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Andreas Kisslinger
The Executive Headlines

Empowering Brands and Content Creators to Reach New Heights!


As the planet progresses towards digitization, it is unsurprising that businesses and content producers are seeking methods to widen their scope and cultivate their brand presence on the internet. Given the plethora of displays, platforms, and gadgets accessible, it is imperative to have a well-organized strategy for disseminating and administering media. Nevertheless, discovering an economical and easy-to-use resolution to address this responsibility can pose a challenge.

Andreas Kisslinger, the visionary Founder and CEO of, had a different vision—a vision of democratizing media distribution and making it accessible to businesses and content creators of all sizes. With this bold mission in mind, emerged as a comprehensive end-to-end media distribution and management platform that empowers brands to expand their reach across multiple platforms, screens, and devices.

At its essence, is a revolutionary enterprise, furnishing economical and reachable solutions for enterprises and content originators to augment their brands. No longer restricted by exorbitant infrastructure or intricate distribution pathways, outfits its patrons with cutting-edge technology, unified marketing, and gainful instruments. The platform smoothly computerizes multi-platform media allocation, supervision, and issuance, while concurrently proffering advertisement and profit-making potentials, thereby bringing triumph within the grasp of all.

It offers a comprehensive array of services to cater to all media distribution requirements. Their extensive suite of services encompasses hosting, storage, transcoding, CDN delivery, app and website setup, metadata and media library management, live-streaming and linear streams, and publishing automation across major device platforms and social media sites. By constantly adapting to keep pace with the ever-evolving demands of the industry, it maintains its edge, guaranteeing that its clientele has access to cutting-edge tools necessary to succeed in a media landscape that is rapidly transforming. presents an opportunity for brands, irrespective of their magnitude, to radiate and procure the recognition they merit. Whether it is a diminutive enterprise striving to expand its reach or a solitary content producer endeavoring to establish its identity, it furnishes the indispensable foundation and assistance to accomplish its aspirations. By obliterating impediments and streamlining the intricate mechanism of distributing media, it facilitates brands concentration on their forte crafting captivating content that mesmerizes their viewers.

Beneath the shrewd guidance of Andreas Kisslinger, remains an illuminating beacon in the domain of media dispersion. His resolute dedication to novelty and his fervor for enabling others have impelled the platform to unprecedented altitudes. With Kisslinger steering the ship, it is ceaselessly breaking barriers, establishing benchmarks within the industry, and revolutionizing the approach to media dispersion, administration, and profit generation.


Let us embark upon a more profound exploration of their odyssey!

The All-In-One Solution for Content Creators and Businesses is an all-encompassing media management and distribution platform that offers economical and convenient solutions for content creators and businesses to expand their brand's reach across various platforms, screens, and devices. The intent behind the platform's inception was to democratize media distribution, making it accessible to established media corporations, small businesses, and independent content creators alike. With its cutting-edge technology, integrated marketing tools, and monetization features, provides an affordable and accessible means for multi-platform media distribution, management, and publishing automation, as well as advertising and monetization.

The corporation provides a plethora of services such as hosting, storing, transcoding, CDN delivery, app and website configuration, metadata, image and media library administration, live-streaming and linear streaming, and publishing automation to prominent device platforms and social media sites. The framework is constantly evolving to cater to the fluctuating demands of the industry and the assorted requisites of its clientele.


Emerging Streaming Devices

Since its inception, has been unwavering in its commitment to democratizing media distribution and management. As a result, Lightcast has taken the lead as an early adopter of OTT apps on all emerging app stores and streaming devices. Lightcast's team of software architects and app developers influenced the creation of FireTV years before its official launch, resulting in over 100 apps from Lightcast's clients being available from the outset. Similarly, Lightcast was among the first end-to-end OTT providers to integrate new device platforms like Samsung SmartTV, LG SmartTV, and AppleTV into its Media Cloud content management middleware, while also developing exclusive app templates for emerging app stores, streaming players, and smart TV devices. has continued to revolutionize and broaden its range of services to meet the dynamic demands of the industry and the diverse requirements of its clients.

