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Imprivata: Securing Future of Business with Friction-free Digital Identity

The Executive Headlines

It's no secret that digital identity has become a hot topic in tech, both for consumers and for companies. In fact, an increasing number of people today use an online identity to carry out daily chores like accessing government benefits, education, bank accounts, and scheduling appointments for medical care. Without it, it is occasionally even impossible to use services or carry out duties. A business may employ the most effective security methods. Even so, it won't stop an employee from falling for a phishing scam and unintentionally giving cybercriminal access to the company network. After all, human error is common. This is why specialized Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) providers' expert Digital Identity Management solutions are essential for preventing identity theft and unauthorized data access.

Imprivata is one of the top digital identity management tools for your business. Imprivata is the digital identity firm for mission- and life-critical industries, revolutionizing how businesses address difficult workflow, security, and compliance issues with tools that safeguard sensitive information and apps without interfering with normal business operations. By building trust between people, technology, and information, its interoperable identity, authentication, and access management solutions enable enterprises in over 45 countries to fully manage and secure all corporate and third-party digital identities.


Securing Digital Identity with Technology


Every individual, connected object, and the program serves as a point of access to corporate resources. Access to vital information that you cannot risk losing must be simple to find. Your digital identity strategy holds the key to safeguarding your business and guaranteeing easy user access. Security is complicated by current outdated techniques, and the patchwork of suppliers frequently introduces the high risks we seek to avoid.

Since efficiency and safety have historically been inversely related, businesses and organizations frequently have to sacrifice one for the other. With the most robust workflows and compliance requirements on earth, Imprivata was founded to change that.


Unified Digital Identity and Access Management


Creating a solid strategy might be challenging. To give CISOs, CIOs, and other IT leaders a toolset to help them with their Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy, the company has developed a digital identity framework. It is a unified, efficiency- and security-focused framework. In order to solve the crucial requirements for governance and administration, authorization, identity management, access and authentication, SoImprivata developed a digital identity framework. This framework provides a uniform way of managing identities across borderless networks. 

As a result, a platform that seamlessly protects all identities at all access points for system compliance is created. a platform that, at long last, doesn't force users to pick between security and convenience. To properly manage and secure all enterprise and third-party digital identities across on-premises and cloud applications, Imprivata provides the only genuinely integrated data identity platform.


Ingenious Leader at the Helm


At the helm of Imprivata, Gus Malezis spearheads as the President and Chief Executive Officer. Gus is well known for being a visionary leader in the field of information technology security. He has more than 30 years of expertise in developing market-leading enterprises and fostering innovation and growth. Gus most recently served as the President of Tripwire, a top provider of endpoint detection and response, security, and compliance solutions, before joining Imprivata. Gus attended the University of Toronto to study philosophy and computer science.


Enterprise single sign-on


With safe, No Click AccessTM to on-premises and cloud apps from any device, anywhere, Imprivata enables enterprises to provide a frictionless user experience. With unified policy administration throughout your whole enterprise, ImprivataOneSign streamlines access control while minimizing the reliance on manually entering users and passwords.


Virtual Desktop Access


With Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access, businesses can give users a quick and simple way to access virtual desktops powered by Citrix or VMware (VDA). Imprivata'sVDA assists customers in utilizing their roaming desktops by replacing time-consuming, manual log-ins with automated procedures, increasing productivity and saving time.


Privileged Access Management


With Imprivata Privileged Access Management, an agentless solution deployable in minutes, businesses can reduce the risk of data breaches associated with compromised privileged credentials and fulfill industry-wide regulatory compliance standards. At the same time, you can share access to internal, external, or remote resources without releasing passwords by using Imprivata's enterprise password vault to securely store credentials and other sensitive information.


Access and Authentication for Mobile Users


To enable simple and secure access to shared mobile devices and applications, organizations can use Imprivata Mobile Device AccessTM.


Mobile Provisioning Automatically


Businesses can enhance their mobile strategy with the right mix of security and effectiveness thanks to Imprivata. With Enterprise Password AutoFill, Imprivata's GroundControl offers effortless, secure device checkout, automated device provisioning, and quick, secure user access.


Multifactor authentication


Confirm ID for Remote Access from Keep Imprivata makes it simple to gain access to remote network connections, cloud apps, Windows servers, and desktops while supporting a decentralized workforce.


“We deliver the only digital identity platform to secure all identities and enable the compliance of all systems, with invisible user access to legacy and cloud applications.”


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