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Foolfarm S.P.A.: An Extraordinary Platform Laying Foundation Bricks to Innovation

The Executive Headlines

In the past few years, the emergence of a plethora of startups has immensely impacted the world economy and generated profound employment by catering to innovative minds. Being small entities, startups play a dominant role in economic growth. As a result, the increasing emergence of numerous startups has changed the face of the present industrial landscape. Today, the industry is swarming with fetus companies who are revolutionizing new ideas and pioneering innovation. This has been made further possible by organizations that recognize the budding pioneers and provide them with a platform to substantially grow within the industrial space.

As one of the leading European Venture Studio in AI, Blockchain and Cybersecurity, Foolfarm S.P.A provides a comprehensive platform for the birth, growth and development of startups in and around Italy. The company was founded by Andrea Cinelli (CEO and Founder of Foolfarm) who established it in 2020 after his successful startup’s exit together with 30+Italian and international business angels and CRIF. Being at the company’s forefront, Andrea caters to its organizational values and spearheads Foolfarm to greater heights of success.


A Unique Platform for Future Pioneers


Foolfarm operates with an aim ‘to create solid Startups as well solid investments for investors without wasting talent’. Often, the idea for startups fades away due to lack of investments, market, the inadequacy of leadership, and other potential reasons. Foolfarm targets these pain points with an approach to achieving better results by building repeatable processes, focusing on specific expertise, providing financial resources and many more. The company was founded with a vision to create a platform that can accelerate the birth, growth and scale of a startup, faster than conventional acceleration methodologies and reducing failure rates, based on a validated industrial process lasting 36 months and divided into 6 phases.

The distinguishing factor between Foolfarm as a venture builder and traditional Incubators and Accelerators is that the company does not limit itself to investing in startups. It shares the risk from the beginning as partners, building the startup from its very foundation in its factory, together with an entrepreneur. Foolfarm does not confine itself to investing—it provides startups with every service it requires during the initial stage of its life (from product development to sales). As a result, the company is not considered as supplier or consultant, but partners and co-founders of every startup it creates.


Collaborating with Visionaries


Foolfarm’s job is collaborating with bold founders and visionary companies to build market-leading startups. Its team methods, track records and know-how accelerate the birth, growth and development of startups exponentially, ensuring better investments and faster exits. The company is extremely passionate about open innovation and is fanatic about lean startups, experts in AI, Blockchain and Cybersecurity technology, user experience and digital marketing.

With its unique approach, Foolfarm is able to create a difference from incubators and accelerators as it does not limit itself to supporting already formed startups; but is co-founder of all its initiatives. When it invests, co-founds or incubates another company, Foolfarm brings to the field the opportunity to benefit from its experience and proven ability to build startups.


Leading with Comprehensive Exclusivities


Foolfarm has launched a new Venture Builder model that is completely exclusive in the market. The company stands out as a complete ecosystem because it has an area of Venture Builder that funds its startups from scratch around its new IPs, an area dedicated to co-founding startups with new entrepreneurs, and an area that provides open innovation to large companies.

In addition, Foolfarm is constantly developing intellectual property and patents in its labs. In 2021, the company released more than 4 patents including the famous Data Pulverization patent based on Homomorphic encryption, which is a form of encryption that permits users to perform computations on its encrypted data without first decrypting it. Additionally, Foolfarm has developed and patented innovative technologies such as Iris Glance which transforms eye movements and their colors into authentication or activating tokens.


Steering Concept of Startup Building


Since its establishment, Foolfarm has provided holistic solutions to budding startups and helped them scale within a steady time. For instance, one of its startups, Voiceme, is already growing exponentially and has achieved a valuation of over a million euros. Therefore, the company invests resources in innovative products and pushes them forward in order to get metrics and understand insights from the market.

The company is currently anticipating a significant position in the market as it expects to launch over 50% successful startups out of venture building models—aiming to make it a market standard. It expects to welcome new entrepreneurs who will seek the company to create new startups and give life to their ideas.

A startup is built to measure and through a relationship of partnership (and not through a customer-supplier relationship which divides the entrepreneurial risk between both parties). In the last two years, Foolfarm has become the largest European venture builder in the sector, with a unique innovation development ecosystem on the market and a development plan of +40 startups under the same hat. The company strives for value creation that is already of major significance to present-day major investors.


Hub of Innovation and Experimentation


Foolfarm is perceived as a laboratory that continuously experiments and ships internet products. The company has a collaborative and fun atmosphere. The team of Foolfarm is fully committed to finding new ideas and opportunities that work together with a great product, technology and team that can disrupt potential markets. It all begins with a deep market analysis where the company aims to identify potential ideas and opportunities for growing markets.

Whether it is new ideas, a proven business within other markets, or optimizations for current broken business models, Foolfarm’s ideas are defined and exposed to more analysis and critical thinking processes in order to come up with a short-list that can be further tested and validated by world-class advisors.

Foolfarm has a culture of makers, and its formula is about mixing it with our passion for entrepreneurship. Moreover, the company’s work atmosphere includes having permanent hackathons, fun coding sessions, time-to-time meetings with the team where everyone explores ideas and builds prototypes.


Aiming Expansive Proliferations


Foolfarm’s future industrial plan foresees to accelerate in the current year through the creation of a dual entity. The company plans to foster a sister company that will be a sort of fund which will invest in its 5-year deal-flow and as well as in Foolfarm. As a result, this will help reduce the investment risk and be able to participate in the creation of one of the major European realities of innovation.

Foolfarm also plans to launch 6 new startups and launch a +20 million fundraising round together with a ‘Big four’ as the advisor to create an investment fund. Additionally, it is preparing to expand in Europe and land on the stock exchanges to grow the entrepreneurial project beyond the European borders. The company aims to double its team and expand to the territories of other continents.




“Our destiny has always been to invent new things: new products, new ideas, new business models, which have often become products or solutions used by millions of consumers, both in the companies where I have worked and in my startups.”


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