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Fornux Inc: A Skillful Team Dedicated To Solving Science’s Most Challenging Problems

Fornux Inc.
The Executive Headlines

Established in 2004, Fornux Corporation caters to the most difficult problems in science like memory management in C++ and astrophysics. Initially, the struggles and challenges were difficult for the company but soon due to sheer perseverance and efforts the company was able to have a strong foothold in the industry.

Through the years, Fornux has grown and adapted to the change to modify the method strategy. The collaboration of the scientific community has slowly faded from mainstream science. So the support against the mainstream, especially in astrophysics, is aimed at a century of research in astrophysics and it was in fact negative, so the research followed the commercial alternative to finalize it. As far as the memory management area is concerned the process has been more cooperative however targets 60 years of computer science research and once again against the mainstream science.

The research process involved is not common but now the technology is advanced and ready to be used for various tasks in the commercial sector. Leveraging this advanced tech, Fornux came up with the strong solution of managing the memory efficiently and in a deterministic way with Fornux C++ Superset. The solution can easily become an industry standard given its predictability for the defense and aerospace sector.


Exceptional tools and products


Over the years, Fornux has further developed the C++ Superset, a tool that converts pure Python code into C++ code by inferring the types of the variable implicitly, making the resulting C++ code 10x faster than the original Python counterpart. Fornux delivers three key products,

  1. C++ Superset: The only solution which is able to implicitly fix cyclic references—block the memory pointing to each other which never gets deallocated. Fornux C++ Superset also does not consume extra memory or slow down the final executable when compared to similar products and works with all compilers supporting the ISO C++17 which makes it perfect to run on embedded devices.

Key Benefits:

  • Injects deterministic memory manager
  • Implicitly fixes all memory leaks
  • Detection of cyclic memory leaks
  • Compatible with Linux, macOS, Windows, and embedded devices

  1. AI Powershift: The solution leverages Python to true C++ converter and generates a much more efficient executable on all major platforms. It is also perfect for AI algorithms that require speed, protection from piracy, and random crashes after deployment.

Key Benefits:

  • Speeding up the Python algorithms
  • Preventing the application from being reverse engineering
  • Add static analysis with this ‘Ahead Of Time’ compiler to fix errors before deploying

  1. Acumen: This solution is an affordable alternative to Lidar for computing the depth perception of objects in an image. Acumen can be used with motor vehicles, hunters, athletes, soldiers, military vehicles, submarines, and jet fighters to infer distances of objects not detectable by radars.

These products and software are built to coexist together to generate an executable, which is more efficient and predictable without having to upgrade the existing hardware. In 2021, the team identified the potential of the program, and further combined with the advancement of technology and the knowledge that developed in different fields, the company shifted to AI.


Developing Superintelligence


Fornux has a very ambitious goal, which is the development of an Artificial SuperIntelligence (A.S.I.). There is no clear definition of an ASI, but it doesn’t simply interpret or understand humans, it is where ‘it’ becomes self-aware and surpasses human intelligence and abilities,” expresses Phil Bouchard, the Founder, Co-owner, and CTO of Fornux.

Phil Bouchard has over two decades of experience in the commercial sector for the companies in San Diego, CA, and Ottawa, Canada in the game, bioinformatics, automobile, and defense industries. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is also the author of the book on astrophysics that represents a breaking new gravitational theory able to represent the universe at all scales. Currently, he oversees the operations of Fornux and is exploring ways to grow the company.

Phil and his team are working on the C++ Superset 6.4 and AI Powershift 2.0 upgrade and will be released soon with the new features. These products will support the comprehensive fvect, flist, fdist, and fset containers. Also, it will have blazing fast ‘static tuples’, the tuples with sizes known at compile-time. The team has also fixed the bugs on all the layers of AI Powershift.




“We are all about research and innovation that introduces us to a better way of living.”


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