The present-day delivers a comprehensive and seamless media distribution and management platform that presents an inclusive methodology for multi-platform media distribution, management, publishing automation, advertising, and monetization. The company's exclusive app template framework, merged with the Media Cloud management system, offers publishers the capacity to produce, manage, and present new TV apps, mobile apps, and web apps in a matter of days or weeks. This streamlined process provides for a significant reduction in time when compared to traditional development methodologies, which may consume months or even years to conclude. With an excess of 9,000 apps launched across all major app stores,'s app templates are demonstrated and enjoy an expedited review and approval process with app stores.


The Mastermind

Andreas Kisslinger is the progenitor and principal executive officer of He has established himself as a serial entrepreneur in the media and technology sectors since his teenage years, attaining a profound comprehension of customer requisites in the Over-The-Top (OTT) and streaming industries. Andreas is venerated as one of the covert innovators and whales in the OTT domain. He opines that preeminence in technology and product evolution is pivotal to the triumph of He endeavors to create an outstanding product that furnishes exceptional service and resolutions to its patrons.


In addition to his career, Andreas is an ardent individual who ardently enjoys various outdoor pursuits such as yachting, trekking, skiing, cycling, and scuba diving. He derives inspiration from the composition, efficacy, congruity, and structure of the natural world.


Expert Insights on Prioritizing Fundamental Tasks

Andreas posits that corporate acumen entails the discerning identification and concentration on fundamental tasks that drive the enterprise towards success. He underscores the significance of sifting through and prioritizing among a plethora of vendors, concepts, openings, and propositions that compete for a corporation's attention. Andreas accentuates that sagacious culling, prioritization, and concentration are pivotal to engineering procedures, software advancement, and customer satisfaction.

Andreas acknowledges the pivotal role that software assumes in enhancing organizational intelligence, but he emphasizes the indispensability of adopting appropriate software that aligns with the workflow. As a software engineer, Andreas is well-versed in the importance of automating workflows using software and how it can augment efficiency levels. Furthermore, he advocates for the integration of software services from other vendors that are compatible with one another.


Financial Obstacles Paving the Way

The enterprise encountered the obstacle of financing its inception solely from its internal resources, without any outside investments. This necessitated the company to exhibit exceptional acumen in budgeting and expenditure management in its nascent years. In the absence of external funds, the company had to maximize the utility of every dollar at its disposal. This judicious approach to resource allocation facilitated the company's overall improvement in myriad ways.

Notwithstanding the fiscal predicament, the nascent years proved to be a source of pleasure for the enterprise. was able to concentrate on the advancement of its products and exercise its creativity without the compulsion of appeasing investors. The zeal for crafting exceptional software and erecting an unparalleled multi-platform OVP and Media Management System for the mid-market served as a motivating impetus throughout the startup phase.


Productivity and Wellness Strategy

The corporate ethos at places a premium on maximizing productivity and optimizing efficiency while also endeavoring to maintain equilibrium and sidestepping the pitfalls of burnout. The enterprise incentivizes its personnel to prioritize their duties and channel their exertions towards attaining their objectives, thereby generating additional leisure time for conviviality, amusement, and repose. The establishment strives to strike a balance between industriousness and respite, recognizing that excessive toil can prove counterproductive and disheartening. encourages its teams to exhibit astuteness in their curation and ranking of duties during the day and to fragment prodigious undertakings into feasible objectives and benchmarks. The enterprise also motivates its teams to be cognizant of time-captivating activities such as social media and media indulgence. By implementing these measures, aims to establish a work milieu that is simultaneously fruitful and pleasurable for its staff.


Media Automation Technology and Expansion Plans aspires to establish itself as a preeminent supplier of media dissemination automation amenities across a diverse range of screens, devices, and platforms. It aims to sustain its expansion and growth in essential verticals. The organization intends to incorporate multiple local offices in burgeoning markets to cater more efficiently to its expanding clientele. Additionally, plans to continue advancing and refining its exclusive media management system, the Media Cloud, to provide its patrons with more extensive functionalities and attributes.