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Key Tronic Corporation: An Industry Leader in World-Class Manufacturing and Engineering

Key Tronic Corporation
The Executive Headlines

Numerous changes are continually being made to the corporate environment. It is crucial to innovate constantly and quickly in order to thrive in this cutthroat environment. Additionally, expertise aids in staying current with trends. 

Key Tronic Corporation started off as a maker of keyboards in 1969. The business changed from being a full-service OEM to a contract manufacturer in the early 1990s. The recession of 2008–2009 presented another difficulty during this difficult adjustment. Instead of hopping on the “popular in the market right now” bandwagon, the team concentrated on retaining diversity in served markets.

The company has grown significantly for more than 50 years. One of the most prominent providers of Design and Manufacturing Services in the market today is Key Tronic Corporation, which began as a successful Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). With over 25 years of experience manufacturing items abroad, it is aware of consumer needs. “You benefit from our global facilities while still working with a US-based company. Our customers are some of the world’s leading OEMs. Today Keytronic is located all over the globe and trusted as a full-service engineering design and manufacturing provider,” adds Craig D. Gates (President and CEO at Key Tronics). 


Foreseeing Transformation in Business


The decision by more and more OEMs to de-concentrate their supply chains has resulted in a large increase in new business for Keytronic. With its continuing campus development in Juarez, Mexico, and its acquisition of other production facilities in the US, China, and Vietnam, the corporation foresaw this transformation years ago and set itself up to benefit from it. Full engineering services are provided by Keytronic, including product design, manufacture, testing, plastic tooling, and an IPO for purchasing in China. 

In addition, Keytronic provides vertically integrated manufacturing services, including reverse logistics, centralized document management, PCBA assembly and test, final product assembly and test, and metal processing and coating.


Spearheaded by a Visionary Leader


At Keytronic, Mr. Gates has promoted an environment of free communication. He is a seasoned professional with remarkable intelligence who has benefited from his experience and knowledge in the business world. He began working for Keytronic in 1994, and since then he has held a number of executive management positions. He accepted the position and duties of President and CEO in 2009.

A leader always has a number of tasks and obligations, particularly in situations where the business is facing difficulties. As previously indicated, Keytronic faced difficulties throughout the changeover in the early 1990s and 2000s, but the business has since persevered and thrived. 

We saved the company by going into production and ramping a consumer product we designed for a customer to a million units per month in one month. Over the years we have developed and implemented several proprietary manufacturing processes that have enabled multiple $100 million businesses,” explains Mr. Gates. 


Equipped with Knowledge of Development


Keytronic is equipped and knowledgeable enough to help at any stage of the product development process. It can offer a finished product design starting with a sketch from your marketing team, help finish designs that your engineering team has started, or offer the final piece of DFM guidance needed for a successful product launch. The business also specializes in redesigning products to cut costs. 

Due to its scale and global reach, the company can focus on clients with low to medium volume and high flexibility requirements while still enjoying the cost advantages of offshore sites that are typically reserved for Tier 1 electronic manufacturing service providers solely. This focus allows the company to provide an unparalleled level of customer service and price on mid-size programs.


Unwavering Commitment to Business Proliferation


Since its foundation, Keytronic has never wavered in its commitment to providing its clients with outstanding manufacturing and engineering services at the lowest possible overall cost for the highest possible goods, fostering enduring business partnerships that benefit both parties. This characteristic has aided the business in attracting exceptionally talented and devoted candidates. Because it places a high emphasis on internal promotions and rewarding staff members for good work, Keytronic has been able to establish excellent relationships with its workforce. 

The company considers its most valuable asset to always be the men and women of Keytronic. Every employee is urged to “manage the company as if it were your own.” A culture of dedication to accomplishment has emerged as a result of surviving difficult times. The business promotes ongoing discussion on the problem at hand, the strategy to solve it, and the success that will follow if the problem is solved.

Each team member takes personal responsibility for helping others become more effective while also meeting the needs of the business. The team is empowered to collaborate outside of functional positions for the benefit of the business, treats the business's assets as their own, and works together for the company's success.


“We understand what you need from your manufacturing service provider because we’ve been on the other end, just like you.”


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