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KLOC HEALTH: Providing Next-level Operations with Dynamic Staffing in Healthcare

The Executive Headlines

Today, the demand for healthcare staffing has vastly increased. Major healthcare staffing companies are increasingly serving as general contractors for hospitals scrambling to staff up with contingent physicians and nurses. With that said, a large sum of investment is spent on recruiting third-party staff—costing hospitals and health systems billions of dollars each year.

KLOC Health's goal is to help hospitals reduce dependency on third-party staffing agencies, optimize existing staff and reduce nurse burnout. It is comprehensively solving healthcare problems at their root by integrating data and humanity. KLOC is the brainchild of Asif Huda (Founder) who established the company after realizing underlying gaps in the healthcare industry.


Abridging Underlying Gaps in Healthcare


In 2006, Asif and his brothers started a digital agency and successfully exited the business in 2017. His role was Head of Business Development, having secured partnerships and working with brands such as Yamaha, Google, and many more.

In late 2019, Asif observed certain gaps in the healthcare industry and began working on strategizing a way to abridge them. Upon researching the healthcare industry, he realized that over $25B per year was spent on third-party staffing agencies, while an additional $100b was spent on resource operational inefficiencies.

Asif wanted to ensure that the solution was not a patch or support to the current ecosystem of healthcare. He further wanted to ensure that the solution addressed a root cause which resulted in moving hospitals and health systems from reactionary to proactive operations. Currently, Asif spearheads the company's vision, strategy and strategic partnerships.  


Understanding Operational Gaps and Opportunities


The driving force behind KLOC is to improve the mental and physical well-being of nurses. Through the KLOC platform, hospitals understand operational gaps and areas of opportunities within their existing staffing structure, but also gain insights into their front-line workers and can identify potential nurse burnout before it arises. It helps hospitals understand operational gaps and opportunities within their staffing structure. The company’s top-down approach provides hospital leadership solutions that gain insights into their front-line workers by first understanding their internal staffing operations.

In order to achieve its goal, KLOC equips hospitals with insightful technology and solutions that help create efficient and proactive operations. From its perspective, moving hospitals into a proactive state begins by understanding their patients, and patient surges. Through multiple data points and algorithms, the company provides hospitals’ future expected demand so that they can resource more intelligently and prepare for surges while reducing last-minute high-cost dependency on staffing firms.


Robust Offerings and Unique Solutions


KLOC HEALTH aims to provide next-level operations with dynamic staffing. It envisions emerging as a leader in the industry with its efficient offerings and myriad of solutions. The company seeks to change the future of efficient operations and staffing with two of its prominent offerings—Health Staff Manager and Hospital Forecaster solution.


  • Health Staff Manager: It helps quickly secure the right nurse for the right assignment. It measures a nurse's potential impact on a patient through a variety of data points which, combined, provide a Nurse Impact Score (NIS) that hospitals can use to assign against patients. In addition to the NIS, Health Staff Manager looks at nurse utilization (historic and future), skill-sets, preferences and location to help identify risks, and potential burnout before they arise.
  • Hospital Forecaster solution: Bringing hindsight to the forefront, KLOC’s Hospital Forecaster is an innovative and data-driven solution. It leverages AI, machine learning, and KLOC’s algorithm to help hospitals identify and prepare for future patient surges. It begins by layering KLOC’s proprietary algorithm over multiple internal systems to pull relevant data. Next, it conducts a thorough evaluation and analysis of hospital operations while identifying real-time gaps and opportunities against patient needs. With a complete historic and real-time view of operations, KLOC’s Hospital Forecaster can automate nurse staffing, communicate leveraging NLP, and predict future surges.


Ingrained with the Brand Vision


The team of KLOC HEALTH is spearheaded by Asif and comprises some of the ingenious minds of the industry. It has a combination of passionate product managers, engineers, mathematicians, customer success managers, designers, and healthcare professionals who are aligned to deliver the best product and service to customers. Moreover, the team is ingrained in the vision of providing solutions to improve the mental and physical well-being of the nurses.


The KLOC Platform


The KLOC platform emerges as the only technology that leverages professional insights as well as nurse psychographics to provide a complete 360-view of a nurse, while also providing hospital leadership with insights that can identify nurse burnout prior to its impact on the nurse or the patient.

Given the state of nurses within the healthcare industry today, the most intriguing feature to hospitals is the match score offered by the platform. For any assignment, short-term or long-term, this score takes multiple data points and feedback into consideration. These include aspects such as self-identified skill-sets, utilization rates, psychographics, among others.

In some cases, the NIS score also includes peer review to give leadership an understanding of how their nurses match up with patient needs, where there are opportunities for cross-training, career growth, burnout, turnover, and many more. KLOC HEALTH is comprehensively armed with this knowledge and level of insight to help hospitals save millions and the industry billions.


Anticipating Future Proliferations 


To date, KLOC HEALTH has actively catered to the requirements in the healthcare industry by abridging the underlying gaps. The company has been helping hospitals understand operational gaps and opportunities within their staffing structure. It anticipated various new additions and inclusions in its offerings in the upcoming years.

Currently, it is looking at the time the average patient spends in the ER along with the costs associated as well as the services mainly provided. KLOC pursues the numerous potential methods to create efficiency, cost savings and reduce pressure on staff.


Key Takeaway:


Healthcare is complex, there is no ‘one-size fit’s all’ solution to a problem that is dynamic in nature. Part of KLOC’s investment into the partnership with hospitals is the time the company spends upfront, understanding the challenges of the hospitals, nurses, patients, leadership and technology teams, etc. During this 30-day discovery period, it uncovers short-term and long-term goals and presents a set of solutions that help hospitals crawl, walk and run into a proactive operations model.


“Ultimately, we believe that helping the healthcare industry move into a proactive operations model will not only benefit leadership, but their doctors, nurses, support staff, and essentially you and me, the patient.”


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