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Google Announces Omnichannel a Must: only provider offering One Integrated Dealership Solution

The Executive Headlines

Established in 2018, omni. auto has spent 5 years developing the only full omnichannel solution for Dealers.  Part of this includes their new APEX web platform which has recently been named the highest-ranked Dealer Website in North America. Currently, provides services on several continents including Canada, US, South Africa, and Australia. is the only omnichannel provider in North America recommended by Google, offering every marketing service a Dealer needs, starting with the award-winning website platform as well as other marketing solutions required, all working seamlessly together to drive exponential leads. The omnichannel platform increases quality leads by up to 10x and provides a truly seamless customer experience.

The cutting-edge APEX website fully integrates with all new Social Media platforms as well as omni’s other products, such as the new “”, which is the first of its kind, a full-service chat platform designed by Dealers for Dealers. 

The recently announced “omni-reputation” service has them organically gathering hundreds of 5 STAR Google reviews for their clients as well as testimonials, posting these to their websites and driving incredible SEO and consumer confidence in their Dealers.  From start to finish, the company offers true omnichannel retailing, starting with the only newly developed websites in the industry that allow full integration with Social Media Platforms and management, Digital Advertising, Conquest and Database Marketing, Digital Landing Pages, Print are just some of their services.  All solutions are provided under one roof and with one point of contact, a Dealership Relationship Manager, the first of its kind in history. 

Leading the team to the forefront is a driven entrepreneur and philanthropist, Brent Marshall. As the CEO and Co-Founder of omni. Auto, his journey is unconventional yet inspiring. Today, he has proudly marked his position as an industry leader in the automobile space and as the foremost expert in omnichannel retailing. 

The Initial Journey

A very small-town upbringing led to a promising Engineering Career with what appeared to a tragic end, as a stroke victim crossing the center line and a head-on collision left Marshall in rehabilitation for over 2 years. This led to the first of much philanthropy with this downtime spent working with special needs children. Needing to get by a second job in Automotive Sales led to Brent becoming the #1 Car Salesman in BC. His dedicated work and performance accelerated him to serve leading roles and he swiftly moved from Salesman to Sales Manager and finally General Manager. 

In his role as a General Manager, he took this very small-town dealership and made it the #1 Volume Dealer in Canada. His passion for autos and skillset become the key drivers to his growth. He not only created the #1 GM truck dealership in Canada in a northern town of only 3,400 individuals but later earned the distinction of the #1 Volume Dealer for several Brands in multiple locations over the next 15 years. 

He went on to many other stores performing the same, raising sales to the highest ranking stores in the country, consulting in the US and Canada to large Dealer Groups and OEMs. In 2018, he was requested by multiple OEMs to create an “all-encompassing” dealership solution for all marketing and integrated websites. This concept is now known as “omnichannel retailing.”

Brent's Ultimate Source of Motivation

Brent is a purpose-driven leader, a magnanimous personality shines bright and sets him apart. He has continued to diversify his presence in a multitude of industries, including auto, aviation, beverage, business brokering, construction, consulting, drilling, film production, health, medical, real estate, restaurants, and software development, to name a few. However, regardless of business accomplishments, it is philanthropic work benefitting children and the community that is certainly his most fulfilling endeavor. Be it constructing a Children’s Wing on the UNBC hospital, an outdoor patio for a pediatric ward, Cancer Lodge Family Rooms, an outdoor all-wheels park for kids, or donating what is now millions to over 50 charities, Brent's most recent aim is to have all his companies donate to charity with programs set up to pay in perpetuity.

In the past 15 years, Marshall’s support of so many charities has earned him many titles and awards, but it is recognized as “The Face of Philanthropy” he is most proud of. Brent fondly states, “I believe it’s socially responsible for every successful business to give back to their community in some way and help support others. Whether through money, services, or time, we all have the ability to give.

In one of his recent podcasts, he talks about giving back to the community and doing good deeds. "Because I get to buy and sell companies regularly, I get to see financial statements. And you know how sick it makes me when I see their charitable contributions? A company does a million or more in Revenues [and their] charitable contributions last year? $4,000?"

On the contrary, Brent's companies all commit to giving money to charity based on sales or profits and produce cheques each month rather than once a year. As social responsibility continues to grow in importance, customers, vendors, partners, and even company buyers will want to see a true commitment to this.

Accelerating through the Speed-breakers what next?

Along the journey, Brent has withstood many challenges, his business philosophy has stood the test of time by effectively finding apt solutions to the arising problems. 

As of today, Brent states that the retail side of the industry has become very hard to navigate as the average dealer has over 20 different suppliers of marketing and digital solutions, with these operating in silos and not together. At, the company brings them all together under one roof, providing a seamless consumer experience that also makes its dealers' lives easier.

Brent's Take on the Current Industry Scenario

The auto, heavy truck and RV industries had already fallen behind quickly changing consumer needs in the digital space pre-pandemic, with many dealers having websites and tools more than five years old that don’t integrate with the latest marketing and social media platforms, then fell further behind as they put all marketing and development on pause during the pandemic, as it was never easier to sell at high-profit margins. Now it’s a fact that over 90% of consumers are making their buying decision based on a Dealer's web presence, reputation, and online experience.

Taking Steps toward Growing and Scaling

In terms of expanding the brand to new horizons in upcoming times, Brent states, "With both Google, Automotive News, and automotive experts announcing the immediate need for omnichannel marketing, we are working with OEMs to provide our solutions for their dealers as soon as possible."

An Honest Piece of Advice to Entrepreneurs 

In a quickly changing and very competitive market, the challenges are many. Brent as a veteran entrepreneur guides others to never stop improving their service for customers. 

He further adds, "Your commitment to a purpose can make or break your personal life and business. If you surround yourself with positive, like-minded people, you can focus on growing your business to do good, and not just to earn more."