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Kamyar Shah: Scaling Profitability for Businesses with Strategic Marketing and Management

Kamyar Shah
The Executive Headlines

Kamyar Shah is a globally recognized Business Consultant - Operations and Marketing Executive with immense management experience. A strategic leader with over 25 years of profound expertise in remote and on-site operations management and marketing, he is driving stakeholder value in large and small organizations alike.


Having served several decades in business, Shah’s experience as a Fractional Chief Operating Officer (Fractional COO) and Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (Fractional CMO) is recognized worldwide. He is immensely skilled at addressing problems at all levels while cutting costs through knowledge management and quality assurance for creating organizational coherence as well as profitability. He has participated in hundreds of projects at 168+ different companies in 18 different industries during his several decades in business. Shah’s hallmark of success has been a dedication to modern technological principles combined with effective leadership and efficiency in all aspects of his projects. Moreover, he has a proven track record of success for his clients and projects.


Leading at an Exceptional Success Rate


For any organization, big or small, a COO is a top-level executive in charge of the company's operations who can boost output and efficiency. However, many businesses overlook this responsibility in their early stages which creates a void in which the company requires a COO but not in sufficient quantity of hours to justify a full-time position.


With that being said, Shah is a skilled management consultant, operations and marketing executive, and turnaround specialist with extensive management experience in large and small businesses, fast-growing industries, and troubled/turnaround businesses.


Creating Outcomes and Opportunities


A talented business and management consultant, Shah has been assisting SME (small-to-medium-sized firms) owners in scaling profitability. Moreover, he helps to create outcomes and sustainability, assists management in establishing company direction and processes, achievable growth and profit targets with execution plans, performance measurements with accountability, and an effective, engaged, and empowered organization. He also offers in-house business coaching to CEOs, executives, and their teams in all essential business areas, such as organization, management, leadership, finance, operations, and marketing/sales.


Shah hails from an extensive background that includes exploring fields such as general manager of worldwide sites, global sourcing, and production VP/Director. Other areas where he has proven his excellence are product creation, production, procurement, quality control, and testing, compliance, planning, inventory control, logistics, and distribution. Shah has worked on over 640 projects across a wide range of businesses and sectors, including eCommerce, medical, technology, and the startup world (B2B and B2C).


Efficient Operation and Marketing Management


As a business consultant helping small businesses provide more efficient operation and marketing management, Shah has been helping businesses improve customer experiences. His deep expertise in the areas of operations and marketing strategy and execution, management practices, cultural change, human capital acquisition and retention, and overall performance improvement in operations and marketing has been beneficial for businesses.


Following are the distinguished and notable services provided by Kamyar Shah:


  • Fractional Chief Operating Officer ( COO )
  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer ( CMO )
  • Change Management Consulting
  • Strategic Consulting ( SC )
  • Small Business Consulting (SMB Consulting )
  • Digital Marketing Management (SEO, SEM, SMM)
  • Email Marketing Management
  • CRM Management
  • Marketing Operations Management
  • Sales Operations Management
  • eCommerce Strategic Growth


Analyzing Overall Success


Being a celebrated leader, Shah asserts no single factor or project contributes to overall success. Although he can think of unique projects that had a significant impact, such as training ML models that use both supervised and unsupervised learning models or AI in terrain mapping, he finds it difficult to attribute success to those alone. In his experience, the managerial aspect of success heavily favors servant leadership and coaching. Especially when it comes to managing marketing executives.


For Shah, success has been achieved through good old planning and execution. He has worked hard at a steady pace and made it a point to celebrate the small successes that eventually led to exponential growth.


In Shah’s opinion, hiring a business consultant is a significant decision in any business and should not be taken lightly. According to the small business advisor; a business consultant; by definition; has an advisory role that will have an outsized impact on operational matters. It is not a function of education or experience alone; it is a combination thereof. Hence, it is hard to hire a seasoned consultant with decades of experience and matching educational background. It gets even more complicated when the said consultant ought to have a solid track record of ‘continuing education’ as in continuous learning.


Most management consultants; by training, tend to be generalists with the ability to quickly adapt according to transforming industries: seasoned management consultants are highly effective in research and knowledge acquisition/management;” adds Shah. “I have found that strengthening those research skills to a mastery level tends to have the highest possibility of contributing to success substantially. Add data science/analysis, and you have a virtually unbeatable combination!


Celebrated Coaching Expert


Being a celebrated coaching expert; Shah says future leaders should keep in mind the two most important factors to gain great heights—leadership and human capital management. Although it may sound elementary, these two factors, often, have an outsized impact on the success or failure of a given organization. He further adds that organizational failures can and will occur because of factors outside the control of any organization, leadership and human capital tend to be the ones that can reasonably mitigate even those factors.


With respect to that, Shah urges all leaders to never quit the pursuit of learning. Although this may sound like a no-brainer, for a COO it is even more important to expand their knowledge under the position. A COO is summoned to interact with every part of the business. Therefore, continuing education can help them to remain updated in their field as well as those that they manage.


In the upcoming days, one of the fascinating projects Shah has been collaborating with is providing education to various CEOs in operations and marketing management. In the past few months, he has offered top-performing CEOs an ‘on-demand coaching’ that helps them gain a more in-depth insight into industry standards as well as best practices while evaluating their organization.


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