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Growth Institute: Driving Growth in Leadership and Management via Knowledge

Growth Institute
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Growth Institute is a leading provider of business education for fast-growing small to medium-sized firms. Through its virtual education platform, the company offers not only the knowledge necessary to scale up any firm, but also the skills necessary to implement it.


With seminars from esteemed authors and academics such as Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Brad Smart, Fred Reichheld, Victoria Medvec, and more, Growth Institute is the leader in quality content and implementable skills among business e-learning companies. The company is committed to providing only the best and our standard of quality cannot be compromised.


Growth Institute is leading with the primary goal of providing people from across the world with the best and most current business knowledge out there. The company is constantly providing new seminars and courses that are most applicable and beneficial for the clients and their business and will continue to do so until none are left to be found, with a firm belief that education is a never-ending journey.


Combining Benefits of Learning


Growing companies are unsung heroes - they provide jobs and boost the economy. And yet, the resources available to their leadership are scattered and narrowly available. Growth Institute is changing that narrative by combining the benefits of learning, coaching and application into a robust learning experience. The company provides leaders with the surest pathway to evolve their company as well as themselves. However, it does not stop there. Growth Institute’s BHAG is to scale impact and reduce drama for 10 million leaders by 2040.


Growth Institute offers several courses, ranging from leadership to management. The company’s courses are designed for the busy leader, entrepreneur, and teams to help build

a growth mindset and answer any business-scaling question to can think of. The differences between its courses all come down to time commitment and implementation support. Moreover, its programs are highly customizable to fit the business needs, budgets, and growth paths of the clients. One can watch over 100 45-90 minute courses according to their comfort and convenience, with implementation tools included in every one.


An individual can take the Master Business Courses in two ways. Firstly, the Self-paced way where each course has between 5-12 hours of video tutorials, taught by the author, creator or expert in each field. One also gets access to the full suite of tools developed specifically to help implement the methodology. Secondly, the Coach-led way where one can get all videos and tools as above but go through the course with an expert coach and a community of business leaders in it.


Additionally, Growth Institute’s Edge consists of 55k+ micro-courses and implementation tools covering every facet of what it takes to grow yourself, develop a team and scale a business. It is also a 20k-strong global community of growth-minded CEOs, CXO, Owners, Founders, Entrepreneurs, and leaders building daily learning habits so they can build their teams and companies on strong foundations.


Guided by Learning Principles and Values


Being lifelong learners in the game and certain values guiding the way, Growth Institute aims to continue to grow and not lose the core of what motivates our people to show up and invest in their growth every day. At Growth Institute, consistent learning sets a strong foundation, but the real magic happens when we start to implement. The company adheres to the following core values:


  • Driven by growth and learning
  • Honor knowledge
  • Speak your mind
  • Own the outcome.
  • Takes a community
  • It's always the first date


Led by Zeal and Stewardship


The team of Growth Institute is spearheaded by Daniel Marcos. Being at the helm, he wears multiple hats and consistently contributes to the success and development of the company. Under his leadership, Growth Institute has been scaling immense success. The team is made up of some of the most talented, hard-working, and passionate people in the industry. They span 5 countries and 6 time zones. However, the company also prioritizes the work-life balance of its employees. To do so, it emphasizes getting things done, but not at the expense of open collaboration, transparency and a fun working environment.


At the Forefront:


Growth Institute came out of a cycle of entrepreneurship. Since his mid-twenties, Daniel Marcos (CEO & Co-Founder) has gone through the highs and lows of being a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded and sold a few companies - and lost one to the recession.


Eventually, Daniel decided to get his MBA, and then become a business coach for several years. From these experiences, Daniel learned a valuable lesson. No one teaches you how to be a CEO. He was a capable executive. But he also sought help from a combination of experts, supporting peers, hired coaches, and his own voracious desire for learning. There was really never a central authority on all things business growth. Together with his partner and mentor, Verne Harnish, Daniel decided to create that authority. That's how they co-founded Growth Institute. Today, we are proud to provide the most applicable executive training in the market - at a fraction of the cost that you would find it elsewhere.


“Scale your business impact and reduce the drama that comes with rapid growth!”


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