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Fierce: A Global Leadership Development and Training Company

The Executive Headlines

As they say, change is the only constant. With the changing dynamics and evolving technology, a company needs to keep its employees and staff members updated with the latest trends in the industry. Furthermore, the leadership team needs to be trained first which allows them to handle any situation. In the last few years, we have seen the world transform especially since the pandemic outbreak it is important to have an agile working environment. This allows the leadership team and company to quickly adapt to the changes happening around them.

Founded in 2001, Fierce is a global leadership development and training company that transforms the communication skills in the company. The company alters the cultures of the company by teaching people the conversation skills they need to ensure they are heard. This helps employees to have good conversation skills. With the introduction of Fierce, there are changes such as generational divides are filled, feedback is freely given, and the fear (or avoidance) of having difficult conversations becomes a thing of the past. At Fierce, the teamwork with the company on each step to solve the problems. With the communication training and workshops of Fierce, the company understands the importance of how to talk and about what matters. 


Fierce Training Programs


Under its Fierce for Life™ Membership, the client gets exclusively gains full access to its entire library of programs, in a single package that is easily scalable, flexible, and most importantly, cost-effective. As a Fierce for Life™ Member, the client get access to Fierce content on mastering DE&I, managing change, increasing productivity, and more through live and on-demand learning that grows with the team. Membership includes a dedicated Implementation Specialist from Fierce who will help the team maximize results. Fierce for Life caters to all schedules and learning styles; 

  • On-demand courses
  • Microlearning with 3D simulations
  • Mobile app for learning on-the-go
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • Instructor-led training
  • Blended learning


Programs That Fit Unique Problems


Fierce targeted training provides you with how to have conversations that get results. Based on the insights provided by the clients, it will devise a custom solution that draws from the most relevant of its 9 proprietary training programs. The programs are available in multiple languages and have been delivered on every continent.

  1. Fierce Foundations program: A revolutionary approach to conversations that matter. Build self-awareness. Undo old assumptions, spark new insights, and lay the groundwork for transformation across your organization.

  2. Fierce Team program: Make better and more inclusive decisions. Solve tough problems—together. A proven approach that will shatter silos, increase collaboration, and boost buy-in across your organization.

  3. Fierce Coaching program: Have better 1:1s. Get to the heart of the matter — and act on it — fast. Discover a powerful coaching model that uncovers solutions, prompts potent action, and unblocks professional paths for your team.

  4. Fierce Confrontation program: Confront unwanted tension and come face to face with the truth. Learn a straight-up conversation model that shifts attitudes, reduces tension, and enriches relationships.

  5. Fierce Feedback program: Feedback 365 days a year. Transform your feedback sessions into candid, consistent, two-way conversations that spark lasting change.

  6. Fierce Delegate program: Be more productive and develop leadership skills in your team. An approach that clarifies roles, ends micromanagement and puts people on a clear path to professional development.

  7. Fierce Accountability program: Complete projects well and on time. Count on a deeper level of commitment. Move teams from excuses to action by embracing responsibility, overcoming obstacles, and achieving everyday goals.

  8. Fierce Negotiations: Master the art of deal-making. Get to a solution that works for all. Stop settling at the negotiation table by teaching your team to expand their thinking, examine competing perspectives, and embrace the opportunity hidden in every adversity.

  9. Fierce Remote Teams® Program: Learn to connect personally, in a world that meets digitally. Team communication is our new normal. A suite of training that teaches your team to connect without contact, inspire through a camera, and conduct business at any distance.


Strengthening Human to Human Connection


Fierce is a true representation of the word, as the company promotes a dedicated, robust, intense, strong, powerful, passionate, eager, and unbridled culture in the company. Edward Beltran, CEO of Fierce says, “We exist to strengthen human to human connection. We believe that businesses that do business the human way will stand the test of time and impact the world for the better. Few things are as important to study, practice, and perfect as clear communication.” The company is fiercely dedicated to meeting companies to enhance their current strengths and possibly increase them to exceed their expectation and provide them with a better return on investment. 

Edward believes in investing in the business starts with investing in the people. “If you aren’t training your people at every level, HOW to communicate with teammates, within departments, across the company, and with the public, then you aren’t impacting the culture in a way that will transform it for good. Better interpersonal communication creates a stronger culture that reduces stress and increases performance on the individual and team level,” asserts Edward. 


Proudly Partner with Clients


Conversations are the epicenter of every single business and personal goal. Fierce transforms the careers, companies, relationships, cultures, and lives of every person the company works with. The company has created unique visuals and content that are easy to understand and apply. It provides programs that fit the clients’ unique problems. It refuses to just sell things “off the shelf.”  We are your partner in cultural transformation and leadership growth. 

From fast-growing startups to family-owned businesses to multinational corporations, Fierce has helped clients indulge in conversation that really matters. “We truly have the best clients on the planet. They rely on us to design and deliver programs which develop leaders, transform cultures, and provide a common framework for measurable results,” says Edward. Fierce proudly partners with clients from a broad array of companies, educational institutions, and government organizations. The company believes its real clients are individuals. Fierce affects so much more than a company. It changes lives.

Quote: Everyone at fierce represents fierce. Fierce is defined as: dedicated, robust, intense, strong, powerful, passionate, eager, and unbridled. 


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