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Integrated Management Resources: Pioneers of Staffing and Recruiting Space since 1990

Integrated Management Resources LLC
The Executive Headlines

Integrated Management Resources (IMR) is a highly reputable firm that specializes in providing executive search services for IT and Finance professionals. With an impressive track record spanning 32 years, IMR has earned a distinguished reputation for its successful placements in some of the most demanding sectors in the world, including Investment Banks such as Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and HSBC, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, and Private Equity Portfolio Companies.

The company has been instrumental in sourcing top-tier talent in fields such as quantitative analytics, software engineering/architecture, risk management, sales/trading, and banking/origination. With a proven track record of success, IMR is dedicated to providing its clients with exceptional service and delivering superior results.

Core Values and Commitment toward Clients

The mission of Integrated Management Resources (IMR) is centered around its dedication to core values and commitment to introducing top talent to top firms. The company's continued success is a testament to its values of trust, integrity, and consistency. IMR places a high priority on trust by exercising discretion and maintaining confidentiality for its candidates and clients. The company also values integrity, which is reflected in its clear communication and open dialogue with candidates and hiring managers. Finally, IMR prioritizes consistency, as demonstrated by its impressive 30+ year track record of placing professionals who stay with their organizations for the long term and prove to be valuable assets.

Origins of IMR

Integrated Management Resources (IMR) was founded in 1990 by Barry Franklin, a New York City native who had previously worked as a recruiter for a top global executive search firm. Barry's goal was to establish a firm that was dedicated to providing premium quality executive search services while maintaining the highest ethical standards. He identified a niche in the financial risk management and PhD quantitative analytics sector, which he quickly capitalized on. In 2002, Chad Dean joined IMR and quickly established himself as one of the top recruiters in the firm. Chad's contribution was invaluable in expanding the recruiting capabilities of the firm, and he played a pivotal role in IMR's success over the years.

In 2009, Chad purchased IMR, and he has since managed the day-to-day operations of the firm while also leading a team of 11 recruiters. IMR has maintained a strong reputation in the industry, and its track record of success has made it a key partner for talent acquisition across multiple sectors. Despite market fluctuations, the firm has remained resilient, providing consistent results for its clients.

Offering Services for Various Market Areas

Integrated Management Resources offers a range of solutions in several market areas, including Quantitative Analytics, Data Analytics, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Research & Strategy, and Institutional Fixed Income Sales. In Quantitative Analytics, IMR offers solutions that help clients analyze and interpret complex data to develop actionable insights. This includes developing models and algorithms that can help clients make data-driven decisions in areas such as risk management, asset allocation, and portfolio optimization. In Data Analytics, IMR offers solutions that help clients collect, organize, and analyze large amounts of data to uncover patterns, trends, and insights. This includes data cleansing, data mining, data visualization, and predictive modeling.

IMR's solutions in Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence involve using advanced algorithms to help clients make predictions and automate decision-making processes. This includes developing machine learning models for applications such as fraud detection, predictive maintenance, and natural language processing. In Information Technology, IMR offers solutions that help clients manage and optimize their IT infrastructure, including software development, network design, and cloud computing.

IMR's solutions in Research & Strategy involve providing clients with insights and recommendations on market trends and opportunities, competitive analysis, and strategic planning. Finally, in Institutional Fixed Income Sales, IMR offers solutions that help clients buy and sell fixed-income securities in the institutional marketplace. This includes providing clients with access to a broad range of fixed-income products, as well as expertise and guidance on trading strategies and market conditions.

About the CEO

Chad Dean is the current President and CEO of Integrated Management Resources (IMR), a recruitment and staffing firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He joined the company in 2002, after working as an engineer recruiter for the aerospace and technology sectors. Chad quickly rose through the ranks and became the CEO in 2009, where he is responsible for overseeing the sales, fulfillment, and strategy of the organization. Chad's experience in sales started at a young age when he had a paper route, and later sold Kirby vacuum cleaners door-to-door. These experiences taught him valuable skills in sales and closing deals, which he has applied to his role as CEO of IMR. He has also shown his ability to multitask, managing his schooling, work, and varsity golf during his collegiate years and achieving Dean's list for two semesters in a row.

Chad's leadership has been instrumental in transforming IMR into a more scalable company. He restructured the organization to streamline the recruitment process and speed up the delivery of excellent candidates, leading to 50% year-over-year growth in the last two years and doubling the company's staff. Chad's educational background includes a degree in biology and an MBA in finance, which he obtained while juggling a full-time job. His MBA in finance coursework was a good fit for the financial sector that IMR specializes in, enabling him to gain valuable knowledge in the field.