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Intelli Group: A Trusted IT Advisor Delivering Quantifiable Benefits for Customers

Intelli Group
The Executive Headlines

Intelli Group is a specialized IT consulting firm, focusing on Telecom, Financial, Manufacturing, and Services sectors.


Established in 2005, Intelli Group’s initial mission and the reason behind its establishment was to enhance the corporate value of its customers in a quantifiable manner and in optimal time.

Over the years, its motto has evolved from “Trusted IT Advisor” to “We orchestrate your Digital Transformation”. Based on such terms, the company has grown as a Business Software Consultancy firm helping organizations transform digitally with smart solutions which can provide significant value to the areas it is operating. 


Intelli Group’s objective is to help customers make sense of complexity while allowing them to do their jobs better. The company closely monitors the financial and telecom markets with its extensive knowledge in the area of Digital Transformation and thus, offers customers end-to-end solutions to enable them to deliver a seamless digital experience with concrete and quantifiable benefits. 


Quantifying Outcomes of Success 


Intelli Group has an active multinational presence across prominent regions like Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, along with 6 active subsidiaries (Athens, Greece - Belgrade, Serbia - Sofia, Bulgaria - Nicosia, Cyprus - Cairo, Egypt - Istanbul, Turkey). As a result, the company enables its more than 500 customers to improve their customer interactions better, faster, and more efficiently, based on a fully digital approach. In the past 17+ years, it has developed a complete products and solutions suite through technologies like AI and ML, while continuously investing in R&D. Intelli Group’s expertise and proven success record in delivering complex projects for enterprise customers with the highest customer satisfaction levels possible allows it to act as a

‘Trusted Advisor’ delivering quantifiable benefits for its customer base. 


Additionally, Intelli Group has been extremely active for the past years in Digital Transformation solutions and has introduced a very specific framework for cooperation with large enterprises. The company’s approach is to first analyze possible difficulties and ensure the added value for all stakeholders of a digital transformation program. It also explores the nature and history of the new demand and we then identify ways to incorporate key digital principles and review how the new approach will fit into new or existing business models. 


End-to-End Digital Customer Onboarding Solution


For the last 3 years, Intelli Group has been centralizing its focus on developing and extending a unique and innovative SaaS service, providing an end-to-end digital customer onboarding solution. The service, called ‘idbox™’, is based on AI, Image Processing, and Machine / Deep learning technologies and is available in the cloud at a 24x7 level, offering ID Verification, Document Verification, and remote e-Signature capabilities. It allows any company or organization such as banks, retail companies, hotels, and others, to instantly build a digital customer flow (new or existing). It also enables the remote authentication and registration process for a service or product purchase in just a few minutes, anytime, anywhere, and from any device.


The whole new customer activation process is now digitally transformed via idbox™. The service fully covers all the regulatory requirements of the European Union as well as the relevant regulatory bodies in local markets, while it has received significant distinctions at the European level from reputable analysts. Through the experience we have developed, after a series of successful implementations, Intelli Group is confident about offering significant added value to companies and organizations that want to take advantage of the possibilities offered by a complete Digital OnBoarding solution.


Delivering Market Leading Software Solutions


Intelli Group has adopted certain key strategies and principles to ensure long-term success. These are: 


  1. Agility - The company follows an agile operating model, although it is a tough process and especially when it is already recognized and established. To maintain its agile approach, it strives to keep alive an internal mechanism for being able to stay tuned to signals of change from the external environment, decode them, and quickly act to refine or reinvent its business model and even reshape the information landscape of the industry.



  1. Move Into New Markets - From the very early stage, Intelli Group aimed to expand into new markets. The management team made calculated decisions on how to move forward with expansion based on extensive research and testing with the brand's target audience. Since 2005, Intelli has successfully entered new international markets with a clear strategy and a team aligned to execute with ruthless consistency. However, there are various challenges underway. As a result, the company concluded that a rigorous and disciplined approach is critical. Hence, penetrating new markets and connecting with customers requires a transformational approach to crafting the overall customer

experience and, more importantly, telling a brand story in a relevant and engaging way— with relentless consistency at every customer touchpoint.



  1. Focus on the power of Employees - From the beginning, the company’s focus on its people and an ‘employee first’ along with a ‘customer first’ approach has been one of its strategic choices to ensure sustainable performance. According to Intelli Group, the approach has helped it increase and make use of inherent motivation among people. The company further noticed an increase in client satisfaction, and revenues and enhanced its competitiveness; ensuring its future position in the market. Thus, Intelli Group concluded that its people can play a predominant role in ensuring a balance between short-term and long-term performance.


Envisioning a Radiant Future


In the future, Intelli Group aims to accelerate revenue growth by increasing investment in its most promising opportunities while improving its customer experience. Having completed the transformation of our software to a SaaS model and adopted a concrete digital transformation consulting role, the company is confident about better serving its customers and generating new significant business growth in the coming years. It is launching several initiatives designed to eliminate customer pain points, simplify policies and practices, and equip our sales force with world-class tools and technologies.


Especially based on the new Digital Customer OnBoarding solution - idbox™, the company envisions a significant prospect in the targeted markets. In the end, Intelli Group takes pride in what it stands for and what it has delivered so far while anticipating a radiating future.  


At the Forefront


Mr. Panos Gialelis (CEO) is a co-founder and head of the Group since 2005. He had an evolving management career – which started 30 years ago - in multinational companies such as Microsoft and Vodafone holding senior executive positions in Marketing, Sales, and General Management. Mr. Gialelis holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA and has been a keynote speaker in many large conferences and Forums regarding Internet, e-Business, telecommunications evolution, and digital transformation.


“As Intelli, being active in the digital transformation business, we have observed that many of the companies face significant difficulties to make that digital leap.”  


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