managed Services for the back office.


Delivering Quality Service


Matrix Application consists of a team of capital markets and systems professionals delivering financial technology solutions to institutional firms. The forward-thinking team aims to empower its clients to take advantage of an ever-changing landscape by being ahead of industry trends. The company work hands-on with its clients to identify an optimal mix of services to best fit their needs, from systems to back-office operations assistance.

With in-house and offshore developers, Matrix Application provides its clients with the right solution at the right price. Comprised of industry veterans and financial professionals, the company leverages its extensive technical experience, a deep network across the finance industry, and a team of ops, regulatory and legal gurus to deliver bespoke managed services for firms big and small.

Backing the Matrix Application team’s expertise, a client testimonial from Annie B, Mid-Sized Regional Dealer, read- “Most technology vendors expect you to teach them about your business. The Matrix team not only knows technology, they know just about everything in the capital markets. It makes my life a lot easier not having to explain everything.”




“Matrix Applications is a fintech leader in the fixed income capital markets, offering front-to-back support for firms both big and small. We utilize our industry and technological expertise to deliver simple solutions to complex problems.”


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