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Dowsure: Empowering Cross-Border e-Commerce Business with Innovation and Technology

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Online shopping, particularly cross-border e-Commerce, has witnessed exponential growth since its advent. As one of the best ways to access international customers, cross-border eCommerce is a trading practice that is quietly taking over the eCommerce industry. Devoted to empowering cross-border e-commerce merchants with technologies, Dowsure is emerging as one of the leading market players in this space by offering FinTech products to tens of millions of sellers and partners. The company is spearheading with an aim to become the world's leading digital asset infrastructure for cross-border e-commerce.

During a conversation with Bryon Pei (CEO and Founder of Dowsure), we learned about the company and its persistent methodologies to empower cross-border e-Commerce businesses. Mr. Byron Pei has graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University and is a hyper-rational detail paranoiac from a technological background. In 2011, Byron co-founded ShenPu Information, a FinTech development company providing FinTech R&D services for the insurance, banking, and payment industries. Byron managed a technology team of hundreds of talents and listed the company on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations. Afterward, Byron founded Dowsure Technologies and has been serving as CEO. Following are the snippets from the insightful discussion.

Please walk us through the establishment of Dowsure. What unique factors make it one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry?

Dowsure has been in the "cross-border" sector since it has been founded. In 2016, Dowsure joined hands with its partners to create the first product covering the cross-border insurance business. After years of cultivating cross-border, Dowsure clearly understands the needs and pain points of cross-border e-commerce merchants.

In my opinion, Dowsure has evolved to be one of the fastest-growing companies in the market space due to its precise positioning and deep understanding of the industry. The information on the cross-border industry is very fragmented, which creates an information gap between countries. Cross-border e-commerce platforms believe that localization is the key to supporting the development of the merchants, and local banking institutions need to form a relatively closed loop of information flow, capital flow, logistics, etc. so that they can better serve the merchants. This is the area where Dowsure is professionalized, connecting digital information and financing, bridging them very strongly, linking the cross-border industry, and unleashing the digital value of each cross-border business through API technology capabilities.

What are the wide array of services/solutions offered by the company? How does Dowsure’s offerings bridge the underlying gaps existing in the industry?

In this industry, with continuous in-depth exploration, Dowsure realizes that the industry lacks capital support for not just merchants, but also the entire supply chain, including service providers. On this basis, Dowsure partners with financial institutions to provide cross-border merchants with credit loans, invoice installments, cash advances, and other financing solutions. Additionally, Dowsure also provides a full range of financing support from procurement, logistics, advertising, sales, and other cross-border scenarios to help merchants gain an advantage in the competitive market.

Out of all the services offered by the company, which product has gained maximum popularity, and what makes it a distinct choice among consumers?

Dowsure has reportedly helped Amazon by building a proprietary assessment model for store owners, including data application programming interface (API) connectivity and account-locking features. The company has also worked with Chinese banks to enable pure credit loans based on store data without any collaterals. In fact, our assessment model and algorithm can be used for other assets with online cash flow but are still considered underbanked by regular banks. We certainly aim to “unleash the value” of digital assets in the online world.

Please explain to us how Dowsure has lowered the barrier of opening and operating a cross-border e-commerce business with its offerings and solutions.

Dowsure offers cross-border e-commerce business unique financial solutions, the amount of funds that can be raised mainly depends on collateral, guarantee, property, asset, and liability ratio. In cross-border e-commerce scenarios, all assets circulate in digital forms, such as the inventory of overseas warehouses, unsettled funds of platforms, and sales returns of merchandise. Once the closed loop is formed, merchants can achieve realizable digital assets, and create value for these digital assets. We unlock the value of sellers' digital assets. The existence of digital finance will become a new norm that cross-border e-commerce cannot live without and a huge boost to fuel the development of the industry.

How would you describe your clientele portfolio? Please elaborate to our readers how Dowsure utilizes customer feedback for scaling success and growth.

Along the way through continuous refinement, trust, and understanding of our partners, such as leading cross-border e-commerce marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Meta, and Shopee, as well as the top 10 banks in China and around the world. We are excited about the bright future for the cross-border e-commerce industry.

All along, we have been doing the difficult but right thing. Our partnered institutions have mature systems globally, and it is a very difficult thing to link their systems and data together in a compliant and efficient way through technical means. We appreciate the trust of our clients & partners and would like to penetrate every area of the cross-border ecology with our partners so that we can enjoy growth with partners together.

Please walk us through the team of Dowsure. Being at the helm, what are your roles and responsibilities towards the company?

As a team, we sincerely envision making cross-border e-commerce business easier and easier through digital technology. The rapid development of the cross-border market in the past 10 years has created a trillion-dollar market size. However, capital solutions for this market are still very scarce. Merchants, service providers, and platforms need a lot of accessibility, acceptable cost, and financial support. Dowsure tackles these problems through the ability of science and technology and opens up various information islands in the cross-border industry.

Speaking of my leadership, as the ‘navigator’ of the company, the biggest task is to gather an excellent team to move firmly in one direction. Dowsure was born to solve the pain points of the cross-border industry. In this regard, we have not forgotten our original intention and invested our capital in improving the product experience. We will continue to solve the core financial problems of merchants through our technology capabilities.

We have now joined forces with banks to launch cross-border customized products like credit loans, cash advances, BNPL, and other products tailored to industry needs. These products provide solutions to relieve capital pressure, shorten the working capital account period, improve the efficiency of cash flow, and provide sellers with direct help. In the future, we will keep innovating more comprehensive one-stop solutions for merchants worldwide to help more SME businesses grow.

Do you think social power helps boost business? If yes, how does the company leverage social media to drive and help grow e-commerce business for its clients?

At Dowsure, we dream bigger and reach higher for our clients. We value any type of e-commerce business and help sellers actualize their store values. We believe that social power can drive our clients to see us and the public to see the value of our clients. Social media also provides great back-ended data for us to actualize digital assets.  

What are the upcoming offerings/products lined up for Dowsure in the future? Also, can you please highlight three major reasons that make the company a popular one-stop e-commerce digital API platform?

Moving forward, Dowsure envisions expanding to the APAC market and oversea. We would like to integrate the cross-border transaction chain through API technology capability and realize the low-cost capital irrigation of local banks, to cover millions of cross-border merchants all over the world with universal benefits.

Following are four unique factors that make Dowsure a popular one-stop e-Commerce digital API platform: 

  1. Assisted more than 100,000 cross-border e-commerce merchants 
  2. Funded more than 1 billion cross-border sellers
  3. Increased more than 10 billion seller’s GMV 
  4. Offer more than 30 marketplaces technology services 

“We are devoted to empowering cross-border e-commerce merchants with technologies and offering FinTech products to tens of millions of sellers and partners.”

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