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Demandbase: Uniting Sales and Marketing Around Rich, Reliable Account Intelligence

The Executive Headlines

Demandbase is all about Smarter GTM™. The company’s solutions unite sales and marketing teams around rich, reliable Account Intelligence, activated in every field of interaction with customers: in advertising, account-based experience (ABX), sales, and systems.


The concept behind Demandbase


A lot of problems can appear while launching a new product/ service and breaking into the market: deadlines are nipping, competition is fierce, resources are limited, etc. In all these moments it is crucial to have something to fall back on. The go-to-market strategy is exactly that thing. It is not just one more document, it is so much more. It is a guide that supports you in many business stuff from launching a new product or service to refreshing a brand. Simply put, the go-to-market strategy is a more specific type of marketing plan which has a narrow scope and is focused on one product/ service. Yet it should not be unwieldy document: it should be able to be shared within the company. Therefore, your go-to-market strategy must be universal to be valuable and at the same time flexible enough to be easily updated.


Demandbase is one such Smarter GTM™ company for B2B brands. The firm helps marketing and sales teams overcome the disruptive data and technology fragmentation that inhibits insight and forces them to spam their prospects. The company does this by injecting Account Intelligence into every step of the buyer journey, wherever you interact with customers, and by helping you orchestrate every action across systems and channels — through advertising, account-based experience, and sales motions.


Leveraging State-of-the-Art Go-To-Market Strategy Solutions


The B2B buying journey has changed: buyers are hiding intent from vendors until the game’s almost over, but they are subtly telegraphing their needs. Ambitious revenue teams need this intent to influence the buyer journey when it counts — without it, you’re throwing time and money at hunches. That ends now. Demandbase is built around Account Intelligence, a hi-def view of accounts pulled from every direction — its data, third-party sources, web activities, your CRM and marketing automation platforms (MAP) — all made sense of by the best AI in the biz. Its proprietary intent data combines the breadth and flexibility of bidstream keywords with the quality of curated content. And, since more intent is always better, customers can add additional signals from Bombora, G2, and other providers.


It uses Account Intelligence, rich and reliable account-level insight, to help you orchestrate sales and marketing moves and inject relevance into every stage of the B2B buying journey. The Engagement Platform is a single pane of glass that connects every source of intelligence and insight — and every sales and marketing play — so you spot opportunities earlier, engage with them more intelligently, and close deals faster. ABX Cloud connects the dots across disparate data systems and between individual leads and full buying teams. It layers in Account Intelligence — an enriched view of every account that helps you spot the juiciest opportunities — and predictive analytics that lets you know when they’re ripe for a conversation. ABX Cloud is the foundation for automating all the manual — and really annoying — things that slow down your team and your opportunities. Align your sales and marketing efforts around a single, actionable, measurable view of the truth.


Most ad tech is built for the individual consumer — designed for reach, clicks, and high volume/low consideration e-commerce transactions. B2B is different. The B2B sale is way harder. Dozens of touchpoints before the deal is sealed. Demandbase Advertising Cloud is designed, built, and optimized for the mean streets of B2B. Advertising Cloud is more precise and more efficient for B2B because it’s driven by Demandbase Account Intelligence — the combination of your first-party data-rich, deep B2B dataset, and behavioral data, including intent signals. It’s the only B2B demand side platform (DSP) optimized to reach whole buying teams in B2B accounts, so you control exactly which accounts and which prospects see your chosen ads. Choose self-service or the fully supported option — either way, you get the kind of ad results that can only come from deep insight.


World-class Intelligence in Tech Stack


Inject world-class data and intelligence into your tech stack with Demandbase Data Cloud. Purchase our data directly, flow it into your apps with APIs, or use it to keep your own data squeaky clean for dazzling insights. Illuminate the who, what, and when of your website activity and you’ll expose a mother-lode of opportunities to create personalized marketing and sales experiences. Find and connect with all the decision-makers on your accounts’ buying teams. Its contact data steers you to the people you should know and shows you how to contact them (no pun intended). And the data is light-years beyond a smile-and-dial list; it’s buyer insights at your fingertips. Narrow the playing field to those accounts whose tech profiles fit with your solutions. Technographics give you insights into the hardware and software your target accounts use and need.


At the Forefront:


Gabriel Rogol is the Chief Executive Officer of Demandbase. In his role, Rogol is responsible for fulfilling the company's mission of transforming how B2B companies go-to-market. Since joining Demandbase in 2012, Rogol has been integral in setting the product and corporate strategy for the company. Throughout his two-plus decade career, Rogol has held leadership positions, including managing world-class customer service and sales teams at IDG and other leading publishers. Mr. Rogol received his BA in Comparative Literature and Russian Language and Literature from Brown University.


“Through Demandbase One, our complete GTM suite, you’ll deliver more predictable pipeline, faster growth, and way better buying experiences.”


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